Photo by Istvan Borbas/National Library of Sweden

Humlegårdsgatan 26

driften@kb.se (technical level)
viktoria.lundborg@kb.se (policy level)

Short description of the institution:
The National Library of Sweden has been collecting virtually everything printed in Sweden or in Swedish since 1661. We also collect TV and radio programs, movies and videos distributed in Sweden, Swedish music and computer games.

Our collections can be accessed by visiting the library or in certain cases through online services.

The National Library is a humanities research library that purchases scholarly publications in several languages. We coordinate services and programs for all publically funded libraries in Sweden and administer and develop Libris, the national library catalog system.

The National Library of Sweden is a state agency. We are a staff of about 320 and our main offices are in Stockholm.

Short description of the authority data:
Authorities website: (Authority data base in Swedish)

Authority data also available here:

Described entities:
- corporate bodies
- titles
- names/titles
- subject headings and genre/form terms
- geographical names

Data provided to VIAF and number of records:
(As of 23 March 2017)
- persons (222 684)
- conferences (369)
- corporate bodies (46 083)
- titles (1368)