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-          in the national language(s) and script(s) : Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal

-          in English : National Library of Portugal


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Campo Grande, 83

1749-081 Lisboa



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The library was created by Decree of 29 February 1796, under the name of Royal Public Library of the Court. It was transferred to the purposed–design building it currently occupies, in the Campo Grande area, in 1969.


The process of computerising the Library began in the 1980’s, alongside a broader project intended to support all of Portugal’s libraries in this respect, which resulted in the creation of the National Bibliographic Database – PORBASE.  Since then, it has steadily intensified its participation in initiatives of professional collaboration at both the national and the international level, participating in a variety of projects and initiatives co-funded by European programmes, and developing actions upon collaboration agreements for research, advanced training and technical developments.



Short description of the authority data:

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-          Described entities

o   Persons

o   Corporate bodies

o   Geographical names

o   Family names

o   Titles

o   Topical subjects

o   UDC authority records


-          data provided in the authority records

o   Data provided in the authority records in Unimarc (A)[1]

·         Coded information

·         Authorized access point

·         Variant access point

·         Related access point

·         Information Notes

·         Source data found



Data provided to VIAF and number of records :


Complete database of authority records


-          Quantity/number of records:

As of April 18, 2013: total 980.222

o   Persons – 505.736

o   Corporate bodies – 117.863

o   Geographical names – 11.815

o   Family names - 512

o   Titles – 3.253

o   Topical subjects – 65.546

o   UDC authority records – 275.497