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-          in the national language(s) and script(s) : National Library of Australia

-          in English : National Library of Australia


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Parkes Place

Canberra ACT 2600



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Libraries Australia :



Short description of the institution:

The origins of the National Library of Australia go back to the early years after Australian Federation in 1901, when the Commonwealth Parliamentary Library served both Federal Parliament and the nation. An Act of Parliament in 1960 formally separated the National Library from the Parliamentary Library and a new building for the National Library’s growing collections and services was opened on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra in August 1968.

The Library’s role is to ensure that documentary resources of national significance relating to Australia and the Australian people, as well as significant non-Australian library materials, are collected, preserved and made accessible either through the Library itself or through collaborative arrangements with other libraries and information providers.


Short description of the authority data:


-          Authorities web site : Authority data is accessible through Libraries Australia (subscription service) and Trove

-          described entities:

o   Persons

o   Corporate bodies

o   Titles

-          quantity/number of records:

As of 31 March 2013:

o   Persons : 793,045

o   Corporate bodies : 193,648

o   Titles : 93,359


-          data provided in the authority records

Authority data is provided in MARC21 format and, as appropriate, includes:

o   Preferred heading

o   Variant heading

o   Related heading

o   Notes



Data provided to VIAF and number of records :


-          All Personal Name and Corporate Name Authority records created or updated in Libraries Australia by the National Library of Australia and other Australian libraries.

-          All bibliographic records created or updated in Libraries Australia.

-          Libraries Australia is a resource sharing service managed by the National Library of Australia for Australian libraries and their users. (