National Library of Korea



-        in the national language(s) and script(s): 국립중앙도서관

-        in English : National Library of Korea



201, Banpodaero, Seocho-gu

Seoul, 137-702

Republic of Korea

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Yoonah Nam

Bibliographic Control Division



Short Description of the Institution:

The National Library of Korea, founded in 1945, is a comprehensive and treasured repository of national literature from domestic publications to digital information that has been systematically organized for all citizens. It includes the National Library for Children & Youths, National Library for Individuals with Disabilities and National Library of Korea, Sejong.

 As a national bibliographic agency as well as a national library, NLK has been providing bibliographic information for the library users and citizens including authority records of persons, corporate bodies and subject headings.


Short Description of the Authority Data:

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Described entities


         Corporate Bodies

         Subject Headings

Quantity/number of records: Persons 218,745 as of June 30, 2015

Data provided in the authority record: Persons ONLY

         Headings (100)

         See from tracings Personal  Name (400)

         See also from tracings Personal Name (500)

         Source Data Found (670)


Data Provided to VIAF and Number of Records:

         Authority records for persons

         Bibliographical records related to persons