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ISNI International Authority

c/o International Standard Name Identifier
13 Haydon Street
GB-London EC3N 1DB
United Kingdom



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Note :

ISNI is a Non-Contributor VIAF source. The ISNI International Authority is not eligible to appoint a representative to VIAF Council.


Short description of the institution :

« The mission of the ISNI International Authority (ISNI-IA) is to assign to the public name(s) of a researcher, inventor, writer, artist, performer, publisher, etc. a persistent unique identifying number in order to resolve the problem of name ambiguity in search and discovery; and diffuse each assigned ISNI across all repertoires in the global supply chain so that every published work can be unambiguously attributed to its creator wherever that work is described.» [source : ]

The ISNI Organization, a consortium of rights agencies, publishing- and library-related agencies, operates the global ISNI International Authority. OCLC, host of VIAF, is a member of the ISNI Organization.

Short description of the authority data

ISNI’s comply with ISO 27729 Information and documentation -- International standard name identifier (ISNI).


« Institutions and repositories from different domains contribute their data to the central ISNI database and working directly with the ISNI Assignment Agency. »

[source : ]


Data provided to VIAF

ISNI data are used selectively by VIAF for correction and enrichment. VIAF adds appropriate ISNI identifiers to VIAF clusters.


Data provided to ISNI

ISNI used VIAF data as a key source for populating the initial ISNI database. VIAF data are used selectively by ISNI for correction and enrichment. ISNI adds appropriate VIAF identifiers to ISNI records.





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