Name :

-          in the national language(s) and script(s) : Istituto centrale per il Catalogo unico delle biblioteche italiane e per le informazioni bibliografiche (ICCU)

-          in English : Central Institute for the Union Catalogue of Italian Libraries and for Bibliographic Information (ICCU)


Location/Address :

Viale Castro Pretorio, 105

00185 Roma (Italia)


Web site : 



Contact : 

Flavia Bruni



Short description of the institution:

ICCU is the technical-scientific contact point for the General Direction for Library Heritage and Cultural Institutes. This goal is being pursued thanks to a strategy of strong cooperation among Italian libraries. The result of this cooperation is the creation of the National Library Service (SBN), the network of the Italian Libraries which ICCU manages. Moreover, ICCU promotes and coordinates national census of manuscripts of the 16th Century Italian editions.


To support the cataloguing activity, it is responsible for setting guidelines and for producing and disseminating standard cataloguing rules covering all the typologies of  materials: from manuscripts to multimedia documents.

Furthermore, ICCU has a deep expertise in digitisation standards and guidelines. It coordinates digital cultural project on national level (Internet Culturale) and at European level  ICCU is involved in many digitisation project (MINERVA, MICHAEL, ATHENA).


Short description of the authority data:

-          Authorities web site : www.sbn.it

-          Described entities:        

o   Persons

o   Corporate bodies

o   Subject authority records

o   Dewey authority records

-          Number of records for each type of authority data:

     As of July 10, 2013

o   Persons: 183.711

o   Corporate bodies: 15.062

o   Subject authority records (National Library of Florence): 264.695

o   Dewey authority records: 225.475

-          Data provided in the authority records: In Unimarc (A)


Data provided to VIAF and number of records :

         Authority records for:

o   names of persons

o   corporate bodies.


As of  February 2012

o   Authority records for names of persons:  43.506

o   Authority records for names of Corporate bodies: 56

o   Bibliographic records: 43.506


Subject authority records and Dewey authority records are excluded from ICCU deliveries to VIAF.