in the national language(s) and script(s) : Biblioteca de Catalunya

in English : National Library of Catalonia



Carrer de l'Hospital, 56.

08001 Barcelona



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Short description of the institution:

The Biblioteca de Catalunya was created in 1907. It has competences on collecting, preserving and disseminating the bibliographic heritage, bibliographic standards and cataloguing. (For further information:


Short description of the authority data


Name: CatÓleg d'Autoritats de Noms i TÝtols de Catalunya (CANTIC).

CANTIC is led by the Biblioteca de Catalunya and it is a cooperative authority file within the CatÓleg ColĚlectiu de les Universitats de Catalunya (University Union Catalogue of Catalonia,*eng). Participants:


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Described entities:

o   Names, titles and name-titles

o   Geographical names (only political jurisdictions)

Quantity/number of records: 222,837 (April 2018)

Data provided in the authority records (in MARC21 format)

o   Established heading

o   Variant heading

o   Related heading

o   Sources consulted


Data provided to VIAF (April 2018)

-          185,361 authority records

-          3,470.379 bibliographic records