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Frank, Joachim, 1940- National Library of France ISNI National Library of Poland National Library of the Czech Republic RERO - Library Network of Western Switzerland National Library of the Netherlands German National Library NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library

Frank, J. (Joachim), 1940- Library of Congress/NACO National Library of Australia National Library of Israel

Frank, Joachim BIBSYS Sudoc [ABES], France

Joachim Frank Biophysiker und Nobelpreisträger Wikidata

VIAF ID: 93853576 (Personal)


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Title Sources
Computer processing of electron microscope images Library of Congress/NACO German National Library Wikidata National Library of Israel NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library
The cryo-EM structure of a translation initiation complex from Escherichia coli. Wikidata
Displaying 3D data on RNA secondary structures: coloRNA. Wikidata
Domain movements of elongation factor eEF2 and the eukaryotic 80S ribosome facilitate tRNA translocation. Wikidata
Dynamical features of the Plasmodium falciparum ribosome during translation. Wikidata
Electron tomography : methods for three-dimensional visualization of structures in the cell Library of Congress/NACO BIBSYS NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library Sudoc [ABES], France RERO - Library Network of Western Switzerland
Elongation arrest by SecM via a cascade of ribosomal RNA rearrangements. Wikidata
Elongation in translation as a dynamic interaction among the ribosome, tRNA, and elongation factors EF-G and EF-Tu Wikidata
EttA regulates translation by binding the ribosomal E site and restricting ribosome-tRNA dynamics Wikidata
The extracellular architecture of adherens junctions revealed by crystal structures of type I cadherins Wikidata
Flexible fitting of atomic structures into electron microscopy maps using molecular dynamics. Wikidata
Folding kinetics and structure of OEP16. Wikidata
Found in translation : collection of original articles on single-particle reconstruction and the structural basis of protein synthesis Library of Congress/NACO Wikidata BIBSYS
From DNA to proteins via the ribosome: structural insights into the workings of the translation machinery. Wikidata
Functional conformations of the L11-ribosomal RNA complex revealed by correlative analysis of cryo-EM and molecular dynamics simulations Wikidata
Generalized single-particle cryo-EM--a historical perspective Wikidata
The group II intron ribonucleoprotein precursor is a large, loosely packed structure. Wikidata
Hepatitis-C-virus-like internal ribosome entry sites displace eIF3 to gain access to the 40S subunit Wikidata
Integrity of the P-site is probed during maturation of the 60S ribosomal subunit. Wikidata
Large T antigen on the simian virus 40 origin of replication: a 3D snapshot prior to DNA replication. Wikidata
Locking and unlocking of ribosomal motions Wikidata
The mechanism of translation. Wikidata
Molecular dynamics of EF-G during translocation Wikidata
Molecular machines in biology workshop of the cell Library of Congress/NACO National Library of France BIBSYS
New Opportunities Created by Single-Particle Cryo-EM: The Mapping of Conformational Space. Wikidata
Nmd3 is a structural mimic of eIF5A, and activates the cpGTPase Lsg1 during 60S ribosome biogenesis. Wikidata
Novel methods of analysis in 2D and 3D microscopy : contributions to the Twelfth International Congress for Electron Microscopy, Seattle, Washington, USA, 16-17 August 1990 BIBSYS
Outcome of the first electron microscopy validation task force meeting Wikidata
Particle-verification for single-particle, reference-based reconstruction using multivariate data analysis and classification. Wikidata
The process of mRNA-tRNA translocation Wikidata
Quantitative Characterization of Domain Motions in Molecular Machines. Wikidata
Quantitative Connection between Ensemble Thermodynamics and Single-Molecule Kinetics: A Case Study Using Cryogenic Electron Microscopy and Single-Molecule Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Investigations of the Ribosome. Wikidata
Recent progress in the crystallographic studies of photosystem II. Wikidata
Recognition of aminoacyl-tRNA: a common molecular mechanism revealed by cryo-EM Wikidata
Reference-free particle selection enhanced with semi-supervised machine learning for cryo-electron microscopy. Wikidata
Regulation of eukaryotic translation by the RACK1 protein: a platform for signalling molecules on the ribosome. Wikidata
RF3 induces ribosomal conformational changes responsible for dissociation of class I release factors Wikidata
The Ribosome Comes Alive Wikidata
Ribosome-induced changes in elongation factor Tu conformation control GTP hydrolysis Wikidata
The role of tRNA as a molecular spring in decoding, accommodation, and peptidyl transfer. Wikidata
Scaffolding as an Organizing Principle in Trans-translation: THE ROLES OF SMALL PROTEIN B AND RIBOSOMAL PROTEIN S1 Wikidata
Selektion von Standard-Software : Kriterien und Methoden zur Beurteilung und Auswahl von Software-Produkten Sudoc [ABES], France
Single-particle cryo-electron microscopy : the path toward atomic resolution : selected papers of Joachim Frank with commentaries Library of Congress/NACO
Single-particle reconstruction of biological macromolecules in electron microscopy--30 years. Wikidata
Specific Interaction between EF-G and RRF and Its Implication for GTP-Dependent Ribosome Splitting into Subunits Wikidata
SPIRE: the SPIDER reconstruction engine. Wikidata
Structural Basis for Gating and Activation of RyR1. Wikidata
Structural dynamics of ribosome subunit association studied by mixing-spraying time-resolved cryogenic electron microscopy. Wikidata
Structural insights into cognate versus near-cognate discrimination during decoding. Wikidata
Structure and assembly model for the Trypanosoma cruzi 60S ribosomal subunit. Wikidata
Structure of a mammalian ryanodine receptor. Wikidata
Structure of frozen-hydrated triad junctions: a case study in motif searching inside tomograms Wikidata
The structure of the 80S ribosome from Trypanosoma cruzi reveals unique rRNA components. Wikidata
Structure of the E. coli protein-conducting channel bound to a translating ribosome Wikidata
Structure of the mammalian ribosomal pre-termination complex associated with eRF1*eRF3*GDPNP Wikidata
Structure of the STRA6 receptor for retinol uptake Wikidata
Structures of modified eEF2 80S ribosome complexes reveal the role of GTP hydrolysis in translocation. Wikidata
Study of the structural dynamics of the E coli 70S ribosome using real-space refinement Wikidata
Three-dimensional electron microscopy of macromolecular assemblies Library of Congress/NACO Wikidata BIBSYS Sudoc [ABES], France National Library of the Netherlands National Library of the Czech Republic
Time-resolved imaging of macromolecular processes and interactions. Wikidata
tmRNA on its way through the ribosome: two steps of resume, and what next? Wikidata
Transfer RNA in the hybrid P/E state: correlating molecular dynamics simulations with cryo-EM data. Wikidata
Untersuchungen von elektronenmikroskopischen Aufnahmen hoher Auflösung mit Bilddifferenz- und Rekonstruktionsverfahren German National Library
Visualization of a group II intron in the 23S rRNA of a stable ribosome. Wikidata
Visualization of ribosome-recycling factor on the Escherichia coli 70S ribosome: functional implications Wikidata
Visualization of the eEF2–80S Ribosome Transition-State Complex by Cryo-Electron Microscopy Wikidata
Visualizing the transfer-messenger RNA as the ribosome resumes translation Wikidata
Visualizing tmRNA entry into a stalled ribosome Wikidata
Whither Ribosome Structure and Dynamics Research? (A Perspective). Wikidata

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