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Carpenter, Frank G. (Frank George), 1855-1924 National Library of Israel National Library of Australia Library of Congress/NACO

Carpenter, Frank George, 1855-1924 Vatican Library National Library of Poland National Diet Library, Japan Sudoc [ABES], France National Library of the Netherlands NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library

Carpenter, Frank G. German National Library ISNI

Frank G. Carpenter American photographer Wikidata

Carpenter, Frank G. 1855-1924 German National Library

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Title Sources
Africa xR Extended Titles Library of Congress/NACO
Alaska, our Northern wonderland xR Extended Titles
Along the Paraná and the Amazon Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil xR Extended Titles
Alps, the danube and the near east switzerland, czechoslovakia, austria, hungary, yugoslavia, bulgaria, rumania, italy, greece, turkey xR Extended Titles
Around the world with the children; an introduction to geography xR Extended Titles Library of Congress/NACO
Asia xR Extended Titles Sudoc [ABES], France National Diet Library, Japan Library of Congress/NACO
Australia, New Zealand and some islands of the South seas Australia, New Zealand, Thursday island, the Samoas, New Guinea, the Fijis, and the Tongas xR Extended Titles National Library of Poland
Cairo to Kisumu Egypt, the Sudan, Kenya Colony xR Extended Titles
Canada and Newfoundland xR Extended Titles
Carpenter's geographical reader Africa xR Extended Titles
Carpenter's geographical reader North America xR Extended Titles
Carpenter's geographical reader South America xR Extended Titles
Carpenter's new geographical reader; Africa xR Extended Titles
Carpenter's new geographical reader; Australia, the Philippines, and other islands of the sea xR Extended Titles
Carpenter's new geographical reader Europe xR Extended Titles
Carpenter's new geographical reader South America xR Extended Titles
Carp's Washington National Library of the Netherlands
China xR Extended Titles
The clothes we wear National Library of the Netherlands
Europe xR Extended Titles Library of Congress/NACO
France to Scandinavia France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden xR Extended Titles
From Tangier to Tripoli Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Tripoli, and the Sahara xR Extended Titles
Geographical reader Library of Congress/NACO
Holy land and Syria xR Extended Titles Vatican Library
How the world is fed xR Extended Titles National Library of Israel Library of Congress/NACO National Library of Poland
Japan and Korea xR Extended Titles
Java and the East Indies Java, Sumatra, Celebes, the Moluccas, New Guinea, Borneo, and the Malay peninsula xR Extended Titles National Library of the Netherlands
Lands of the Andes and the desert xR Extended Titles National Library of the Netherlands
Lands of the Caribbean the Canal Zone, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Santo Domingo, Porto Rico, and the Virgin Islands xR Extended Titles
[Men carrying coal in small boat, Malta] [Men carrying coal in small boat, Malta] Library of Congress/NACO
Mexico xR Extended Titles
Mr. Carpenter visits an old church in Transylvania with the wife and daughter of our American minister to Bucharest. Inside this edifice are hundreds of valuable Turkish prayer rugs reminders of the days when the Crescent rode high over Central and Eastern Europe to the gates of Vienna A Roumanian rig. N.G. ; Roumanian schoolgirls want to know about "flappers". They too are feeling the wave of feminine emancipation that has captured even that man's stronghold---Constantinople. Library of Congress/NACO
Mrs. Peter Augustus Jay and her daughters. Mrs. Jay is the wife of the American minister to Roumania How would you like this job? Guarding the most beautiful queen in the world, Queen Marie of Roumania. Changing the guard at the Royal Palace in Bucharest. Library of Congress/NACO
[Natives with ivory tusks, Dar Es Salaam, Tanganyika] Library of Congress/NACO
Newsboy Library of Congress/NACO
Nihon to chōsen National Diet Library, Japan
North America xR Extended Titles Library of Congress/NACO
Officers of the Sultan's guard and the chief chamberlain The commander of the royal barge in rich green silk robes embroidered with gold thread and bright jewels. Library of Congress/NACO
The oil fields of Roumania Homes for American workmen in the oil fields. One American company has investments amounting to [blank]. Library of Congress/NACO
The old palace of Athens, now the headquarters of the Near East Relief Commission which here cares for [space] thousand orphans Library of Congress/NACO
Ornamental carabineiri or police stand at the entry to St. Peter's Mr. Carpenter in the Roman Forum ; Entering St. Peter's Mr. Carpenter has a chat with the policeman ; Mr. Carpenter is busy with his pencil and notebook in the Forum. Library of Congress/NACO
An orthodox church in Bucharest Library of Congress/NACO
An Orthodox priest of Greece. This religion is worshiped by all Greeks and the priests have wide influence in the lives of people Orthodox priests must raise beards. They may be married before their ordination but once only in their lives. Library of Congress/NACO
The Palace of Justice in Rome Palace of Justice on the banks of the Tiber and Romans in bathing ; Venice. The Grande Canal Venice. Motor boats are appearing to annoy the gondoliers and lessen the romance of this unique city of islands. Library of Congress/NACO
Palaces in Bucharest are elaborate. This is the old home of the beloved Carmen Sylva or first Queen of Roumania A Roumanian peasant. Library of Congress/NACO
[Paris, France, ca. 1920] Library of Congress/NACO
The Parthenon showing the scaffolding for the present day rebuilding Mr. Carpenter talks with the Prime Minister Col. Ganatas [i.e., Gonatas]. Library of Congress/NACO
[The Parthenon with scaffolding] [Greek and Armenian refugee children from Anatolia standing outside one-story building, near Athens, Greece] ; [Frank Carpenter with arms around a column, Greece] Library of Congress/NACO
[People gathered on quay, Genoa, Italy] [Ships in port, Genoa, Italy] Library of Congress/NACO
[Photographer with camera and pigeons in front of St. Mark's Basilica, Venice] [Legs and feet of photographer with camera and pigeons in front of St. Mark's Basilica, Venice] Library of Congress/NACO
Retouching the Parthenon (The American School etc. Prof. Hill) Italy, no legend. Library of Congress/NACO
[Rice terraces carved out of the hillsides hundreds of years ago by Ifuago farmers, Philippine Islands] Library of Congress/NACO
Robert College and American School for boys crowns high hills above the Bosphorus Old forts built centuries ago to hold back the Turkish invasion. Library of Congress/NACO
The rock on which the oracle priestess stood at Delphi to proclaim her utterances. Here came men rich and poor, Kings and generals for advice before embarking on new schemes and fields The lion of Chaeronea. A huge marble statue dug up in the fields of Chaeronea. Library of Congress/NACO
A Roumanian beauty out for a stroll in Sinaia. Tall, dark with jet black hair and eyes, they account for the Roumanian man's distaste for work and desire for pleasure, which makes Bucharest famous as the "gay Paris of the East" "I do." Making out an application for a trip to the land of advertised golden bricks. A Roumanian emigrant at the American Consulate in Bucharest. Daily hundreds are turned away because of the oversubscribed quota. Library of Congress/NACO
Roumanian embroderies hanging in the streets of Sinaia. N.G. [Man standing in the street] Library of Congress/NACO
Roumanian embroidered dresses, N.G. A Roumanian school on an excursion to Sinaia. Library of Congress/NACO
The royal barge or caique of the Sultan Unveiled Turkish women row about under the stern of the Sultan's yacht. Shades of Allah what must Mohammet think of this modern flapper idea. Library of Congress/NACO
The ruins of the world's ancient civilization, the Forum in Rome The columns of the huge church of St. Peter's in Rome, the largest edifice in the world ; If you stand with the police you can do anything. So Mr. Carpenter believes as he chats with the guards at St. Peter's ; The entrance to the Palace of Justice in Rome. Our guide said "It has much beauty but little justice." Library of Congress/NACO
Russia, ca. 1880-1924 Library of Congress/NACO
Russia - types Library of Congress/NACO
Russian refugees and emigrants to European countries, 1919-1931 Library of Congress/NACO
Sailing from Genoa. Hundreds of Italians are waving bon voyage to relatives off to the Land of Opportunity, the U.S.A. The port of Genoa with the city climbing the hillsides to low forts built by Napoleon ; On the S.S. Conte Verde a new luxurious Italian express steamer of the Lloyd Sabaudo Co. two extra propeller blades are carried. This is one. Library of Congress/NACO
Sekai meguri National Diet Library, Japan
Selections of photographs from the Carpenter collection, ca. 1880-1925 Library of Congress/NACO
Showing the enormous size of the columns of the Acropolis. F.G.C. One of the most beautiful buildings of the Acropolis. Six ladies hold up the portico. There were seven until an English Lord came along and took one off to jolly old England. Library of Congress/NACO
Sinaia hotel and fountain The casino at Sinaia where one may dance, gamble or see old American movies. Library of Congress/NACO
The singing gay Napolitans use the donkey for their travels into the country The donkey is also used for trucking in the streets of Naples ; Mr. Carpenter visits Pompeii in a sedan chair carried by two carefree natives of Naples. Library of Congress/NACO
South America xR Extended Titles NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library Sudoc [ABES], France Library of Congress/NACO
South America, social, industrial, and political a twenty-five-thousand-mile journey in search of information xR Extended Titles
Spain, ca. 1920 Library of Congress/NACO
The Sphinx, Egypt Library of Congress/NACO
Standard Oil tanks in Roumania Roumania has a fleet of Black Sea boats operating from Constanza to Constantinople. This is the Emperor Trajan medallion on the bow of the bot [i.e., boat] which carried me to the Orient. Library of Congress/NACO
The stern of the Sultan's yacht with the Turkish flag at the rear and the flag of Moommet on the main mast Rugs are spread on the ground for the Sultan's walk to the boat. Library of Congress/NACO
Sudanese woman Library of Congress/NACO
The Sultan goes to prayer. Crowds and flags for his reception The harbour of Malta bristles with guns and English forts and everywhere the Union Jack flies in the breeze. Library of Congress/NACO
The Sultan's guard in scarlet uniforms and white chinchilla hats The Sultan's private horse waiting at the church. It is never known whether his majesty will choose water or land for the return from prayer and all are provided for except air. Library of Congress/NACO
Sweden, Finland, and Lapland, ca. 1898-1923 Library of Congress/NACO
Switzerland, ca. 1880-1920 Library of Congress/NACO
Tail of the hemisphere, chile and argentina xR Extended Titles Library of Congress/NACO
Taj Mahal Library of Congress/NACO
Tennis becomes popular in Roumania. The introduction of American sports in Europe is a healthy sign. Perhaps the prime ministers and rulers of small belligerent countries can meet on the golf course for a settlement of differences instead of the overworked battlefields [Building on the street, Romania] Library of Congress/NACO
This is destroyer 221 of the American fleet in Constantinople. These speedy boats are always ready for emergencies and in many cases have carried thousands of refugees from war stricken areas Mr. Carpenter enters the American Consulate in Constantinople. Library of Congress/NACO
This Turkish woman in the bazaar keeps up with the modern styles in her black and white color scheme of costume Along the docks, hamals or porters are numerous carrying their burdens from the incoming ships. Library of Congress/NACO
Through the Philippines and Hawaii xR Extended Titles Library of Congress/NACO
Towns line the European side of the Bosphorus The story is that on this hill Joshua sat and laved [i.e. layed] his feet in the waters of the Bosphorus. A huge tomb is still to be found in which is supposed to be buried the big toe of this giant. The tomb is [text missing] feet long. Library of Congress/NACO
A traveling forest The main street of Thebes roofed with stately elms. Library of Congress/NACO
Travels through Asia with the children Library of Congress/NACO
Tug-of-war, Fourth of July Library of Congress/NACO
Turkish girls no longer run from cameras and picture takers no longer fear irate Turk husbands As in New York ferryboats play over the waters of Constantinople and peanut shells, fruit skins and crying babies decorate the decks. Library of Congress/NACO
Turkish women walk unveiled on country roads Turkish school picture. Library of Congress/NACO
U.S. Legation at Peking Library of Congress/NACO
Uganda to the Cape Uganda, Zanzibar, Tanganyika Territory, Mozambique, Rhodesia, Union of South Africa xR Extended Titles
White marble palaces along the Bosphorus. See 1343. Library of Congress/NACO
Why call a taxi when you can be wheeled around in royal state in this victoria with the velvet robed driver for twenty cents an hour. Every one can be a prince or princess for an hour Type of Roumanian peasant girl. Upon her wedding day an olive twig must be held over her head by one of the men attendants and if once it is dropped, even during the dancing and feasting, bad luck will be her lot and the gaiety will be dispelled in a jiffy. Library of Congress/NACO
Women Library of Congress/NACO
The women of Malta wear this peculiar head covering to protect them from the hot rays of the Mediterannean [i.e., Mediterranean] sun The French boat "Lamartine" which carried us from Pireaus to Malta and Naples. Library of Congress/NACO
World travels Library of Congress/NACO
Yes we have flowers for sale. Dusky gypsy girls make it easier to buy in Buckarest [i.e., Bucharest] Brother and sisters work side by side in Roumania. The gypsies are good masons and builders, the men as well as the women. Library of Congress/NACO
世界めぐり National Diet Library, Japan
日本と朝鮮 National Diet Library, Japan

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