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Jungwirth, Pavel, 1966- National Library of the Czech Republic

Pavel Jungwirth český chemik a vysokoškolský pedagog ISNI

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Dependence of the Rate of LiF Ion-Pairing on the Description of Molecular Interaction. Wikidata
Dielectric Interpretation of Specificity of Ion Pairing in Water Wikidata
Direct observation of the collapse of the delocalized excess electron in water. Wikidata
Distributions of therapeutically promising neurosteroids in cellular membranes. Wikidata
DNA lesion can facilitate base ionization: vertical ionization energies of aqueous 8-oxoguanine and its nucleoside and nucleotide. Wikidata
Editorial - Virtual Issue of JPCB on Biophysics. Wikidata
Effect of association with sulfate on the electrophoretic mobility of polyarginine and polylysine. Wikidata
Effect of Water Polarizability on the Properties of Solutions of Polyvalent Ions: Simulations of Aqueous Sodium Sulfate with Different Force Fields. Wikidata
Effects of End Group Termination on Salting-Out Constants for Triglycine. Wikidata
Electron Binding to Nucleic Acid Bases. Experimental and Theoretical Studies. A Review Wikidata
Electronic structure of the water dimer cation. Wikidata
Enhanced concentration of polarizable anions at the liquid water surface: SHG spectroscopy and MD simulations of sodium thiocyanate [corrected]. Wikidata
Experimental determination and computational interpretation of biophysical properties of lipid bilayers enriched by cholesteryl hemisuccinate. Wikidata
Experiments and simulations of ion-enhanced interfacial chemistry on aqueous NaCl aerosols Wikidata
Exploring Fluorescent Dyes at Biomimetic Interfaces with Second Harmonic Generation and Molecular Dynamics. Wikidata
Guanidinium can both Cause and Prevent the Hydrophobic Collapse of Biomacromolecules. Wikidata
Guanidinium Pairing Facilitates Membrane Translocation. Wikidata
Hofmeister Series of Ions: A Simple Theory of a Not So Simple Reality. Wikidata
How well does cholesteryl hemisuccinate mimic cholesterol in saturated phospholipid bilayers? Wikidata
Hydration of hydroxyl and amino groups examined by molecular dynamics and neutron scattering. Wikidata
Increased Binding of Calcium Ions at Positively Curved Phospholipid Membranes. Wikidata
Interfacial molecular organization at aqueous solution surfaces of atmospherically relevant dimethyl sulfoxide and methanesulfonic Acid using sum frequency spectroscopy and molecular dynamics simulation. Wikidata
Internal structure, hygroscopic and reactive properties of mixed sodium methanesulfonate-sodium chloride particles Wikidata
Ion pairing as a possible clue for discriminating between sodium and potassium in biological and other complex environments. Wikidata
Ion pairing in aqueous lithium salt solutions with monovalent and divalent counter-anions. Wikidata
Ion partitioning at the liquid/vapor interface of a multicomponent alkali halide solution: a model for aqueous sea salt aerosols. Wikidata
Ion Specific Protein Assembly and Hydrophobic Surface Forces Wikidata
Ions at aqueous interfaces: from water surface to hydrated proteins. Wikidata
The Jahn—Teller potential energy surface of H + 4 Wikidata
Like-charge guanidinium pairing from molecular dynamics and ab initio calculations. Wikidata
Lipid hydration and mobility: an interplay between fluorescence solvent relaxation experiments and molecular dynamics simulations. Wikidata
Mechanism of interaction of monovalent ions with phosphatidylcholine lipid membranes. Wikidata
Mechanisms of acceleration and retardation of water dynamics by ions. Wikidata
Membrane Binding of Recoverin: From Mechanistic Understanding to Biological Functionality. Wikidata
Membrane targeting of the yeast exocyst complex. Wikidata
Micro-Hydration of the MgNO3+ Cation in the Gas Phase Wikidata
Modeling photoionization of aqueous DNA and its components. Wikidata
Molecular model of a cell plasma membrane with an asymmetric multicomponent composition: water permeation and ion effects. Wikidata
The molecular origin of like-charge arginine-arginine pairing in water. Wikidata
More than Virtual Reality: Important New Physical Insights in Simulations of Biomolecules and Synthetic Polymers. Wikidata
A Non-Exploding Alkali Metal Drop on Water: From Blue Solvated Electrons to Bursting Molten Hydroxide. Wikidata
Nonadiabatic chemical reaction triggered by electron photodetachment: an ab initio quantum dynamical study. Wikidata
Nonlinear Optical Properties of Fluorescent Dyes Allow for Accurate Determination of Their Molecular Orientations in Phospholipid Membranes. Wikidata
Nonresonant ionization of oxygen molecules by femtosecond pulses: plasma dynamics studied by time-resolved terahertz spectroscopy. Wikidata
On the Convergence of the Physicochemical Properties of [n]Helicenes Wikidata
Optical pump-terahertz probe spectroscopy of dyes in solutions: probing the dynamics of liquid solvent or solid precipitate? Wikidata
Optical spectroscopy of the bulk and interfacial hydrated electron from ab initio calculations. Wikidata
Orientational Dependence of the Affinity of Guanidinium Ions to the Water Surface Wikidata
Oxidation half-reaction of aqueous nucleosides and nucleotides via photoelectron spectroscopy augmented by ab initio calculations. Wikidata
Oxidation of Cholesterol Does Not Alter Significantly Its Uptake into High-Density Lipoprotein Particles Wikidata
Oxidized phosphatidylcholines facilitate phospholipid flip-flop in liposomes. Wikidata
The parity non-conserving energy difference between enantiomers and a consequence of the CPT theorem for molecule-antimolecule pairs Wikidata
Patchy proteins, anions and the Hofmeister series Wikidata
Photodissociation of hydrogen iodide on the surface of large argon clusters: the orientation of the librational wave function and the scattering from the cluster cage. Wikidata
Polyarginine Interacts More Strongly and Cooperatively than Polylysine with Phospholipid Bilayers. Wikidata
Potential energy curves for the ground and low-lying excited states of IBr calculated with relativistic effective core potentials and spin–orbit interactions Wikidata
Propensity of Formate, Acetate, Benzoate, and Phenolate for the Aqueous Solution/Vapor Interface:  Surface Tension Measurements and Molecular Dynamics Simulations Wikidata
Quantification and rationalization of the higher affinity of sodium over potassium to protein surfaces. Wikidata
Quantum Molecular Dynamics of Ultrafast Processes in Large Polyatomic Systems. Wikidata
Release of halide ions from the buried active site of the haloalkane dehalogenase LinB revealed by stopped-flow fluorescence analysis and free energy calculations. Wikidata
Reversal of Hofmeister Ordering for Pairing of NH4+vs Alkylated Ammonium Cations with Halide Anions in Water Wikidata
Segregation of inorganic ions at surfaces of polar nonaqueous liquids. Wikidata
Self-association of a highly charged arginine-rich cell-penetrating peptide. Wikidata
Single lipid extraction: the anchoring strength of cholesterol in liquid-ordered and liquid-disordered phases. Wikidata
Size and Origins of Long-Range Orientational Water Correlations in Dilute Aqueous Salt Solutions. Wikidata
Small doped [sup 3]He clusters: A systematic quantum chemistry approach to fermionic nuclear wave functions and energies Wikidata
Solvation and ion-pairing properties of the aqueous sulfate anion: explicit versus effective electronic polarization. Wikidata
Solvent-mediated folding of a doubly charged anion. Wikidata
Specific interactions of ammonium functionalities in amino acids with aqueous fluoride and iodide. Wikidata
Specific Ion Binding to Macromolecules: Effects of Hydrophobicity and Ion Pairing Wikidata
Specific ion binding to nonpolar surface patches of proteins. Wikidata
Specific Ion Effects at Protein Surfaces: A Molecular Dynamics Study of Bovine Pancreatic Trypsin Inhibitor and Horseradish Peroxidase in Selected Salt Solutions Wikidata
Specific ion effects at the air/water interface Wikidata
Specific potassium ion interactions facilitate homocysteine binding to betaine-homocysteine S-methyltransferase Wikidata
Specificity of ion-protein interactions: complementary and competitive effects of tetrapropylammonium, guanidinium, sulfate, and chloride ions. Wikidata
Spiers Memorial Lecture. Ions at aqueous interfaces. Wikidata
Structure and vibrational spectroscopy of salt water/air interfaces: predictions from classical molecular dynamics simulations. Wikidata
Surface behavior of hydrated guanidinium and ammonium ions: a comparative study by photoelectron spectroscopy and molecular dynamics. Wikidata
Theory of excitation energy transfer in the primary processes of photosynthesis. II. Group symmetry analysis of the bacterial light-harvesting complex Wikidata
Time-Dependent Stokes Shifts of Fluorescent Dyes in the Hydrophobic Backbone Region of a Phospholipid Bilayer: Combination of Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Ab Initio Calculations Wikidata
Ultrasonic velocities, densities, viscosities, electrical conductivities, Raman spectra, and molecular dynamics simulations of aqueous solutions of Mg(OAc)2 and Mg(NO3)2: Hofmeister effects and ion pair formation. Wikidata
Uracil Dimer: Potential Energy and Free Energy Surfaces. Ab Initio beyond Hartree−Fock and Empirical Potential Studies Wikidata
Valence- and dipole-bound anions of the thymine-water complex: ab initio characterization of the potential energy surfaces. Wikidata
Water surface is acidic. Wikidata

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