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Johann Deisenhofer deutscher Biophysiker, Nobelpreisträger für Chemie Wikidata

Deisenhofer, Johann, 1943- National Library of the Czech Republic German National Library National and University Library in Zagreb ISNI NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library

Deisenhofer, Johann BIBSYS National Library of Israel Library of Congress/NACO

VIAF ID: 81232378 (Personal)


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Title Sources
Analysis of optical spectra from single crystals of Rhodopseudomonas viridis reaction centers. Wikidata
APC2 Cullin protein and APC11 RING protein comprise the minimal ubiquitin ligase module of the anaphase-promoting complex Wikidata
Characterization of the knob domain of the adenovirus type 5 fiber protein expressed in Escherichia coli Wikidata
A connected set algorithm for the identification of spatially contiguous regions in crystallographic envelopes. Wikidata
Crystal structure analysis and molecular model of a complex of citrate synthase with oxaloacetate and S-acetonyl-coenzyme A Wikidata
Crystal structure of a T cell receptor Valpha11 (AV11S5) domain: new canonical forms for the first and second complementarity determining regions Wikidata
Crystal structure of hemoprotein domain of P450BM-3, a prototype for microsomal P450's Wikidata
Crystal structure of Spot 14, a modulator of fatty acid synthesis Wikidata
The crystal structure of the bifunctional enzyme 6-phosphofructo-2-kinase/fructose-2,6-bisphosphatase reveals distinct domain homologies Wikidata
Crystal structure of the catalytic portion of human HMG-CoA reductase: insights into regulation of activity and catalysis Wikidata
Crystal structure of the DNA nucleotide excision repair enzyme UvrB from Thermus thermophilus Wikidata
The crystal structure of the GroES co-chaperonin at 2.8 Å resolution Wikidata
Crystal structures of mitochondrial processing peptidase reveal the mode for specific cleavage of import signal sequences Wikidata
Crystallization and preliminary crystallographic analysis of Escherichia coli DNA photolyase. Wikidata
Crystallographic structure studies of an IgG molecule and an Fc fragment. Wikidata
Dynamics of the aromatic amino acid residues in the globular conformation of the basic pancreatic trypsin inhibitor (BPTI). II. Semi-empirical energy calculations. Wikidata
Expression, purification, and characterization of recombinant Drosophila choline acetyltransferase. Wikidata
A heterodimeric complex of the LRR proteins LRIM1 and APL1C regulates complement-like immunity in Anopheles gambiae Wikidata
Human alpha 1-proteinase inhibitor. Crystal structure analysis of two crystal modifications, molecular model and preliminary analysis of the implications for function. Wikidata
Identification, expression, and crystallization of the protease-resistant conserved domain of synapsin I Wikidata
Insights into pilus assembly and secretion from the structure and functional characterization of usher PapC Wikidata
Kristallographische Verfeinerung der Struktur des pankreatischen Trypsin-Inhibitors bei 1.5 °A Auflösung German National Library
The low-density lipoprotein receptor: ligands, debates and lore. Wikidata
Mechanism of substrate specificity in Bacillus subtilis ResA, a thioredoxin-like protein involved in cytochrome c maturation Wikidata
Mechanistic insight into the allosteric activation of a ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme by RING-type ubiquitin ligases. Wikidata
Metal import through microbial membranes. Wikidata
Molecular basis for LDL receptor recognition by PCSK9 Wikidata
NMR structures of the selenoproteins Sep15 and SelM reveal redox activity of a new thioredoxin-like family. Wikidata
Nonclassical binding of formylated peptide in crystal structure of the MHC class Ib molecule H2-M3 Wikidata
A novel electron transfer mechanism suggested by crystallographic studies of mitochondrial cytochrome bc1 complex. Wikidata
Nucleotide control of interdomain interactions in the conformational reaction cycle of SecA Wikidata
The peptidoglycan recognition proteins LCa and LCx. Wikidata
The Photosynthetic reaction center, 1993: BIBSYS Wikidata National Library of Israel NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library Library of Congress/NACO
Ping-pong cross-validation in real space: a method for increasing the phasing power of a partial model without risk of model bias. Wikidata
Proceedings: X-ray diffraction analysis of immunoglobulin structure. Wikidata
Proteins with leucine-rich repeats. Wikidata
Signal transduction pathway of TonB-dependent transporters Wikidata
Simplicity and complexity in proteins and nucleic acids : report of the 83rd Dahlem Workshop on Simplicity and Complexity in Proteins and Nucleic Acids, Berlin, May 17-22, 1998 Library of Congress/NACO
Structural adaptations in the specialized bacteriophage T4 co-chaperonin Gp31 expand the size of the Anfinsen cage Wikidata
Structural basis for conserved complement factor-like function in the antimalarial protein TEP1. Wikidata
Structural basis of gating by the outer membrane transporter FecA Wikidata
Structural basis of multifunctional bovine mitochondrial cytochrome bc1 complex. Wikidata
Structural mechanism for statin inhibition of HMG-CoA reductase Wikidata
Structure and function of cytochromes P450: a comparative analysis of three crystal structures. Wikidata
Structure of factor-inhibiting hypoxia-inducible factor 1: An asparaginyl hydroxylase involved in the hypoxic response pathway. Wikidata
Structure of N-Terminal Domain of NPC1 Reveals Distinct Subdomains for Binding and Transfer of Cholesterol Wikidata
Structure of the human antibody molecule Kol (immunoglobulin G1): an electron density map at 5 A resolution. Wikidata
Structure of the LDL receptor extracellular domain at endosomal pH Wikidata
The structure of the ligand-binding domain of neurexin Ibeta: regulation of LNS domain function by alternative splicing Wikidata
The structure of the NPC1L1 N-terminal domain in a closed conformation Wikidata
Structure of the photolyase-like domain of cryptochrome 1 from Arabidopsis thaliana. Wikidata
Synapsin I is structurally similar to ATP-utilizing enzymes. Wikidata
Tetramerization and ATP binding by a protein comprising the A, B, and C domains of rat synapsin I Wikidata
TonB-dependent receptors-structural perspectives. Wikidata

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