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Frances Arnold Nobel prize winning US scientist and engineer Wikidata

Arnold, Frances H. ISNI NII (Japan) National Library of the Netherlands

Arnold, Frances Hamilton, 1956- National Library of the Czech Republic National Library of Poland German National Library National Library of Korea

Arnold, Frances Hamilton. NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library Sudoc [ABES], France Library of Congress/NACO National Library of Israel

Arnold, F.H. BIBSYS

Arnold, F. H. (Frances H.) National Library of Latvia

VIAF ID: 79529046 (Personal)


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Title Sources
The Amsterdam Agenda : 12 Good Ideas for the Future of Cities National Library of the Netherlands
Design and scale-up ... 1985 National Library of Israel Library of Congress/NACO
Directed enzyme evolution : screening and selection methods NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library Sudoc [ABES], France NII (Japan) Wikidata National Library of the Netherlands Library of Congress/NACO
Directed evolution library creation, c2003: National Library of Israel Sudoc [ABES], France NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library National Library of Korea NII (Japan) National Library of the Netherlands Library of Congress/NACO
Evolutionary protein design NII (Japan) Sudoc [ABES], France National Library of the Netherlands
Flora of Sussex : or a list of the flowering plants & ferns found in the county of Sussex, with localities of the less common species BIBSYS
A General Tool for Engineering the NAD/NADP Cofactor Preference of Oxidoreductases. Wikidata
High throughput screening of fungal endoglucanase activity in Escherichia coli Wikidata
Highly thermostable fungal cellobiohydrolase I (Cel7A) engineered using predictive methods. Wikidata
How interprofessional learning improves care. Wikidata
Identification of Mechanism-Based Inactivation in P450-Catalyzed Cyclopropanation Facilitates Engineering of Improved Enzymes. Wikidata
Implications of rewiring bacterial quorum sensing. Wikidata
Improved Cyclopropanation Activity of Histidine-Ligated Cytochrome P450 Enables the Enantioselective Formal Synthesis of Levomilnacipran Wikidata
Improved product-per-glucose yields in P450-dependent propane biotransformations using engineered Escherichia coli. Wikidata
Improved Synthesis of 4-Cyanotryptophan and Other Tryptophan Analogues in Aqueous Solvent Using Variants of TrpB from Thermotoga maritima Wikidata
In the light of directed evolution: pathways of adaptive protein evolution Wikidata
In vivo evolution of butane oxidation by terminal alkane hydroxylases AlkB and CYP153A6. Wikidata
Innovation by homologous recombination. Wikidata
Inside Back Cover: High-Throughput Screening for Terpene-Synthase-Cyclization Activity and Directed Evolution of a Terpene Synthase (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 21/2013) Wikidata
An integrated microfabricated cell sorter. Wikidata
Isobutanol production at elevated temperatures in thermophilic Geobacillus thermoglucosidasius. Wikidata
Laboratory evolution of a soluble, self-sufficient, highly active alkane hydroxylase. Wikidata
Laboratory evolution of cytochrome p450 BM-3 monooxygenase for organic cosolvents. Wikidata
Learned protein embeddings for machine learning Wikidata
Long-term monitoring of bacteria undergoing programmed population control in a microchemostat. Wikidata
Machine learning-guided channelrhodopsin engineering enables minimally invasive optogenetics Wikidata
Machine learning to design integral membrane channelrhodopsins for efficient eukaryotic expression and plasma membrane localization. Wikidata
Metal-substituted protein MRI contrast agents engineered for enhanced relaxivity and ligand sensitivity. Wikidata
Method to protect a targeted amino acid residue during random mutagenesis. Wikidata
Modification of galactose oxidase to introduce glucose 6-oxidase activity. Wikidata
The nature of chemical innovation: new enzymes by evolution. Wikidata
Navigating the protein fitness landscape with Gaussian processes Wikidata
Neutral genetic drift can alter promiscuous protein functions, potentially aiding functional evolution. Wikidata
New enzymes for organic synthesis screening, supply and engineering NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library National Library of Latvia Sudoc [ABES], France German National Library BIBSYS
Nitrene Transfer Catalyzed by a Non-Heme Iron Enzyme and Enhanced by Non-Native Small-Molecule Ligands Wikidata
Non-natural olefin cyclopropanation catalyzed by diverse cytochrome P450s and other hemoproteins. Wikidata
Noncontiguous SCHEMA protein recombination. Wikidata
On the conservative nature of intragenic recombination Wikidata
Optimizing non-natural protein function with directed evolution. Wikidata
P450-catalyzed asymmetric cyclopropanation of electron-deficient olefins under aerobic conditions. Wikidata
Preparation of human metabolites of propranolol using laboratory-evolved bacterial cytochromes P450. Wikidata
Programmed population control by cell-cell communication and regulated killing. Wikidata
Protein building blocks preserved by recombination. Wikidata
Protein dynamics in a family of laboratory evolved thermophilic enzymes. Wikidata
Protein engineering of oxygenases for biocatalysis. Wikidata
Protein-surfactant film voltammetry of wild-type and mutant cytochrome P450 BM3. Wikidata
Random field model reveals structure of the protein recombinational landscape. Wikidata
Recent advances in engineering microbial rhodopsins for optogenetics Wikidata
Reduction of dioxygen catalyzed by pyrene-wired heme domain cytochrome P450 BM3 electrodes. Wikidata
Regio- and enantioselective alkane hydroxylation with engineered cytochromes P450 BM-3. Wikidata
Retraction Wikidata
Reversal of NAD(P)H cofactor dependence by protein engineering. Wikidata
Role of cysteine residues in thermal inactivation of fungal Cel6A cellobiohydrolases. Wikidata
SCHEMA-designed variants of human Arginase I and II reveal sequence elements important to stability and catalysis. Wikidata
SCHEMA recombination of a fungal cellulase uncovers a single mutation that contributes markedly to stability Wikidata
Selective CH bond functionalization with engineered heme proteins: new tools to generate complexity Wikidata
Self-organization, layered structure, and aggregation enhance persistence of a synthetic biofilm consortium. Wikidata
A self-sufficient peroxide-driven hydroxylation biocatalyst. Wikidata
Site-directed protein recombination as a shortest-path problem. Wikidata
Site-selective enzymatic C‒H amidation for synthesis of diverse lactams Wikidata
Stability and the evolvability of function in a model protein Wikidata
Staggered extension process (StEP) in vitro recombination. Wikidata
Stereoselective Enzymatic Synthesis of Heteroatom-Substituted Cyclopropanes Wikidata
Stereoselective hydroxylation of an achiral cyclopentanecarboxylic acid derivative using engineered P450s BM-3. Wikidata
Structural Adaptability Facilitates Histidine Heme Ligation in a Cytochrome P450. Wikidata
Structural determinants of the rate of protein evolution in yeast. Wikidata
Structural, functional, and spectroscopic characterization of the substrate scope of the novel nitrating cytochrome P450 TxtE. Wikidata
Structure-Guided Directed Evolution of Highly Selective P450-Based Magnetic Resonance Imaging Sensors for Dopamine and Serotonin Wikidata
Structure-guided engineering of Lactococcus lactis alcohol dehydrogenase LlAdhA for improved conversion of isobutyraldehyde to isobutanol Wikidata
Structure-guided recombination creates an artificial family of cytochromes P450. Wikidata
Structure-guided SCHEMA recombination of distantly related beta-lactamases. Wikidata
Synthesis of bioactive protein hydrogels by genetically encoded SpyTag-SpyCatcher chemistry. Wikidata
Synthesis of β-Branched Tryptophan Analogues Using an Engineered Subunit of Tryptophan Synthase Wikidata
Synthetic biology: Engineering explored. Wikidata
A synthetic Escherichia coli predator-prey ecosystem. Wikidata
Synthetic gene circuits: design with directed evolution. Wikidata
Tailoring Tryptophan Synthase TrpB for Selective Quaternary Carbon Bond Formation Wikidata
Thermodynamic prediction of protein neutrality Wikidata
Thermostabilization of a cytochrome p450 peroxygenase. Wikidata
Unlocking Reactivity of TrpB: A General Biocatalytic Platform for Synthesis of Tryptophan Analogues Wikidata
Why high-error-rate random mutagenesis libraries are enriched in functional and improved proteins. Wikidata
Why highly expressed proteins evolve slowly. Wikidata

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