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Jack William Szostak Wikidata

Szostak, Jack W. Library of Congress/NACO National Library of France Sudoc [ABES], France National Library of Israel National Library of the Netherlands BIBSYS

Szostak, Jack William, 1952- NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library ISNI

Szostak, Jack W., 1952- National Library of Poland National Library of the Czech Republic German National Library

VIAF ID: 78877987 (Personal)


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Title Sources
Jak chemię zamienić na biologię National Library of Poland
Learning about the origin of life from efforts to design an artificial cell, 2007: National Library of Israel Library of Congress/NACO German National Library Wikidata
A Model for the Emergence of RNA from a Prebiotically Plausible Mixture of Ribonucleotides, Arabinonucleotides, and 2'-Deoxynucleotides Wikidata
Molecular biology: RNA gets a grip on translation. Wikidata
Molecular diversity comes of age ! Wikidata
mRNA display: from basic principles to macrocycle drug discovery. Wikidata
Multicomponent assembly of proposed DNA precursors in water. Wikidata
Mutant ATP-binding RNA aptamers reveal the structural basis for ligand binding. Wikidata
Mutations in a semiconserved region of the Tetrahymena intron. Wikidata
N-Carboxyanhydride-Mediated Fatty Acylation of Amino Acids and Peptides for Functionalization of Protocell Membranes. Wikidata
N2'-->p3' phosphoramidate glycerol nucleic acid as a potential alternative genetic system. Wikidata
The Narrow Road to the Deep Past: In Search of the Chemistry of the Origin of Life. Wikidata
Nonenzymatic copying of RNA templates containing all four letters is catalyzed by activated oligonucleotides Wikidata
Not just Salk. Wikidata
Optimal codon choice can improve the efficiency and fidelity of N-methyl amino acid incorporation into peptides by in-vitro translation. Wikidata
The origins of cellular life. Wikidata
The origins of life : a subject collection from Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in biology Library of Congress/NACO National Library of France Sudoc [ABES], France National Library of the Netherlands NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library
Origins of life: Systems chemistry on early Earth Wikidata
Pedigree analysis of plasmid segregation in yeast. Wikidata
Photochemically driven redox chemistry induces protocell membrane pearling and division Wikidata
Phylogenetic and genetic evidence for base-triples in the catalytic domain of group I introns. Wikidata
Physical effects underlying the transition from primitive to modern cell membranes Wikidata
Pinpointing RNA-Protein Cross-Links with Site-Specific Stable Isotope-Labeled Oligonucleotides. Wikidata
Point mutations in the yeast histone H4 gene prevent silencing of the silent mating type locus HML. Wikidata
A poly(dA.dT) tract is a component of the recombination initiation site at the ARG4 locus in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Wikidata
Prebiotically Plausible "Patching" of RNA Backbone Cleavage through a 3'-5' Pyrophosphate Linkage Wikidata
Preparation of fatty acid or phospholipid vesicles by thin-film rehydration. Wikidata
Preparation of large monodisperse vesicles Wikidata
Preparation, Purification, and Use of Fatty Acid-containing Liposomes. Wikidata
Progress toward synthetic cells. Wikidata
Rapid RNA exchange in aqueous two-phase system and coacervate droplets. Wikidata
Ray Wu, as remembered by a former student. Wikidata
Replacing uridine with 2-thiouridine enhances the rate and fidelity of nonenzymatic RNA primer extension. Wikidata
Replicating vesicles as models of primitive cell growth and division. Wikidata
Replication and resolution of telomeres in yeast. Wikidata
Retraction: Oligoarginine peptides slow strand annealing and assist non-enzymatic RNA replication. Wikidata
Ribosomal synthesis of unnatural peptides. Wikidata
Ribozyme-catalyzed tRNA aminoacylation. Wikidata
Ribozymes: aiming at RNA replication and protein synthesis. Wikidata
RNA catalysis in model protocell vesicles Wikidata
Roles of the 2 microns gene products in stable maintenance of the 2 microns plasmid of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Wikidata
Scanning the human proteome for calmodulin-binding proteins. Wikidata
Selection and evolution of enzymes from a partially randomized non-catalytic scaffold. Wikidata
Selection in vitro of single-stranded DNA molecules that fold into specific ligand-binding structures. Wikidata
Selection of a ribozyme that functions as a superior template in a self-copying reaction. Wikidata
Selection of cyclic peptide aptamers to HCV IRES RNA using mRNA display Wikidata
Selective labeling and detection of specific RNAs in an RNA mixture. Wikidata
Shrink-wrap vesicles. Wikidata
Single-molecule binding experiments on long time scales. Wikidata
Single-molecule imaging of an in vitro-evolved RNA aptamer reveals homogeneous ligand binding kinetics Wikidata
A small aptamer with strong and specific recognition of the triphosphate of ATP Wikidata
Solution structure of an informationally complex high-affinity RNA aptamer to GTP Wikidata
Solvated-electron production using cyanocuprates is compatible with the UV-environment on a Hadean-Archaean Earth. Wikidata
Specific binding of a synthetic oligodeoxyribonucleotide to yeast cytochrome c mRNA. Wikidata
Stereochemical course of catalysis by the Tetrahymena ribozyme. Wikidata
A strategy for the generation of conditional mutations by protein destabilization. Wikidata
Structural insights into the effects of 2'-5' linkages on the RNA duplex Wikidata
Structure and evolutionary analysis of a non-biological ATP-binding protein Wikidata
Suppression of mutations in the core of the Tetrahymena ribozyme by spermidine, ethanol and by substrate stabilization Wikidata
Synthesis and nonenzymatic template-directed polymerization of 2'-amino-2'-deoxythreose nucleotides. Wikidata
Synthesis of a Nonhydrolyzable Nucleotide Phosphoroimidazolide Analogue That Catalyzes Nonenzymatic RNA Primer Extension. Wikidata
Synthesis of alpha-L-threofuranosyl nucleoside triphosphates (tNTPs). Wikidata
Synthesis of RNA containing inosine: analysis of the sequence requirements for the 5' splice site of the Tetrahymena group I intron Wikidata
Telomeres and telomerase: the path from maize, Tetrahymena and yeast to human cancer and aging. Wikidata
Telomeric repeat from T. thermophila cross hybridizes with human telomeres. Wikidata
Telomery i telomeraza National Library of Poland
Template-Directed Nonenzymatic Primer Extension Using 2-Methylimidazole-Activated Morpholino Derivatives of Guanosine and Cytidine Wikidata
Template-directed synthesis of a genetic polymer in a model protocell. Wikidata
Thermodynamic insights into 2-thiouridine-enhanced RNA hybridization Wikidata
Thermostability of model protocell membranes. Wikidata
TNA synthesis by DNA polymerases. Wikidata
Transfer of Sequence Information and Replication of Diimine Duplexes Wikidata
Transfer of yeast telomeres to linear plasmids by recombination. Wikidata
Uncovering the thermodynamics of monomer binding for RNA replication. Wikidata
Unusual Base-Pairing Interactions in Monomer-Template Complexes. Wikidata
Unusual metal ion catalysis in an acyl-transferase ribozyme. Wikidata
Using Imaging Flow Cytometry to Quantify and Optimize Giant Vesicle Production by Water-in-oil Emulsion Transfer Methods Wikidata
UV photostability of three 2-aminoazoles with key roles in prebiotic chemistry on the early earth Wikidata
Vesicle extrusion through polycarbonate track-etched membranes using a hand-held mini-extruder. Wikidata

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