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Birney, Ewan Library of Congress/NACO

Ewan Birney English biologist and bioinformatician ISNI

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Title Sources
Abstracts of papers presented at the 2003 meeting on genome informatics, 2003: Library of Congress/NACO
Ensembl 2005 Wikidata
Genome information resources - developments at Ensembl. Wikidata
The Genome Knowledgebase: a resource for biologists and bioinformaticists. Wikidata
Genome sequence of Aedes aegypti, a major arbovirus vector Wikidata
Genome sequence of the Brown Norway rat yields insights into mammalian evolution Wikidata
The genome sequence of the spontaneously hypertensive rat: Analysis and functional significance Wikidata
Genome wide association analysis of the heart using high-resolution 3D cardiac MRI identifies new genetic loci underlying cardiac structure and function. Wikidata
Genome-wide meta-analysis identifies new susceptibility loci for migraine. Wikidata
Genome-wide nucleotide-level mammalian ancestor reconstruction Wikidata
Genomic and phenotypic characterization of a wild medaka population: towards the establishment of an isogenic population genetic resource in fish. Wikidata
The genomic basis of adaptive evolution in threespine sticklebacks Wikidata
Genomic information infrastructure after the deluge Wikidata
Heritable individual-specific and allele-specific chromatin signatures in humans. Wikidata
The HGNC Database in 2008: a resource for the human genome. Wikidata
High-resolution genome-wide in vivo footprinting of diverse transcription factors in human cells Wikidata
A high-resolution map of human evolutionary constraint using 29 mammals Wikidata
Highly conserved elements discovered in vertebrates are present in non-syntenic loci of tunicates, act as enhancers and can be transcribed during development. Wikidata
HRDetect is a predictor of BRCA1 and BRCA2 deficiency based on mutational signatures. Wikidata
The Human Cell Atlas. Wikidata
Identification and analysis of functional elements in 1% of the human genome by the ENCODE pilot project Wikidata
Immunity-related genes and gene families in Anopheles gambiae. Wikidata
The implications of alternative splicing in the ENCODE protein complement Wikidata
In vivo validation of a computationally predicted conserved Ath5 target gene set Wikidata
An integrated resource for genome-wide identification and analysis of human tissue-specific differentially methylated regions (tDMRs) Wikidata
Integrating biological data--the Distributed Annotation System Wikidata
Integrative annotation of chromatin elements from ENCODE data. Wikidata
Integrative knowledge management to enhance pharmaceutical R&D Wikidata
International network of cancer genome projects. Wikidata
InterPro--an integrated documentation resource for protein families, domains and functional sites Wikidata
Journey to the genetic interior. Interview by Stephen S Hall Wikidata
The landscape of histone modifications across 1% of the human genome in five human cell lines Wikidata
Levers and fulcrums: progress in cis-regulatory motif models. Wikidata
Locus Reference Genomic sequences: an improved basis for describing human DNA variants. Wikidata
The making of ENCODE: Lessons for big-data projects Wikidata
Mapping identifiers for the integration of genomic datasets with the R/Bioconductor package biomaRt Wikidata
MAPU 2.0: high-accuracy proteomes mapped to genomes. Wikidata
The Mighty Fruit Fly Moves into Outbred Genetics. Wikidata
MinION Analysis and Reference Consortium: Phase 2 data release and analysis of R9.0 chemistry. Wikidata
Modeling gene expression using chromatin features in various cellular contexts Wikidata
A new strategy for genome assembly using short sequence reads and reduced representation libraries Wikidata
Open chromatin defined by DNaseI and FAIRE identifies regulatory elements that shape cell-type identity. Wikidata
Open Targets: a platform for therapeutic target identification and validation Wikidata
Optimized design and assessment of whole genome tiling arrays. Wikidata
PairWise and SearchWise: finding the optimal alignment in a simultaneous comparison of a protein profile against all DNA translation frames Wikidata
Paralogous annotation of disease-causing variants in long QT syndrome genes. Wikidata
Pebble and rock band: heuristic resolution of repeats and scaffolding in the velvet short-read de novo assembler Wikidata
Petabyte-scale innovations at the European Nucleotide Archive. Wikidata
The Pfam protein families database Wikidata
PhenotypeSimulator: a comprehensive framework for multi-trait, multi-locus phenotype to genotype simulation. Wikidata
A physical map of the mouse genome. Wikidata
Picking pyknons out of the human genome Wikidata
Prepublication data sharing Wikidata
Priorities for nucleotide trace, sequence and annotation data capture at the Ensembl Trace Archive and the EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database Wikidata
Progress in Medicine: Experts Take Stock. Wikidata
Promoter shape varies across populations and affects promoter evolution and expression noise. Wikidata
ProtEST: protein multiple sequence alignments from expressed sequence tags. Wikidata
A putative homology of U2AF65 in S. cerevisiae. Wikidata
Quantitative genetics of CTCF binding reveal local sequence effects and different modes of X-chromosome association Wikidata
Reactome: a database of reactions, pathways and biological processes Wikidata
The Reactome pathway knowledgebase Wikidata
Reply to Brunet and Doolittle: Both selected effect and causal role elements can influence human biology and disease. Wikidata
Report of an EU projects workshop on systems biology held in Brussels, Belgium on 8 December 2004. Wikidata
RNAcentral: A vision for an international database of RNA sequences Wikidata
Searching databases to find protein domain organization. Wikidata
Sense from sequence reads: methods for alignment and assembly. Wikidata
Sequence and comparative analysis of the chicken genome provide unique perspectives on vertebrate evolution Wikidata
Sequence features and chromatin structure around the genomic regions bound by 119 human transcription factors. Wikidata
Sequence progressive alignment, a framework for practical large-scale probabilistic consistency alignment. Wikidata
A small-cell lung cancer genome with complex signatures of tobacco exposure Wikidata
SNP and haplotype mapping for genetic analysis in the rat. Wikidata
Sockeye: a 3D environment for comparative genomics. Wikidata
SPEM: a parser for EMBL style flat file database entries. Wikidata
A survey of homozygous deletions in human cancer genomes. Wikidata
The systematic annotation of the three main GPCR families in Reactome. Wikidata
The topography of mutational processes in breast cancer genomes. Wikidata
Towards practical, high-capacity, low-maintenance information storage in synthesized DNA Wikidata
A transcription factor collective defines cardiac cell fate and reflects lineage history Wikidata
Transcriptome analysis for the chicken based on 19,626 finished cDNA sequences and 485,337 expressed sequence tags. Wikidata
TranscriptSNPView: a genome-wide catalog of mouse coding variation. Wikidata
Trawler: de novo regulatory motif discovery pipeline for chromatin immunoprecipitation. Wikidata
Update of the Anopheles gambiae PEST genome assembly. Wikidata
Using GeneWise in the Drosophila annotation experiment Wikidata
Using human genetics to make new medicines. Wikidata
VectorBase: a home for invertebrate vectors of human pathogens Wikidata
Velvet: algorithms for de novo short read assembly using de Bruijn graphs Wikidata
What everybody should know about the rat genome and its online resources Wikidata

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