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Friml, Jiří, 1973- ISNI German National Library National Library of the Czech Republic

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Title Sources
The AP-3 adaptor complex is required for vacuolar function in Arabidopsis. Wikidata
Asymmetric localizations of the ABC transporter PaPDR1 trace paths of directional strigolactone transport. Wikidata
Auxin-binding pocket of ABP1 is crucial for its gain-of-function cellular and developmental roles. Wikidata
Auxin flow-mediated competition between axillary buds to restore apical dominance. Wikidata
An auxin-mediated shift toward growth isotropy promotes organ formation at the shoot meristem in Arabidopsis. Wikidata
Auxin transporters and binding proteins at a glance. Wikidata
Bimodal regulation of ICR1 levels generates self-organizing auxin distribution. Wikidata
Bipolar Plasma Membrane Distribution of Phosphoinositides and Their Requirement for Auxin-Mediated Cell Polarity and Patterning in Arabidopsis. Wikidata
Calcium is an organizer of cell polarity in plants. Wikidata
Calcium: The Missing Link in Auxin Action Wikidata
Cell polarity and patterning by PIN trafficking through early endosomal compartments in Arabidopsis thaliana Wikidata
Cell polarity in plants: when two do the same, it is not the same.... Wikidata
Cell surface- and rho GTPase-based auxin signaling controls cellular interdigitation in Arabidopsis Wikidata
Cellular mechanisms for cargo delivery and polarity maintenance at different polar domains in plant cells Wikidata
cis-Cinnamic Acid Is a Novel, Natural Auxin Efflux Inhibitor That Promotes Lateral Root Formation Wikidata
Clusters of bioactive compounds target dynamic endomembrane networks in vivo. Wikidata
A coherent transcriptional feed-forward motif model for mediating auxin-sensitive PIN3 expression during lateral root development. Wikidata
The cyclophilin A DIAGEOTROPICA gene affects auxin transport in both root and shoot to control lateral root formation. Wikidata
Cytokinin signaling regulates pavement cell morphogenesis in Arabidopsis. Wikidata
Danger-associated peptide signaling in Arabidopsis requires clathrin. Wikidata
Defining the selectivity of processes along the auxin response chain: a study using auxin analogues. Wikidata
Developmental regulation of CYCA2s contributes to tissue-specific proliferation in Arabidopsis Wikidata
An early secretory pathway mediated by GNOM-LIKE 1 and GNOM is essential for basal polarity establishment in Arabidopsis thaliana Wikidata
Embryo-lethal phenotypes in early abp1 mutants are due to disruption of the neighboring BSM gene. Wikidata
Emergence of tissue polarization from synergy of intracellular and extracellular auxin signaling. Wikidata
Enquiry into the Topology of Plasma Membrane-Localized PIN Auxin Transport Components Wikidata
Environmental and Endogenous Control of Cortical Microtubule Orientation. Wikidata
Feedback models for polarized auxin transport: an emerging trend. Wikidata
Fleeting hormone cues get stabilized for plant organogenesis Wikidata
Fluorescence imaging-based forward genetic screens to identify trafficking regulators in plants. Wikidata
Fluorescent castasterone reveals BRI1 signaling from the plasma membrane. Wikidata
GOLVEN secretory peptides regulate auxin carrier turnover during plant gravitropic responses. Wikidata
Inhibition of cell expansion by rapid ABP1-mediated auxin effect on microtubules. Wikidata
Inositol trisphosphate-induced Ca2+ signaling modulates auxin transport and PIN polarity. Wikidata
Inter-regulation of the unfolded protein response and auxin signaling Wikidata
Isolation and characterization of novel AtPIN genes from Arabidopsis thaliana L. German National Library
Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy of Plant Roots Growing on the Surface of a Gel Wikidata
Live tracking of moving samples in confocal microscopy for vertically grown roots. Wikidata
Local auxin sources orient the apical-basal axis in Arabidopsis embryos. Wikidata
A map of cell type-specific auxin responses. Wikidata
Mitochondrial uncouplers inhibit clathrin-mediated endocytosis largely through cytoplasmic acidification. Wikidata
A Model of Differential Growth-Guided Apical Hook Formation in Plants. Wikidata
Modeling framework for the establishment of the apical-basal embryonic axis in plants. Wikidata
A mutually inhibitory interaction between auxin and cytokinin specifies vascular pattern in roots. Wikidata
A noncanonical auxin-sensing mechanism is required for organ morphogenesis in Arabidopsis Wikidata
Osmotic Stress Modulates the Balance between Exocytosis and Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis in Arabidopsis thaliana. Wikidata
Phosphorylation switch modulates the interdigitated pattern of PIN1 localization and cell expansion in Arabidopsis leaf epidermis. Wikidata
PIN-dependent auxin transport: action, regulation, and evolution. Wikidata
Recycling, clustering, and endocytosis jointly maintain PIN auxin carrier polarity at the plasma membrane. Wikidata
Rho-GTPase-regulated vesicle trafficking in plant cell polarity. Wikidata
Role of the Arabidopsis PIN6 auxin transporter in auxin homeostasis and auxin-mediated development. Wikidata
A ROP GTPase-dependent auxin signaling pathway regulates the subcellular distribution of PIN2 in Arabidopsis roots Wikidata
ROTUNDA3 function in plant development by phosphatase 2A-mediated regulation of auxin transporter recycling. Wikidata
SCF(TIR1/AFB)-auxin signalling regulates PIN vacuolar trafficking and auxin fluxes during root gravitropism. Wikidata
Sequential induction of auxin efflux and influx carriers regulates lateral root emergence Wikidata
Single-cell-based system to monitor carrier driven cellular auxin homeostasis. Wikidata
Sorting Motifs Involved in the Trafficking and Localization of the PIN1 Auxin Efflux Carrier. Wikidata
Strong morphological defects in conditional Arabidopsis abp1 knock-down mutants generated in absence of functional ABP1 protein. Wikidata
Termination of Shoot Gravitropic Responses by Auxin Feedback on PIN3 Polarity. Wikidata
Tightly controlled WRKY23 expression mediates Arabidopsis embryo development. Wikidata
TIR1/AFB-Aux/IAA auxin perception mediates rapid cell wall acidification and growth of Arabidopsis hypocotyls Wikidata
The TPLATE adaptor complex drives clathrin-mediated endocytosis in plants. Wikidata
Transcriptional regulation of PIN genes by FOUR LIPS and MYB88 during Arabidopsis root gravitropism. Wikidata
TWISTED DWARF1 Mediates the Action of Auxin Transport Inhibitors on Actin Cytoskeleton Dynamics. Wikidata
V-ATPase activity in the TGN/EE is required for exocytosis and recycling in Arabidopsis. Wikidata
Vascular cambium regeneration and vessel formation in wounded inflorescence stems of Arabidopsis Wikidata
ZIFL1.1 transporter modulates polar auxin transport by stabilizing membrane abundance of multiple PINs in Arabidopsis root tip. Wikidata

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