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Hari, Riitta, 1948- National Library of the Czech Republic German National Library Sudoc [ABES], France

Hari, Riitta. NII (Japan) Library of Congress/NACO NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library

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VIAF ID: 70537957 (Personal)


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Title Sources
Attending to and neglecting people, 5 May 2016: Library of Congress/NACO
Dissociable Roles of Cerebral μ-Opioid and Type 2 Dopamine Receptors in Vicarious Pain: A Combined PET-fMRI Study. Wikidata
Dog experts' brains distinguish socially relevant body postures similarly in dogs and humans Wikidata
Early visual brain areas reflect the percept of an ambiguous scene. Wikidata
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Experiencing art: the influence of expertise and painting abstraction level Wikidata
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From Brain-Environment Connections to Temporal Dynamics and Social Interaction: Principles of Human Brain Function. Wikidata
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Functional motor-cortex mapping using corticokinematic coherence. Wikidata
Functional phantom for fMRI: a feasibility study. Wikidata
Functional subdivision of group-ICA results of fMRI data collected during cinema viewing. Wikidata
Gaze-Direction-Based MEG Averaging During Audiovisual Speech Perception Wikidata
Hands help hearing: facilitatory audiotactile interaction at low sound-intensity levels. Wikidata
Haptic contents of a movie dynamically engage the spectator's sensorimotor cortex. Wikidata
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IFCN-endorsed practical guidelines for clinical magnetoencephalography (MEG) Wikidata
Impaired mirror-image imitation in Asperger and high-functioning autistic subjects. Wikidata
Impaired processing of rapid stimulus sequences in dyslexia. Wikidata
Improved differentiation of tactile activations in human secondary somatosensory cortex and thalamus using cardiac-triggered fMRI. Wikidata
Independent Component Analysis for Identification of Artifacts in Magnetoencephalographic Recordings Wikidata
Independent component analysis of short-time Fourier transforms for spontaneous EEG/MEG analysis. Wikidata
Influence of turn-taking in a two-person conversation on the gaze of a viewer. Wikidata
Is it just a brick wall or a sign from the universe? An fMRI study of supernatural believers and skeptics. Wikidata
Just watching the game ain't enough: striatal fMRI reward responses to successes and failures in a video game during active and vicarious playing. Wikidata
Left-hemisphere-dominant SII activation after bilateral median nerve stimulation. Wikidata
Left Superior Temporal Gyrus Is Coupled to Attended Speech in a Cocktail-Party Auditory Scene. Wikidata
Listening to an audio drama activates two processing networks, one for all sounds, another exclusively for speech. Wikidata
Listening to humans walking together activates the social brain circuitry. Wikidata
Magnetoencephalographic analysis of bilaterally synchronous discharges in benign rolandic epilepsy of childhood. Wikidata
Magnetoencephalography: From SQUIDs to neuroscience. Neuroimage 20th anniversary special edition. Wikidata
Magnetoencephalography—theory, instrumentation, and applications to noninvasive studies of the working human brain Wikidata
Manifest disease and motor cortex reactivity in twins discordant for schizophrenia. Wikidata
MEG-compatible pneumatic stimulator to elicit passive finger and toe movements. Wikidata
MEG dual scanning: a procedure to study real-time auditory interaction between two persons. Wikidata
MEG-EEG Primer Wikidata Library of Congress/NACO Sudoc [ABES], France NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library
MEG Insight into the Spectral Dynamics Underlying Steady Isometric Muscle Contraction. Wikidata
Mental action simulation synchronizes action-observation circuits across individuals Wikidata
Mind's ear in a musician: where and when in the brain. Wikidata
Modulated activation of the human SI and SII cortices during observation of hand actions. Wikidata
Modulation of Rolandic Beta-Band Oscillations during Motor Simulation of Joint Actions Wikidata
Naturalistic FMRI mapping reveals superior temporal sulcus as the hub for the distributed brain network for social perception. Wikidata
[Neural basis of social cognition]. Wikidata
Neural signatures of hand kinematics in leaders vs. followers: A dual-MEG study. Wikidata
Neuromagnetic brain responses to other person's eye blinks seen on video. Wikidata
Neuromagnetic responses to frequency-tagged sounds: a new method to follow inputs from each ear to the human auditory cortex during binaural hearing. Wikidata
Non-linear canonical correlation for joint analysis of MEG signals from two subjects Wikidata
The opponent matters: elevated FMRI reward responses to winning against a human versus a computer opponent during interactive video game playing. Wikidata
Oscillatory motor cortex-muscle coupling during painful laser and nonpainful tactile stimulation. Wikidata
Oscillatory response function: towards a parametric model of rhythmic brain activity. Wikidata
The pace of prosodic phrasing couples the listener's cortex to the reader's voice. Wikidata
Phantom-based evaluation of geometric distortions in functional magnetic resonance and diffusion tensor imaging. Wikidata
Phase locking between human primary and secondary somatosensory cortices. Wikidata
Pre- and post-operative diffusion tensor imaging of the median nerve in carpal tunnel syndrome. Wikidata
Primary motor cortex and cerebellum are coupled with the kinematics of observed hand movements. Wikidata
Quantification of mechanical vibration during diffusion tensor imaging at 3 T. Wikidata
Reality of auditory verbal hallucinations. Wikidata
Reliable recording and analysis of MEG-based corticokinematic coherence in the presence of strong magnetic artifacts. Wikidata
Removal of magnetoencephalographic artifacts with temporal signal-space separation: demonstration with single-trial auditory-evoked responses. Wikidata
Sensorimotor activation related to speaker vs. listener role during natural conversation. Wikidata
Sensory evoked sustained potentials ... 1980 Library of Congress/NACO
Social touch modulates endogenous μ-opioid system activity in humans. Wikidata
Spatial variability in cortex-muscle coherence investigated with magnetoencephalography and high-density surface electromyography. Wikidata
Stimulus-rate sensitivity discerns area 3b of the human primary somatosensory cortex. Wikidata
Strength of prefrontal activation predicts intensity of suggestion-induced pain. Wikidata
Synchronous brain activity across individuals underlies shared psychological perspectives. Wikidata
Synchronous cortical oscillatory activity during motor action. Wikidata
Synchrony of brains and bodies during implicit interpersonal interaction. Wikidata
Topography of social touching depends on emotional bonds between humans. Wikidata
Touch activates human auditory cortex. Wikidata
Towards brain-activity-controlled information retrieval: Decoding image relevance from MEG signals. Wikidata
Towards natural stimulation in fMRI--issues of data analysis. Wikidata
Transient suppression of ipsilateral primary somatosensory cortex during tactile finger stimulation. Wikidata
Transients may occur in functional magnetic resonance imaging without physiological basis. Wikidata
Viewing lip forms: cortical dynamics. Wikidata
Viewing speech modulates activity in the left SI mouth cortex. Wikidata
Visually evoked gamma responses in the human brain are enhanced during voluntary hyperventilation. Wikidata
What differs in visual recognition of handwritten vs. printed letters? An fMRI study. Wikidata
Word-by-word entrainment of speech rhythm during joint story building. Wikidata
Yearning to yawn: the neural basis of contagious yawning. Wikidata

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