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Seppo Ylä-Herttuala Wikidata

Ylä-Herttuala, Seppo National Library of France Sudoc [ABES], France ISNI BIBSYS

Ylä-Herttuala, Seppo, 1957- National Library of the Czech Republic NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library

Ylä-Herttuala, S. (Seppo), 1957- Library of Congress/NACO

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Angiogenic gene therapy, a novel treatment paradigm for coronary artery disease BIBSYS
Biochemical composition of coronary arteries and aortas in Finnish children and adults : an autopsy study with special reference to lipids, apolipoproteins and glycosaminoglycans BIBSYS NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library
Human gene therapy, c2003: National Library of France Sudoc [ABES], France Library of Congress/NACO
Process Development of Adenoviral Vector Production in Fixed Bed Bioreactor: From Bench to Commercial Scale. Wikidata
Production and purification of lentiviral vectors generated in 293T suspension cells with baculoviral vectors. Wikidata
Production of HIV-1 integrase fusion protein-carrying lentiviral vectors for gene therapy and protein transduction. Wikidata
Progress and prospects: hurdles to cardiovascular gene therapy clinical trials. Wikidata
Prospect and progress of gene therapy in treating atherosclerosis. Wikidata
Rabbit atherosclerotic lesions express scavenger receptor AIII mRNA, a naturally occurring splice variant that encodes a non-functional, dominant negative form of the macrophage scavenger receptor. Wikidata
Rabbit extracellular superoxide dismutase: expression and effect on LDL oxidation. Wikidata
rDNA-directed integration by an HIV-1 integrase--I-PpoI fusion protein Wikidata
Recent Advancements in Cardiovascular Gene Therapy and Vascular Biology. Wikidata
Receptor-mediated binding and degradation of subfractions of human plasma low-density lipoprotein by cultured fibroblasts. Wikidata
Regulation of endothelial lipase and systemic HDL cholesterol levels by SREBPs and VEGF-A. Wikidata
Relevance of an academic GMP Pan-European vector infra-structure (PEVI). Wikidata
Reply to "heparan sulfate in baculovirus binding and entry of Mammalian cells". Wikidata
Requirements for baculoviruses for clinical gene therapy applications. Wikidata
Resectable VX-2 rabbit brain tumor model for development of intraoperative local administration of drugs. Wikidata
Respiratory infection recurrence and passive smoking in early atherosclerosis in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes. Wikidata
Review focus on epigenetics and the histone code in vascular biology Wikidata
Rhizavidin from Rhizobium etli: the first natural dimer in the avidin protein family Wikidata
Routine versus selective cardiac magnetic resonance in non-ischemic heart failure - OUTSMART-HF: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial (IMAGE-HF (heart failure) project 1-B) Wikidata
Safety profile of plasmid/liposomes and virus vectors in clinical gene therapy. Wikidata
Screening of complement inhibitors: shielded baculoviruses increase the safety and efficacy of gene delivery. Wikidata
Serum angiopoietin-2 and soluble VEGFR-2 levels predict malignancy of ovarian neoplasm and poor prognosis in epithelial ovarian cancer. Wikidata
Severe coronary artery stenoses and reduced coronary flow velocity reserve in atherosclerotic mouse model Wikidata
Short and long-term effects of hVEGF-A(165) in Cre-activated transgenic mice. Wikidata
Silencing of either SR-A or CD36 reduces atherosclerosis in hyperlipidaemic mice and reveals reciprocal upregulation of these receptors. Wikidata
Simvastatin has an anti-inflammatory effect on macrophages via upregulation of an atheroprotective transcription factor, Kruppel-like factor 2. Wikidata
Sleeping Beauty-baculovirus hybrid vectors for long-term gene expression in the eye. Wikidata
Sleeping Beauty Transposon Vectors in Liver-directed Gene Delivery of LDLR and VLDLR for Gene Therapy of Familial Hypercholesterolemia Wikidata
Smooth Muscle Cell Foam Cell Formation, Apolipoproteins, and ABCA1 in Intracranial Aneurysms: Implications for Lipid Accumulation as a Promoter of Aneurysm Wall Rupture. Wikidata
Snake venom VEGF Vammin induces a highly efficient angiogenic response in skeletal muscle via VEGFR-2/NRP specific signaling Wikidata
Specific inhibition of SRC kinase impairs malignant glioma growth in vitro and in vivo. Wikidata
SPECT/CT imaging of baculovirus biodistribution in rat. Wikidata
Stabilization of atherosclerotic plaques: an update. Wikidata
Stabilization of HIF-1alpha is critical to improve wound healing in diabetic mice. Wikidata
Stabilized HIF-1alpha is superior to VEGF for angiogenesis in skeletal muscle via adeno-associated virus gene transfer. Wikidata
Stable RNA interference: comparison of U6 and H1 promoters in endothelial cells and in mouse brain. Wikidata
Stimulation of functional vessel growth by gene therapy. Wikidata
(Strept)avidin-displaying lentiviruses as versatile tools for targeting and dual imaging of gene delivery. Wikidata
Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase 1 adenoviral gene therapy alone is equally effective in reducing restenosis as combination gene therapy in a rabbit restenosis model. Wikidata
Tomato thymidine kinase-based suicide gene therapy for malignant glioma--an alternative for Herpes Simplex virus-1 thymidine kinase. Wikidata
Transduction of vertebrate cells with recombinant baculovirus. Wikidata
Transduction patterns and efficiencies in rabbit uterine tissues after intraluminal uterine adenovirus administration vary with the reproductive cycle. Wikidata
Transfection of oocytes and other types of ovarian cells in rabbits after direct injection into uterine arteries of adenoviruses and plasmid/liposomes. Wikidata
Transplantation of adipose tissue mesenchymal cells conjugated with VEGF-releasing microcarriers promotes repair in murine myocardial infarction. Wikidata
Truncated vesicular stomatitis virus G protein improves baculovirus transduction efficiency in vitro and in vivo. Wikidata
Tumor suppressor and growth regulatory genes are overexpressed in severe early-onset preeclampsia--an array study on case-specific human preeclamptic placental tissue. Wikidata
Type 2 diabetes enhances arterial uptake of choline in atherosclerotic mice: an imaging study with positron emission tomography tracer ¹⁸F-fluoromethylcholine Wikidata
Type I interferon response against viral and non-viral gene transfer in human tumor and primary cell lines. Wikidata
Ultrasound imaging with bolus delivered contrast agent for the detection of angiogenesis and blood flow irregularities. Wikidata
Umbilical cord blood-derived progenitor cells enhance muscle regeneration in mouse hindlimb ischemia model. Wikidata
Upregulated signaling pathways in ruptured human saccular intracranial aneurysm wall: an emerging regulative role of Toll-like receptor signaling and nuclear factor-κB, hypoxia-inducible factor-1A, and ETS transcription factors. Wikidata
Uptake of 68gallium in atherosclerotic plaques in LDLR-/-ApoB100/100 mice. Wikidata
Uptake of inflammatory cell marker [11C]PK11195 into mouse atherosclerotic plaques. Wikidata
Vascular endothelial cell growth factor receptor 3-mediated activation of lymphatic endothelium is crucial for tumor cell entry and spread via lymphatic vessels. Wikidata
Vascular endothelial growth factor-A induces plaque expansion in ApoE knock-out mice by promoting de novo leukocyte recruitment. Wikidata
Vascular endothelial growth factor-angiopoietin chimera with improved properties for therapeutic angiogenesis. Wikidata
Vascular endothelial growth factor-B gene transfer prevents angiotensin II-induced diastolic dysfunction via proliferation and capillary dilatation in rats. Wikidata
Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor-B Induces a Distinct Electrophysiological Phenotype in Mouse Heart. Wikidata
Vascular endothelial growth factor-B induces myocardium-specific angiogenesis and arteriogenesis via vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-1- and neuropilin receptor-1-dependent mechanisms. Wikidata
Vascular endothelial growth factor-C gene therapy restores lymphatic flow across incision wounds. Wikidata
Vascular endothelial growth factors: biology and current status of clinical applications in cardiovascular medicine. Wikidata
Vascular gene transfer for the treatment of restenosis and atherosclerosis. Wikidata
Vascular oligonucleotide transfer facilitated by a polymer-coated stent. Wikidata
VEGF-A links angiogenesis and inflammation in inflammatory bowel disease pathogenesis. Wikidata
VEGF-A, VEGF-D and VEGF-D(DeltaNDeltaC) induced intimal hyperplasia in carotid arteries. Wikidata
VEGF-C and VEGF-C156S in the pro-lymphangiogenic growth factor therapy of lymphedema: a large animal study. Wikidata
VEGF-D is the strongest angiogenic and lymphangiogenic effector among VEGFs delivered into skeletal muscle via adenoviruses Wikidata
VEGF-DdeltaNdeltaC mediated angiogenesis in skeletal muscles of diabetic WHHL rabbits. Wikidata
VEGF receptor 2/-3 heterodimers detected in situ by proximity ligation on angiogenic sprouts Wikidata
VEGFR-3 controls tip to stalk conversion at vessel fusion sites by reinforcing Notch signalling. Wikidata
Viral Vectors in Gene Therapy : applications & novel production methods : practical course book National Library of the Czech Republic
Water diffusion in a rat glioma during ganciclovir-thymidine kinase gene therapy-induced programmed cell death in vivo: correlation with cell density. Wikidata
Water spin dynamics during apoptotic cell death in glioma gene therapy probed by T1rho and T2rho. Wikidata
What have we learnt about microarray analyses of atherogenesis? Wikidata
Writing the Next Chapter for the Molecular Therapy Family of Journals Wikidata

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