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5-year old Jack and 13-year old Bitsey are regular workers on their father's farm. Worming and suckering now. Bitsey goes to Wallonia School in Div. 1, Trigg Co. "He worms and he suckers. Quite a worker but he aint old enough to go to school yet." The mother said this about Jack. Father, B.F. Mitchell, Route 1, owns farm. Location: Trigg County--Gracey, Kentucky Library of Congress/NACO
All are workers in Knoxville Knitting Mills. Smallest boy "ravels," smallest girl is a steady worker. Location: Knoxville, Tennessee. Library of Congress/NACO
All in photos worked (even smallest girl and boys) and they went to work at (noon) 12:45. Some of the following boys and girls mey be 14, many are not. John Gopen, 189 Elm St. Joseph Stonge, 73 King St. Billie Welch, 178 Union St. Tim Carroll, 310 Salem St. Michael Devine, 64 South Broadway. Jacob Black, 15 Bradford Bl. Binnie Greenfield, 281 Park St. Andrew Pomeroy, 76 South Broadway. Louis Gross, 39 Myrtle St. Arthur Davois, 244 Salem St. Joseph Latham[?], 165 Willow St. Salvatore Quatirtto, 48 Union St. Sam Gangi, 82 Pleasant Valley St.These two boys were about the youngest of the boys, others nearly as young. Location: Lawrence, Massachusetts. Library of Congress/NACO
All these are workers in the Cherokee Hosiery Mill, Rome, Ga. Noon, April 10, 1913. The youngest are turners and loopers. Other Hosiery Mills around here employ children of 8 and 9 years. Some of these appear to be as young. Location: Rome, Georgia. Library of Congress/NACO
[B.F. Howell, Route 4, Bowling Green, Ky. and part of his family stripping tobacco. The 8 and 10-year old boys in photo "tie up waste"; his 12-year old boy and 14-year old girl (not in photo but they lose a good deal of schooling for work) are regular strippers. Photo taken during school hours.] Location: [Bowling Green, Kentucky] Library of Congress/NACO
Breaker boys working in Ewen Breaker of Pennsylvania Coal Co. For some of their names see labels 1927 to 1930. Location: South Pittston, Pennsylvania. Library of Congress/NACO
[c/o W.A. Daniel - Route 2 - Woodburn, Ky. Lester Daniel, [...] years old and 17-year old cousin stripping tobacco. See Kentucky report and special card.] Location: [Woodburn, Kentucky] Library of Congress/NACO
Cartoon Library of Congress/NACO
Cheney Silk Mills. Favorable working conditions. Location: [South Manchester, Connecticut] Library of Congress/NACO
Children at work German National Library National Library of France National Library of the Netherlands National Library of Australia
The children having calisthenics in the garden at La Jonchere, one of the colonies established by the Comite Franco-Americain pour la Protection des Enfants de la Frontiere, which with aid from the American Red Cross, provides a home and education for about 1500 children made destitute by the war Library of Congress/NACO
Children working under the direction of a sister in the garden of the Convent du Sacre Coeur near Paris. Before the war the sisters cared for 30 girls from poor families of the neighborhood, teaching them house work etc. to enable them to earn a living. When war came, the sisters offered half their convent for a 50 bed hospital for soldiers, taking the children into their own inadequate quarters to make room and nursing the soldiers themselves. They were unable to raise enough money to continue the work until they appealed to the AMERICAN RED CROSS which now contributes the supplies needed, clothing, sheets, etc. Library of Congress/NACO
Closing hour, Saturday noon, at Dallas Mill. Every child in photos, so far as I was able to ascertain, works in that mill. When I questioned some of the youngest boys as to their ages, they said they were 12, and then other boys said they were lying. (Which sentiment I agreed with.) Location: Huntsville, Alabama. Library of Congress/NACO
Colored School at Anthoston. Census 27, enrollment 12, attendance 7. Teacher expects 19 to be enrolled after work is over. "Tobacco keeps them out and they are short of hands." Ages of those present: 13 years = 1, 10 years = 2, 8 years = 2, 7 years = 1, 5 years = 1. Location: Henderson County, Kentucky Library of Congress/NACO
Daisy Chapman, a prize winner from Webster Springs, W. Va. She has been a 4 H Club Member for several years. Sewing is her main line now. Also one of the "Caesar Gang" from Webster Co[unty] State 4 H Club Fair. Location: Charleston, West Virginia Library of Congress/NACO
The delivery of letters from home is a great event. Giving out mail to American Red Cross chauffeurs at garage, Paris Library of Congress/NACO
Donald Mallick, ("Happy"), 203 King Street. 9 years of age, selling newspapers 5 years. Average earnings 35 cents a week. Sells from choice. Father, rivet driver, $20 weekly. "Happy" is well known character in town. When first interviewed gave story of sleeping in broken buildings and lots at night. Found out in streets at 11 P.M. at night pitching pennies and working "last paper" scheme. Flips cars and has sister who is 8 years of age who begs and sells papers. Boy very imaginative, and when last seen had a rusty 5 inch knife which he said he found and was playing with same in gutter. Edward F. Brown, Investigator. Wilmington, Del. May, 1910. Location: Wilmington, Delaware Library of Congress/NACO
Edgar Kitchen 13 yrs. old gets $3.25 a week working for the Bingham Bros. Dairy. Drives dairy wagon from 7 A.M. to noon. Works on farm in afternoon (10 hours a day) seven days a week--half day on Saturday. Thinks he will work steady this year and not go to school. See previous labels in June. Not in Div. 5 or 6. Lives in Bowling Green. Location: Bowling Green [vicinity], Kentucky Library of Congress/NACO
The Empire State Building Sudoc [ABES], France German National Library National Library of Catalonia National Library of the Netherlands
Exhibit panel Library of Congress/NACO
Fotografija 20. stoljeća - Muzej Ludwig u Koelnu National and University Library in Zagreb
Front parcels, American Red Cross, 60 Rue St. Didier, Paris Library of Congress/NACO
[Going to School. About 14-16 years. Watson School - Flint Village] Location: Fall River, Massachusetts. Library of Congress/NACO
Groups of doffers, etc., all working in the Liberty Cotton Mill, Clayton, N.C., taken at 10:00 A.M., October 29th, 1912. I saw a few very young spinners, one apparently ten years old, working, but could not get them out. Location: Clayton, North Carolina. Library of Congress/NACO
[Groups of girls workers at the gate of the American Tobacco Co., Wilmington, Delaware, noon period, May 24, 1910. Young girls obviously under 14 years of age, who work about 10 hours a day every day except Saturday. Investigator, Edward F. Brown.] Location: Wilmington, Delaware Library of Congress/NACO
Homework pictures taken in connection with investigation (see report TE-NY-39). Location: New York, New York (State) Library of Congress/NACO
The human costs of the war / by Homer Folks. - New York ; London, 1920. NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library
Interior of Magnolia (Miss.) Cotton Mills spinning room. See the little ones scattered through the mill. All work. See also other Magnolia photos and labels. Location: Magnolia, Mississippi. Library of Congress/NACO
Interpretive photography National Library of Australia
Jeanne d'Arc Dispensary, Malakoff. The Red Cross Tuberculosis Bureau gave money to build this dispensary. Work with the people is done by Sisters of St. Vincent de Paul Library of Congress/NACO
A Kentucky school. Name and data to be added later if possible. Location: Kentucky Library of Congress/NACO
[King Philip - Mule Spinning Room. Back boy - Roving. Charles Cavanagh, 863 Slade St. 15 years] Location: Fall River, Massachusetts. Library of Congress/NACO
Lemon boy. Market. Location: Boston, Massachusetts Library of Congress/NACO
Lewis Hine : en la colección de la George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography and Film National Library of Catalonia National Library of Spain
Lewis Hine : [exposición], Sala de Exposiciones de la Fundación Luis Cernuda, 10 de octubre - 28 de noviembre de 1991 National Library of Spain
Lewis Hine passionate journey ; photographs 1905 - 1937 German National Library RERO - Library Network of Western Switzerland BIBSYS National Library of the Netherlands
Lewis W. Hine National Library of France BIBSYS German National Library RERO - Library Network of Western Switzerland Sudoc [ABES], France National Library of the Netherlands National Library of Catalonia
[Mamie La Barge at her Machine. Under legal age.] Location: Winchendon, Massachusetts. Library of Congress/NACO
Men at work photographic studies of modern men and machines Sudoc [ABES], France National Library of the Netherlands National Library of France BIBSYS
[Mrs. Dora Stainers, 562 1/2 Decatur St. 39 years old. Began spinning in an Atlanta mill at 7 years, and is in this mill work for 32 years. Only 4 days of schooling in her life. Began at 20 cents a day. The most she ever made was $1.75 a day & now she is earning $1 a day when she works. She is looking for a job. Her little girl Lilie is the same age she was when she started work, but the mother says, "I ain't goin to put her to work if I can help it. I'm goin' to give her as much education as I can so she can do better than I did." Mrs. Stainers is a woman of exceptional ability considering her training. In contrast to her is formed [?] another woman (this name was withheld) who has been working in Atlanta mills for 10 yrs. She began at 10 yrs. of age, married at 12, broke down, and may never be able to work again. Her mother went to work in the cotton mill very young.] Location: [Atlanta, Georgia] Library of Congress/NACO
Mrs. Whitlaw Reid and Colonel Gibson, A.R.C., visiting Hospital #3, 4 Rue Chevereux, (Hospital for Officers). Mrs. Whitelaw Reid & Colonel Gibson ARC commissioner for France visiting wounded American officers in the garden of American military hospital No. 3, Rue de Chevreuse, Paris. This was formerly a club for American women Art students established by Mrs. Reid & was converted by the ARC into a hospital for American officers Library of Congress/NACO
Newsboys. Location: Utica, New York (State) Library of Congress/NACO
NO CAPTION Library of Congress/NACO
Noon-hour at Riverside Cotton Mills, Danville, Va. All are workers. The Supt., who posed them, said, "Be sure not to get any little dinner-toters in the photo. We have none working under fourteen." I did see some, but not many. Location: Danville, Virginia. Library of Congress/NACO
Noon hour, Holden-Leonard Co., Bennington, Vt. Some of the youngsters working there. Work was slack and the force small. Location: Bennington, Vermont. Library of Congress/NACO
Noon hour, King Mfg. Co., Augusta, Ga. See photos 500 to 509. Location: Augusta, Georgia. Library of Congress/NACO
Noon hour, May 19, 1909. Boys working in Great Falls Mfg. Co., Somersworth, N.H. Location: Somersworth, New Hampshire. Library of Congress/NACO
Noon hour. Moore Bros. Glass Co., Clayton, N.J. All are workers. Location: Clayton, New Jersey. Library of Congress/NACO
Not merely a fair weather friend, this little refugee clings to her dog through thick and thin. Driven from their home by the invaders she and her parents came to the Seminary of St. Sulpice, Paris, where all refugees are received and with aid from the American Red Cross are fed, cared for and helped on their way. She is waiting for the American Red Cross camion to take her to the station where the journey will be resumed Library of Congress/NACO
One of the pupils in the Caesar Mt. School. See Photo No. 23. Location: Pocahontas County, West Virginia Library of Congress/NACO
Part of the force at Tupelo (Miss.) Cotton Mills. All work. Smallest ones not in photo. Among youngest here are: Coleman Miller, has been working one year, cannot write name, said twelve years old but doesn't appear to be. Zamie Scott, one year working. Guy Sanders, and Luceon Kendreck. Location: Tupelo, Mississippi. Library of Congress/NACO
The personnel of the Children's Bureau of the American Red Cross in Paris Library of Congress/NACO
Photographs. Selections BIBSYS Library of Congress/NACO
Photos taken during noon hour, October 23rd, 1912, at the Loray Mills, Gastonia, N.C. They said they were working and went in to work. At night I counted over thirty children coming out when the whistle blew, and they seemed to be from ten to twelve years old. The Superintendent was much disturbed over the photos. Location: Gastonia, North Carolina. Library of Congress/NACO
[Picking strawberries on Clagett and Covington farm. They will have 500 pickers in the height of the season. Not many young workers yet.] Location: [Bowling Green vicinity, Kentucky]. Library of Congress/NACO
Poem Library of Congress/NACO
Power House Mechanic Wikidata
Quarry scenes. No children were employed. Location: Warren County--Bowling Green [vicinity], Kentucky Library of Congress/NACO
Review of Boy Scouts in front of American Red Cross headquarters, 4 Place de la Concorde, Paris. These scouts are loyal workers for the American Red Cross, being employed as messengers, office boys, etc. Library of Congress/NACO
Scenes from "The Twig of Thorn" given by a club of working girls in King Philip Settlement. Most of them are weavers. All girls. Location: Fall River, Massachusetts Library of Congress/NACO
[Series showing the day's work of Estelle and Felix Humphrey. See card reports of same. L.W. Hine] Location: [Elizabethtown vicinity, Kentucky] Library of Congress/NACO
Shaw Cotton Mills. Overseer grouped all the workers, and several of them are surely under 13, and several began work under 13 last year. Location: Weldon, North Carolina. Library of Congress/NACO
Slide labels Library of Congress/NACO
The smallest boy is a band boy, next is a doffer. The smallest girl is a spinner. Work in Cowpers' [i.e., Cowpen's?] Manufacturing Co., S.C. (See Label 2970). Location: [Cowpens], South Carolina. Library of Congress/NACO
Some of Newark's small newsboys. Afternoon. Location: Newark, New Jersey. Library of Congress/NACO
[Some of the Young Boys Working in the Robert Johnson Rand Shoe Factory, Washington, Mo. (Branch of St. Louis firm making Star shoes) On left end is Henry Detmer, who said he has been working there three years. Fred Schraneuer, right hand end, has been working there since June. I did not get photos of all the youngsters. (also 1711 to 1714.) ]. Location: Washington, Missouri. Library of Congress/NACO
Some of the youngsters working in Belton Mfg. Co., Belton S.C. Two of the youngest and J. Henderson, Kelly Street. Percy Morrison, Eugene Simper. Location: Belton, South Carolina. Library of Congress/NACO
Some samples (not all) of the children in the "Kindergarten Factory" run by the High Point and Piedmont Hosiery Mills, High Point, N.C. Every child in these photos worked; I saw them at work and I saw them go in to work at 6:30 A.M. and noons and out at 6 P.M. One morning I counted 22 of these little ones (12 years and under) going to work at about 6:15 A.M. Some of them told me their ages: 1 boy said 8 yrs. (worked when he was 7). 1 girl said 10 yrs. (apparently 7). 3 other girls said 10 yrs. 2 boys said 10 yrs. (1 got $3.00 a week). 1 boy said 11 yrs. 2 boys said 12 yrs. (1 said he makes $1. a day). (See also report.) Location: High Point, North Carolina. Library of Congress/NACO
The Sous Intendent Militaire of the Loire gives to Miss Porter, head of the Bureau of Refugees, the use of this building in Montbrison, for the Bureau, in which the refugee women make straw mats for the army and in this way maintain their independence and live under sanitary conditions Library of Congress/NACO
The Sous Prefet and other officials at Montbrison assisted by representatives of the Red Cross from St. Etienne reviewing the schoolchildren and the troops July 14th, 1918 Library of Congress/NACO
[The Swimming Hole. Group of boys - 14 to 16 years - just returned from working in tobacco at Southwick, Mass., on Galpin's farm.] Location: Westfield, Massachusetts. Library of Congress/NACO
[These subjects went to work at 6:45 A.M. and many of them came out at 6 P.M. for they "work" in this mill. New Bedford, Mass. August 24, 1911. 6:30 A.M. Richard K. Conant, Witness,]. Location: New Bedford, Massachusetts. Library of Congress/NACO
Typical Arkansas farmer, photographed as he came into Stuttgart, Arkansas, for Red Cross garden seeds Library of Congress/NACO
[Typical workers in Barker Cotton Mills where good conditions prevail. See Alabama report.] Location: [Mobile, Alabama]. Library of Congress/NACO
[Views of "The Jungle," in Ft. Collins, the section in which the beet workers live when not away working the beets. In Greeley, this segregated section is called "The Pansy Bed" (from the varied and vivid coloring of homes). In Sterling, it is called "Petersburg." Location: [Fort Collins, Colorado] Library of Congress/NACO
Views of the White Oak Cotton Mills, Greensboro, N.C., showing the beautiful location of the mill, its well-kept grounds and the good housing conditions. Location: Greensboro, North Carolina. Library of Congress/NACO
"We give them houses to live in." About 50 persons housed in this miserable row of dilapidated shacks. Located on an old shell-pile and partly surrounded by a tidal marsh. Maggioni Canning Co. Location: Port Royal, South Carolina. Library of Congress/NACO
When the whistle blows. Closing hour at the Danville (Va.) Cigarette Factory. Location: Danville, Virginia. Library of Congress/NACO
Where it happened. (See photos 3070 to 3074) Sanders Cotton Mfg. Co., Bessemer City, N.C. In this and the adjoining mill (run by the same company) there were still many dangerous unprotected gears, belts, belts running through the open floor, rough broken flooring on which the workers would likely stumble, etc. - when I went through these mills (October 23rd, 1912) over two months after the accident. Location: Bessemer City, North Carolina. Library of Congress/NACO
Where some of the newsboy's money goes. Location: Wilmington, Delaware. Library of Congress/NACO
Wilson Dry Goods Company, large department store. Employs large number of youngsters as cash-boys and wrappers. Counted seven apparently 9 to 12 years old, one 9 and other 10. Weeks work consists of nearly 65 hours, usually. Location: Jacksonville, Florida. Library of Congress/NACO
Worming and topping tobacco. W.L. Fugate rents farm. Willie, 12 years old and Ora, 10 years old will go to Schoolsville School, Clark Co., Ky., but it has not opened yet. Location: Hedges Station, Kentucky Library of Congress/NACO
Young boys working in Vermont Marble Co., Proctor, Vt. Very illiterate. Location: Proctor, Vermont. Library of Congress/NACO
[Young workers adolescence and younger in Manomet, Nonquitt and Nashawena Mills. Going to dinner and back to wrk. Noon. January 9, 1912. Richard K. Conant, witness.] Location: [New Bedford, Massachusetts]. Library of Congress/NACO

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