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Ehrenreich, Hannelore, 1955- German National Library National Library of the Netherlands

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Bedeutung endogener Opiate im Rahmen des Fortpflanzungsgeschehens German National Library National Library of the Netherlands
Endokrine Effekte von humanem Corticotropin-Releasing Faktor bei Gesunden und Diabetikern Modulation durch Opioidrezeptorblockade German National Library
Juvenile manifestation of ultrasound communication deficits in the neuroligin-4 null mutant mouse model of autism. Wikidata
Mast cells and endothelin-1: a life-saving biological liaison? Wikidata
Mechanisms of disease: inherited demyelinating neuropathies--from basic to clinical research. Wikidata
Medicine. A boost for translational neuroscience. Wikidata
Microglia ablation alleviates myelin-associated catatonic signs in mice. Wikidata
Mild expression differences of MECP2 influencing aggressive social behavior. Wikidata
Mild overexpression of Mecp2 in mice causes a higher susceptibility toward seizures. Wikidata
Modification of cognitive performance in schizophrenia by complexin 2 gene polymorphisms. Wikidata
Molecular coherent-potential approximation for zinc-blende pseudobinary alloys Wikidata
Monogenic heritable autism gene neuroligin impacts Drosophila social behaviour. Wikidata
Myelination and oligodendrocyte functions in psychiatric diseases. Wikidata
Neural correlates of improved executive function following erythropoietin treatment in mood disorders. Wikidata
Neuregulin-1/ErbB signaling serves distinct functions in myelination of the peripheral and central nervous system. Wikidata
Neuroinflammation in white matter tracts of Cnp1 mutant mice amplified by a minor brain injury. Wikidata
Neuroligin 2 deletion alters inhibitory synapse function and anxiety-associated neuronal activation in the amygdala. Wikidata
Neuroligin-3-deficient mice: model of a monogenic heritable form of autism with an olfactory deficit. Wikidata
Neuroprotection and endocytosis: erythropoietin receptors in insect nervous systems. Wikidata
Neuropsychiatric disease relevance of circulating anti-NMDA receptor autoantibodies depends on blood-brain barrier integrity. Wikidata
Non-invasive topographic analysis of intestinal activity in man on the basis of acustic phenomena Wikidata
A novel role for an established player: anemia drug erythropoietin for the treatment of cerebral hypoxia/ischemia. Wikidata
Odor naming and interpretation performance in 881 schizophrenia subjects: association with clinical parameters. Wikidata
OLITA: an alternative in the treatment of therapy-resistant chronic alcoholics Wikidata
Optical absorption and exciton linewidths ofZn1−xCdxSe quantum wells Wikidata
[Oral condition of abstaining alcoholics. A case-control study]. Wikidata
OTTO: a new strategy to extract mental disease-relevant combinations of GWAS hits from individuals. Wikidata
Persistent disturbance of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis in abstinent alcoholic men. Wikidata
Persistent macrocytosis following abstinence from chronic alcohol use. Wikidata
Personality disorder and chronicity of addiction as independent outcome predictors in alcoholism treatment. Wikidata
Perturbed Hippocampal Synaptic Inhibition and γ-Oscillations in a Neuroligin-4 Knockout Mouse Model of Autism. Wikidata
Phänotypbasierte genetische Assoziationsstudien (PGAS): Ein neuer Ansatz zum Verständnis des Genotyp-Beitrags zu schizophrenen Phänotypen Wikidata
Phenotype-Based Genetic Association Studies (PGAS)-Towards Understanding the Contribution of Common Genetic Variants to Schizophrenia Subphenotypes. Wikidata
Phenotype, intestinal morphology, and survival of homozygous and heterozygous endothelin B receptor–deficient (spotting lethal) rats Wikidata
Phonon-assisted transport in double-barrier resonant-tunneling structures Wikidata
A pilot study on the oral conditions of severely alcohol addicted persons. Wikidata
Polygenic determinants of white matter volume derived from GWAS lack reproducibility in a replicate sample. Wikidata
Potentiation of the hCRF-induced release of ACTH in man by an opioid antagonist. Wikidata
Practice effects in healthy adults: a longitudinal study on frequent repetitive cognitive testing Wikidata
Pre-embedding immunogold labeling of TUNEL stain enables evaluation of DNA strand breaks and ultrastructural alterations in individual cells of neuronal tissue. Wikidata
Prediction of the risk of comorbid alcoholism in schizophrenia by interaction of common genetic variants in the corticotropin-releasing factor system. Wikidata
Preserved vasopressin response to osmostimulation despite decreased basal vasopressin levels in long-term abstinent alcoholics. Wikidata
Prothrombin Activity and Concentration in Healthy Subjects with and without the Prothrombin G20210A Mutation Wikidata
Prothrombin in normal human cerebrospinal fluid originates from the blood. Wikidata
Pursuing functional connectivity in NMDAR1 autoantibody carriers. Wikidata
Recombinant human erythropoietin in the treatment of acute ischemic stroke. Wikidata
Recombinant human erythropoietin to target cognitive dysfunction in bipolar disorder: a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled phase 2 trial. Wikidata
Recovery of hippocampus-related functions in chronic alcoholics during monitored long-term abstinence. Wikidata
Reduced oxidative damage in ALS by high-dose enteral melatonin treatment. Wikidata
Reduced social interaction and ultrasonic communication in a mouse model of monogenic heritable autism. Wikidata
Reply: To PMID 24853231. Wikidata
Response and transit times in quantum-well structures Wikidata
Response to Letter Regarding Article, "Preexisting Serum Autoantibodies Against the NMDAR Subunit NR1 Modulate Evolution of Lesion Size in Acute Ischemic Stroke". Wikidata
Revisiting adult neurogenesis and the role of erythropoietin for neuronal and oligodendroglial differentiation in the hippocampus Wikidata
A role for prostaglandins in rapid cycling suggested by episode-specific gene expression shifts in peripheral blood mononuclear cells: a preliminary report. Wikidata
Role of the astrocytic ET(B) receptor in the regulation of extracellular endothelin-1 during hypoxia. Wikidata
Selective expression of a constitutively active erythropoietin receptor in GABAergic neurons alters hippocampal network properties without affecting cognition. Wikidata
Semi-quantitative analysis of cytokine gene expression in blood and cerebrospinal fluid cells by reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction Wikidata
Seroprevalence of autoantibodies against brain antigens in health and disease. Wikidata
Sexual dimorphism of AMBRA1-related autistic features in human and mouse. Wikidata
Simultaneous monitoring of endothelin-1 and vasopressin plasma levels in migraine Wikidata
A single gene defect causing claustrophobia Wikidata
Soccer, neurotrauma and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: is there a connection? Wikidata
The SocioBox: A Novel Paradigm to Assess Complex Social Recognition in Male Mice. Wikidata
St8sia2 deficiency plus juvenile cannabis exposure in mice synergistically affect higher cognition in adulthood. Wikidata
Stimulation by hCRF of C-peptide release in type 2 diabetics during concomitant opioid receptor blockade. Wikidata
Stretch-induced endothelin B receptor-mediated apoptosis in vascular smooth muscle cells Wikidata
Stromal endothelin B receptor-deficiency inhibits breast cancer growth and metastasis. Wikidata
The structure and usage of female and male mouse ultrasonic vocalizations reveal only minor differences. Wikidata
Substantial decrease of psychiatric comorbidity in chronic alcoholics upon integrated outpatient treatment - results of a prospective study. Wikidata
Superlatticek⋅pmodels for calculating electronic structure Wikidata
Supervised disulfiram in the treatment of alcohol use disorder: a commentary. Wikidata
Survival of hippocampal neurons in culture upon hypoxia Wikidata
Sustained elevation of vasopressin plasma levels in healthy young men, but not in abstinent alcoholics, upon expectation of novelty Wikidata
Systemic and splanchnic endothelin-1 plasma levels in liver cirrhosis before and after transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPS) Wikidata
Theory of exchange interactions and chemical trends in diluted magnetic semiconductors Wikidata
Therapeutic potential of erythropoietin and its structural or functional variants in the nervous system. Wikidata
Therapist rotation--a new element in the outpatient treatment of alcoholism. Wikidata
Thrombopoietin inhibits nerve growth factor-induced neuronal differentiation and ERK signalling Wikidata
Uncoupling of neurodegeneration and gliosis in a murine model of juvenile cortical lesion. Wikidata
Uncoupling the widespread occurrence of anti-NMDAR1 autoantibodies from neuropsychiatric disease in a novel autoimmune model. Wikidata
Valence-Band-Offset Controversy in HgTe/CdTe Superlattices: A Possible Resolution Wikidata
A vasoactive peptide, endothelin-3, is produced by and specifically binds to primary astrocytes. Wikidata
Violent aggression predicted by multiple pre-adult environmental hits Wikidata
Widespread expression of erythropoietin receptor in brain and its induction by injury. Wikidata

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