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Title Sources
Alcoholism and drug addiction ... 1977 (a.e.) National Library of Israel Library of Congress/NACO
Genome-wide association study identifies genes that may contribute to risk for developing heroin addiction. Wikidata
Glucocorticoid negative feedback in methadone-maintained former heroin addicts with ongoing cocaine dependence: dose-response to dexamethasone suppression. Wikidata
Hepatitis C virus and human immunodeficiency virus-1 co-infection in former heroin addicts in methadone maintenance treatment. Wikidata
High-throughput molecular haplotype analysis (allelic assignment) of single-nucleotide polymorphisms by fluorescent polymerase chain reaction. Wikidata
History and current status of opioid maintenance treatments: blending conference session. Wikidata
Human behavioral pharmacology, past, present, and future: symposium presented at the 50th annual meeting of the Behavioral Pharmacology Society. Wikidata
Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical (HPA) axis response and biotransformation of oral naltrexone: preliminary examination of relationship to family history of alcoholism. Wikidata
Increased AMPA GluR1 receptor subunit labeling on the plasma membrane of dendrites in the basolateral amygdala of rats self-administering morphine. Wikidata
Increased attributable risk related to a functional mu-opioid receptor gene polymorphism in association with alcohol dependence in central Sweden. Wikidata
Increased CRH mRNA levels in the rat amygdala during short-term withdrawal from chronic 'binge' cocaine. Wikidata
Increased OPRM1 DNA methylation in lymphocytes of methadone-maintained former heroin addicts. Wikidata
Individual differences in gene expression of vasopressin, D2 receptor, POMC and orexin: vulnerability to relapse to heroin-seeking in rats Wikidata
Involvement of activated brain stress responsive systems in excessive and "relapse" alcohol drinking in rodent models: implications for therapeutics. Wikidata
Involvement of Endocannabinoids in Alcohol "Binge" Drinking: Studies of Mice with Human Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase Genetic Variation and After CB1 Receptor Antagonists. Wikidata
Involvement of tissue plasminogen activator in stress responsivity during acute cocaine withdrawal in mice. Wikidata
The Kreek-McHugh-Schluger-Kellogg scale: a new, rapid method for quantifying substance abuse and its possible applications. Wikidata
LC-MS/MS quantification of salvinorin A from biological fluids. Wikidata
Limited effects of beta-endorphin compared to loperamide or fentanyl in a neuroendocrine biomarker assay in non-human primates. Wikidata
Locomotion, stereotypy, and dopamine D1 receptors after chronic "binge" cocaine in C57BL/6J and 129/J mice. Wikidata
Markers for hepatitis A, B and C in methadone maintained patients: an unexpectedly high co-infection with silent hepatitis B. Wikidata
Measuring the incentive value of escalating doses of heroin in heroin-dependent Fischer rats during acute spontaneous withdrawal. Wikidata
Medications for substance use disorders (SUD): emerging approaches. Wikidata
Methadone Medical Maintenance: An Early 21st-Century Perspective. Wikidata
Microarray studies of psychostimulant-induced changes in gene expression. Wikidata
Mouse model of the OPRM1 (A118G) polymorphism: differential heroin self-administration behavior compared with wild-type mice Wikidata
Mu-opioid receptor A118G polymorphism in healthy volunteers affects hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis adrenocorticotropic hormone stress response to metyrapone Wikidata
Mu opioid receptor and orexin/hypocretin mRNA levels in the lateral hypothalamus and striatum are enhanced by morphine withdrawal. Wikidata
Neurocognitive and neuroinflammatory correlates of PDYN and OPRK1 mRNA expression in the anterior cingulate in postmortem brain of HIV-infected subjects. Wikidata
Neuropathic and chronic pain stimuli downregulate central mu-opioid and dopaminergic transmission. Wikidata
NIDA's commitment to tackling drug abuse. Wikidata
The nociceptin/orphanin FQ receptor agonist Ro 64-6198 reduces alcohol self-administration and prevents relapse-like alcohol drinking. Wikidata
Non-medical Cannabis Self-Exposure as a Dimensional Predictor of Opioid Dependence Diagnosis: A Propensity Score Matched Analysis. Wikidata
On blending practice and research: the search for commonalities in substance abuse treatment. Wikidata
Opiate addiction and cocaine addiction: underlying molecular neurobiology and genetics. Wikidata
Opiate and cocaine addiction: from bench to clinic and back to the bench. Wikidata
Optimizing primer--probe design for fluorescent PCR. Wikidata
Overview and historical perspective of four papers presented on research related to the endogenous opioid system Wikidata
Oxycodone-induced conditioned place preference and sensitization of locomotor activity in adolescent and adult mice. Wikidata
Persistent upregulation of mu-opioid, but not adenosine, receptors in brains of long-term withdrawn escalating dose "binge" cocaine-treated rats. Wikidata
Personality as a risk factor for illicit opioid use and a protective factor for illicit opioid dependence. Wikidata
The Personality Assessment Inventory Drug Problems Scale: a validity analysis. Wikidata
The plant-derived hallucinogen, salvinorin A, produces kappa-opioid agonist-like discriminative effects in rhesus monkeys. Wikidata
Primary structure of guinea pig preprodynorphin and preproenkephalin mRNAs: multiple transcription initiation sites for preprodynorphin. Wikidata
Prodynorphin gene promoter repeat associated with cocaine/alcohol codependence. Wikidata
QT interval screening in methadone maintenance treatment: report of a SAMHSA expert panel. Wikidata
Quantification of multiple mRNA levels in rat brain regions using real time optical PCR. Wikidata
Reactivity to laboratory stress provocation predicts relapse to cocaine Wikidata
Region-specific changes in the subcellular distribution of AMPA receptor GluR1 subunit in the rat ventral tegmental area after acute or chronic morphine administration. Wikidata
Relative expression of mRNA for the somatostatin receptors in the caudate putamen of C57BL/6J and 129P3/J mice: strain and heroin effects. Wikidata
Repeated Administration of Opra Kappa (LY2456302), a Novel, Short-Acting, Selective KOP-r Antagonist, in Persons with and Without Cocaine Dependence. Wikidata
Response to corticotropin-releasing hormone infusion in cocaine-dependent individuals Wikidata
Salvinorin A, a kappa-opioid receptor agonist hallucinogen: pharmacology and potential template for novel pharmacotherapeutic agents in neuropsychiatric disorders Wikidata
Search for genetic markers and functional variants involved in the development of opiate and cocaine addiction and treatment. Wikidata
Semisynthetic neoclerodanes as kappa opioid receptor probes. Wikidata
Sex differences after chronic stress in the expression of opioid-, stress- and neuroplasticity-related genes in the rat hippocampus. Wikidata
Sex differences in responsiveness to the prescription opioid oxycodone in mice. Wikidata
The single nucleotide polymorphism A118G alters functional properties of the human mu opioid receptor. Wikidata
Something of value: the introduction of contingency management interventions into the New York City Health and Hospital Addiction Treatment Service. Wikidata
Steady-dose and escalating-dose "binge" administration of cocaine alter expression of behavioral stereotypy and striatal preprodynorphin mRNA levels in rats. Wikidata
Strain and cocaine-induced differential opioid gene expression may predispose Lewis but not Fischer rats to escalate cocaine self-administration. Wikidata
Stress, dysregulation of drug reward pathways, and the transition to drug dependence Wikidata
Stress responsivity, addiction, and a functional variant of the human mu-opioid receptor gene. Wikidata
Structurally-Related Kappa Opioid Receptor Agonists with Substantial Differential Signaling Bias: Neuroendocrine and Behavioral Effects in C57BL6 Mice. Wikidata
Suppressed prolactin response to dynorphin A1-13 in methadone-maintained versus control subjects. Wikidata
Suppression of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis by acute heroin challenge in rats during acute and chronic withdrawal from chronic heroin administration. Wikidata
Susceptibility loci for heroin and cocaine addiction in the serotonergic and adrenergic pathways in populations of different ancestry Wikidata
Synaptic Plasticity and Signal Transduction Gene Polymorphisms and Vulnerability to Drug Addictions in Populations of European or African Ancestry. Wikidata
Tissue plasminogen activator modulates the cellular and behavioral response to cocaine. Wikidata
Tissue-specific DNA methylation of the human prodynorphin gene in post-mortem brain tissues and PBMCs. Wikidata
Tolerance and sensitization to chronic escalating dose heroin following extended withdrawal in Fischer rats: possible role of mu-opioid receptors. Wikidata
Topical capsaicin-induced allodynia in unanesthetized primates: pharmacological modulation. Wikidata
TPH2 and TPH1: association of variants and interactions with heroin addiction. Wikidata
Treatment-like steady-state methadone in rats interferes with incubation of cocaine sensitization and associated alterations in gene expression. Wikidata
Unconditioned behavioral effects of the powerful kappa-opioid hallucinogen salvinorin A in nonhuman primates: fast onset and entry into cerebrospinal fluid Wikidata
The use of levo-alpha-acetylmethadol (LAAM) in methadone patients who have not achieved heroin abstinence. Wikidata
V1b Receptor Antagonist SSR149415 and Naltrexone Synergistically Decrease Excessive Alcohol Drinking in Male and Female Mice. Wikidata
Variants of opioid system genes are associated with non-dependent opioid use and heroin dependence. Wikidata
Voluntary alcohol drinking enhances proopiomelanocortin gene expression in nucleus accumbens shell and hypothalamus of Sardinian alcohol-preferring rats. Wikidata
κ-opioid receptor/dynorphin system: genetic and pharmacotherapeutic implications for addiction Wikidata

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