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Philippa Marrack United States-based English biologist and immunologist Wikidata

Marrack, P. (Philippa) Library of Congress/NACO

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28, 2000: Library of Congress/NACO
Alternate interactions define the binding of peptides to the MHC molecule IA(b). Wikidata
N-terminal additions to the WE14 peptide of chromogranin A create strong autoantigen agonists in type 1 diabetes Wikidata
Ndfip1 protein promotes the function of itch ubiquitin ligase to prevent T cell activation and T helper 2 cell-mediated inflammation Wikidata
Negative selection imparts peptide specificity to the mature T cell repertoire. Wikidata
New insights into antigen recognition Wikidata
Nicotine Impairs Macrophage Control of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Wikidata
Non-malignant clonal expansions of CD8+ memory T cells in aged individuals. Wikidata
Not all CD4+ memory T cells are long lived. Wikidata
Obituary: Jean Dausset. Wikidata
Observation of Antigen-Dependent CD8+ T-Cell/ Dendritic Cell Interactions in Vivo Wikidata
Old and new adjuvants. Wikidata
The open reading frames in the 3' long terminal repeats of several mouse mammary tumor virus integrants encode V beta 3-specific superantigens. Wikidata
Peptide sequences of T-cell receptor δ and γ chains are identical to predicted X and γ proteins Wikidata
Phosphorylation of Bax Ser184 by Akt regulates its activity and apoptosis in neutrophils. Wikidata
Presidential Address to The American Association of Immunologists: Major Histocompatibility Complex Proteins and TCRs: Do They Really Go Together Like a Horse and Carriage? Wikidata
Primary structure of human T-cell receptor alpha-chain Wikidata
Production and Characterization of T Cell Hybridomas Wikidata
Promotion of B cell immune responses via an alum-induced myeloid cell population. Wikidata
Properties of Antigen-Specific H-2 Restricted T Cell Hybridomas Wikidata
RANTES Production by Memory Phenotype T Cells Is Controlled by a Posttranscriptional, TCR-Dependent Process Wikidata
Reactivity of V beta 17a+ CD8+ T cell hybrids. Analysis using a new CD8+ T cell fusion partner Wikidata
Recognition of self and altered self by T cells in autoimmunity and allergy. Wikidata
Regulatory T cells modulate granulomatous inflammation in an HLA-DP2 transgenic murine model of beryllium-induced disease Wikidata
Residues of the variable region of the T-cell-receptor β-chain that interact with S. aureus toxin superantigens Wikidata
The role of the T-cell receptor in thymocyte maturation: effects in vivo of anti-receptor antibody Wikidata
Role of γ-interferon in antibody-producing responses Wikidata
Selection of antigen-specific T cells by a single IEk peptide combination Wikidata
Selective expansion of T cells expressing V beta 2 in toxic shock syndrome. Wikidata
Sexual dimorphism in autoimmunity Wikidata
The somatically generated portion of T cell receptor CDR3α contributes to the MHC allele specificity of the T cell receptor. Wikidata
Specific Recognition of Arginine Methylated Histone Tails by JMJD5 and JMJD7. Wikidata
Specificity and detection of insulin-reactive CD4+ T cells in type 1 diabetes in the nonobese diabetic (NOD) mouse. Wikidata
The Staphylococcal Enterotoxins and Their Relatives Wikidata
Structural Basis of Chronic Beryllium Disease: Linking Allergic Hypersensitivity and Autoimmunity Wikidata
Structural Basis of Cytochrome c Presentation by IE k Wikidata
The structure of a Bcl-xL/Bim fragment complex: implications for Bim function Wikidata
The structure of HLA-DR52c: Comparison to other HLA-DRB3 alleles Wikidata
The structure of V alpha and J alpha segments in the mouse Wikidata
Structures of an MHC class II molecule with covalently bound single peptides Wikidata
Superantigens and Their Potential Role in Human Disease Wikidata
Superovulation and recovery of zygotes from Nubian and Alpine dairy goats Wikidata
Surprisingly uneven distribution of the T cell receptor V beta repertoire in wild mice. Wikidata
Synchronized rearrangement of T-cell gamma and beta chain genes in fetal thymocyte development Wikidata
T-bet expressing B cells - Novel target for autoimmune therapies? Wikidata
T-box transcription factor T-bet, a key player in a unique type of B-cell activation essential for effective viral clearance. Wikidata
The T-cell accessory molecule CD4 recognizes a monomorphic determinant on isolated Ia. Wikidata
T cell apoptosis and reactive oxygen species. Wikidata
T cell positive selection by a high density, low affinity ligand Wikidata
T Cell Production of IFNγ in Response to TLR7/IL-12 Stimulates Optimal B Cell Responses to Viruses. Wikidata
T cell receptor CDR2 beta and CDR3 beta loops collaborate functionally to shape the iNKT cell repertoire Wikidata
T-cell receptor (TCR) interaction with peptides that mimic nickel offers insight into nickel contact allergy Wikidata
T cell receptors for responses to Mls determinants and allo-H-2 determinants appear to be encoded on different chromosomes Wikidata
The T-cell repertoire is heavily influenced by tolerance to polymorphic self-antigens Wikidata
T-cell survival Wikidata
T cell tolerance by clonal elimination in the thymus Wikidata
T cells and how to keep a good thing going, 1998: Library of Congress/NACO
T cells and their eons-old obsession with MHC Wikidata
T Cells Can Be Activated by Peptides That Are Unrelated in Sequence to Their Selecting Peptide Wikidata
T cells compete for access to antigen-bearing antigen-presenting cells. Wikidata
T cells down-modulate peptide-MHC complexes on APCs in vivo. Wikidata
T cells expressing variable elements of T-cell receptor beta 8 and beta 2 chain regulate murine IgE production. Wikidata
T-cells with different functions have different sensitivities to antigen Wikidata
TCR-MHC/peptide interactions: kissing-cousins or a shotgun wedding? Wikidata
Terminating the immune response Wikidata
Through the Glass Lightly Wikidata
Thymic selection stifles TCR reactivity with the main chain structure of MHC and forces interactions with the peptide side chains. Wikidata
Thymocytes can become mature T cells without passing through the CD4+ CD8+, double-positive stage. Wikidata
Tissue-Specific Expression of Self Peptides Bound by Major Histocompatibility Complex Class II Molecules Wikidata
TLR7 drives accumulation of ABCs and autoantibody production in autoimmune-prone mice. Wikidata
TLR7, IFNγ, and T-bet: their roles in the development of ABCs in female-biased autoimmunity. Wikidata
Tolerance induction in memory CD4 T cells requires two rounds of antigen-specific activation. Wikidata
Toll-like receptor 7 (TLR7)-driven accumulation of a novel CD11c⁺ B-cell population is important for the development of autoimmunity Wikidata
Towards an understanding of the adjuvant action of aluminium. Wikidata
The toxicity of staphylococcal enterotoxin B in mice is mediated by T cells. Wikidata
Transcytosis of staphylococcal superantigen toxins. Wikidata
Transgenic Bcl-3 slows T cell proliferation. Wikidata
Type I interferons keep activated T cells alive. Wikidata
Use of baculovirus MHC/peptide display libraries to characterize T-cell receptor ligands. Wikidata
The use of mammary tumor virus (Mtv)-negative and single-Mtv mice to evaluate the effects of endogenous viral superantigens on the T cell repertoire. Wikidata
Use of soluble peptide-DR4 tetramers to detect synovial T cells specific for cartilage antigens in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Wikidata
Using a baculovirus display library to identify MHC class I mimotopes. Wikidata
Utility of Mouse Models in Vaccine Design and Development Wikidata
Vaccine adjuvants aluminum and monophosphoryl lipid A provide distinct signals to generate protective cytotoxic memory CD8 T cells. Wikidata
Yeast surface display of a noncovalent MHC class II heterodimer complexed with antigenic peptide. Wikidata

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