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Differential Regulation of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) Synthesis in Neurons and Astrocytes by Glucocorticoid Hormones. Wikidata
Distinct effects of perinatal exposure to fluoxetine or methylmercury on parvalbumin and perineuronal nets, the markers of critical periods in brain development. Wikidata
The distribution of histidine decarboxylase mRNA in the rat brain: an in situ hybridization study using synthetic oligonucleotide probes. Wikidata
Diurnal rhythm of melatonin binding in the rat suprachiasmatic nucleus. Wikidata
Dysregulation of TrkB Receptors and BDNF Function by Amyloid-β Peptide is Mediated by Calpain. Wikidata
The effects of acute and long-term lithium treatments on trkB neurotrophin receptor activation in the mouse hippocampus and anterior cingulate cortex. Wikidata
Effects of antidepressant drug imipramine on gene expression in rat prefrontal cortex. Wikidata
Effects of maternal smoking and exposure to methylmercury on brain-derived neurotrophic factor concentrations in umbilical cord serum. Wikidata
Effects of PSA Removal from NCAM on the Critical Period Plasticity Triggered by the Antidepressant Fluoxetine in the Visual Cortex. Wikidata
Enhanced BDNF signaling is associated with an antidepressant-like behavioral response and changes in brain monoamines. Wikidata
Epigenetic modifications induced by early enrichment are associated with changes in timing of induction of BDNF expression. Wikidata
Evidence for Competition for Target Innervation in the Medial Prefrontal Cortex. Wikidata
Exacerbated status epilepticus and acute cell loss, but no changes in epileptogenesis, in mice with increased brain-derived neurotrophic factor signaling. Wikidata
Excitatory actions of NMDA receptor antagonists in rat entorhinal cortex and cultured entorhinal cortical neurons. Wikidata
Expression of c-Met in developing rat hippocampus: evidence for HGF as a neurotrophic factor for calbindin D-expressing neurons. Wikidata
Expression of histidine decarboxylase and cellular histamine-like immunoreactivity in rat embryogenesis. Wikidata
Expression of the naturally occurring truncated trkB neurotrophin receptor induces outgrowth of filopodia and processes in neuroblastoma cells. Wikidata
Expression profiling to understand actions of NMDA/glutamate receptor antagonists in rat brain. Wikidata
Fear erasure in mice requires synergy between antidepressant drugs and extinction training. Wikidata
A functional genomic study of the effects of antipsychotic agent chlorpromazine in PC12 cells. Wikidata
Functional interaction of DYX1C1 with estrogen receptors suggests involvement of hormonal pathways in dyslexia Wikidata
GDNF is not required for catecholaminergic neuron survival in vivo Wikidata
Gene expression patterns underlying the reinstatement of plasticity in the adult visual system. Wikidata
Genetic analysis of BDNF and TrkB gene polymorphisms in Alzheimer's disease. Wikidata
The Impact of Aerobic Exercise on Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor and Neurocognition in Individuals With Schizophrenia: A Single-Blind, Randomized Clinical Trial Wikidata
The impact of Bdnf gene deficiency to the memory impairment and brain pathology of APPswe/PS1dE9 mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. Wikidata
Impaired TrkB receptor signaling contributes to memory impairment in APP/PS1 mice. Wikidata
Increased expression of neuronal Src and tyrosine phosphorylation of NMDA receptors in rat brain after systemic treatment with MK-801. Wikidata
Increased expression of the dyslexia candidate gene DCDC2 affects length and signaling of primary cilia in neurons Wikidata
The induction of LTP increases BDNF and NGF mRNA but decreases NT-3 mRNA in the dentate gyrus. Wikidata
[ Is Parkinson's disease due to deficiency of dopamine?]. Wikidata
Isoflurane produces antidepressant effects and induces TrkB signaling in rodents. Wikidata
Kainic acid-induced changes in histamine-immunoreactive nerve fibers in the rat brain. Wikidata
Lack of vasopressin increases hypothalamic atrial natriuretic peptide binding sites. Wikidata
Long-lasting behavioural and molecular alterations induced by early postnatal fluoxetine exposure are restored by chronic fluoxetine treatment in adult mice. Wikidata
Long-term adeno-associated viral vector-mediated expression of truncated TrkB in the adult rat facial nucleus results in motor neuron degeneration. Wikidata
Longitudinal two-photon imaging in somatosensory cortex of behaving mice reveals dendritic spine formation enhancement by subchronic administration of low-dose ketamine. Wikidata
The loop diuretic bumetanide blocks posttraumatic p75NTR upregulation and rescues injured neurons. Wikidata
Mapping of the interaction site between sortilin and the p75 neurotrophin receptor reveals a regulatory role for the sortilin intracellular domain in p75 neurotrophin receptor shedding and apoptosis Wikidata
Mice with altered BDNF signaling as models for mood disorders and antidepressant effects. Wikidata
[The mystery of neurotrophic factor receptor is being solved] Wikidata
NCAM-deficient mice show prominent abnormalities in serotonergic and BDNF systems in brain - Restoration by chronic amitriptyline. Wikidata
[Neural plasticity and recovery from depression]. Wikidata
Neurochemical Phenotype of Reelin Immunoreactive Cells in the Piriform Cortex Layer II Wikidata
Neuronal plasticity and neurotrophic factors in drug responses. Wikidata
The neuroprotective agent memantine induces brain-derived neurotrophic factor and trkB receptor expression in rat brain. Wikidata
Neurotrophin-3 induced by tri-iodothyronine in cerebellar granule cells promotes Purkinje cell differentiation Wikidata
Neurotrophin-4 mediated TrkB activation reinforces morphine-induced analgesia. Wikidata
Neurotrophins and dementia--keeping in touch. Wikidata
Neurotrophins and psychiatric disorders. Wikidata
Neurotrophins as mediators of drug effects on mood, addiction, and neuroprotection. Wikidata
NMDA-sensitive [3H]glutamate binding in the epileptic rat hippocampus: an autoradiographic study. Wikidata
Phosphoproteomic analysis of neurotrophin receptor TrkB signaling pathways in mouse brain. Wikidata
Physiology, pathology and relatedness of human tissues from gene expression meta-analysis. Wikidata
The regulation of angiotensin II and atrial natriuretic peptide receptors ... 1989: Library of Congress/NACO Wikidata
Regulation of brain-derived neurotrophic factor mRNA levels in hippocampus by neuronal activity. Wikidata
The role of BDNF and its receptors in depression and antidepressant drug action: Reactivation of developmental plasticity. Wikidata
Role of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in the aetiology of depression: implications for pharmacological treatment. Wikidata
Sleep homeostasis and depression: studies with the rat clomipramine model of depression. Wikidata
Slitrk5 Mediates BDNF-Dependent TrkB Receptor Trafficking and Signaling. Wikidata
Specific angiotensin II binding sites in the rat stellate and superior cervical ganglia. Wikidata
Sustained brain-derived neurotrophic factor up-regulation and sensorimotor gating abnormality induced by postnatal exposure to phencyclidine: comparison with adult treatment. Wikidata
Synexpression analysis of ESTs in the rat brain reveals distinct patterns and potential drug targets. Wikidata
Transforming growth factor-beta 1 in the rat brain: increase after injury and inhibition of astrocyte proliferation. Wikidata
Transgenic mice overexpressing the full-length neurotrophin receptor trkB exhibit increased activation of the trkB-PLCgamma pathway, reduced anxiety, and facilitated learning. Wikidata
Transgenic mice overexpressing truncated trkB neurotrophin receptors in neurons have impaired long-term spatial memory but normal hippocampal LTP. Wikidata
TrkB overexpression in mice buffers against memory deficits and depression-like behavior but not all anxiety- and stress-related symptoms induced by developmental exposure to methylmercury Wikidata
trkB-receptor activation contributes to the kainate-induced increase in BDNF mRNA synthesis. Wikidata
Trophic effects of selegiline on cultured dopaminergic neurons. Wikidata
Truncated trkB.T1 is dominant negative inhibitor of trkB.TK+-mediated cell survival. Wikidata
Trustworthiness and metrics in visualizing similarity of gene expression Wikidata
Uncompetitive antagonists of the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors alter the mRNA expression of proteins associated with the NMDA receptor complex. Wikidata
Utilization of in situ ELISA method for examining Trk receptor phosphorylation in cultured cells. Wikidata
[What's new in neuropharmacology?] Wikidata

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