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Apoplastic reactive oxygen species transiently decrease auxin signaling and cause stress-induced morphogenic response in Arabidopsis. Wikidata
Arabidopsis GRI is involved in the regulation of cell death induced by extracellular ROS Wikidata
The Arabidopsis thaliana cysteine-rich receptor-like kinases CRK6 and CRK7 protect against apoplastic oxidative stress. Wikidata
Axillary buds are dwarfed shoots that tightly regulate GA pathway and GA-inducible 1,3-β-glucanase genes during branching in hybrid aspen. Wikidata
Biotekniikan riskit, 1999: Library of Congress/NACO
CENL1 expression in the rib meristem affects stem elongation and the transition to dormancy in Populus. Wikidata
Changes in hydrogen peroxide homeostasis trigger an active cell death process in tobacco. Wikidata
Comparative study of transcriptional and physiological responses to salinity stress in two contrasting Populus alba L. genotypes. Wikidata
Detecting early signs of heat and drought stress in Phoenix dactylifera (date palm). Wikidata
Differential effects of elevated ozone on two hybrid aspen genotypes predisposed to chronic ozone fumigation. Role of ethylene and salicylic acid. Wikidata
A Dominant Mutation in the HT1 Kinase Uncovers Roles of MAP Kinases and GHR1 in CO2-Induced Stomatal Closure. Wikidata
Ethylene insensitivity modulates ozone-induced cell death in birch. Wikidata
Ethylene is an endogenous stimulator of cell division in the cambial meristem of Populus. Wikidata
Ethylene signaling via Ethylene Response Factors (ERFs) modifies wood development in hybrid aspen. Wikidata
Expression of senescence-associated genes in the leaves of silver birch (Betula pendula). Wikidata
Genome sequencing and population genomic analyses provide insights into the adaptive landscape of silver birch. Wikidata
A genome-wide screen for ethylene-induced ethylene response factors Wikidata
Gradual soil water depletion results in reversible changes of gene expression, protein profiles, ecophysiology, and growth performance in Populus euphratica, a poplar growing in arid regions. Wikidata
GRIM REAPER peptide binds to receptor kinase PRK5 to trigger cell death in Arabidopsis Wikidata
Hydrogen peroxide activates cell death and defense gene expression in birch. Wikidata
The IDA-LIKE peptides IDL6 and IDL7 are negative modulators of stress responses in Arabidopsis thaliana. Wikidata
Isolation and characterization of cDNA for a plant mitochondrial phosphate translocator (Mpt1): ozone stress induces Mpt1 mRNA accumulation in birch (Betula pendula Roth). Wikidata
The jasmonate-insensitive mutant jin1 shows increased resistance to biotrophic as well as necrotrophic pathogens. Wikidata
Lack of GLYCOLATE OXIDASE1, but Not GLYCOLATE OXIDASE2, Attenuates the Photorespiratory Phenotype of CATALASE2-Deficient Arabidopsis. Wikidata
Linking the salt transcriptome with physiological responses of a salt-resistant Populus species as a strategy to identify genes important for stress acclimation. Wikidata
Long and short photoperiod buds in hybrid aspen share structural development and expression patterns of marker genes Wikidata
Low antioxidant concentrations impact on multiple signalling pathways in Arabidopsis thaliana partly through NPR1. Wikidata
The membrane-bound NAC transcription factor ANAC013 functions in mitochondrial retrograde regulation of the oxidative stress response in Arabidopsis. Wikidata
Molecular characterization of PeNhaD1: the first member of the NhaD Na+/H+ antiporter family of plant origin. Wikidata
Mutations in the SLAC1 anion channel slow stomatal opening and severely reduce K+ uptake channel activity via enhanced cytosolic [Ca2+] and increased Ca2+ sensitivity of K+ uptake channels. Wikidata
Natural Variation in Arabidopsis Cvi-0 Accession Reveals an Important Role of MPK12 in Guard Cell CO2 Signaling. Wikidata
Natural variation in ozone sensitivity among Arabidopsis thaliana accessions and its relation to stomatal conductance. Wikidata
Non-cell-autonomous postmortem lignification of tracheary elements in Zinnia elegans. Wikidata
Ozone and nitric oxide interaction in Arabidopsis thaliana: a role for ethylene? Wikidata
Ozone-induced programmed cell death in the Arabidopsis radical-induced cell death1 mutant. Wikidata
Plant signalling in acute ozone exposure. Wikidata
Populus euphratica displays apoplastic sodium accumulation, osmotic adjustment by decreases in calcium and soluble carbohydrates, and develops leaf succulence under salt stress. Wikidata
Reactive oxygen species and hormonal control of cell death. Wikidata
Reactive Oxygen Species in the Regulation of Stomatal Movements. Wikidata
Reconstitution of abscisic acid activation of SLAC1 anion channel by CPK6 and OST1 kinases and branched ABI1 PP2C phosphatase action. Wikidata
The Role of ROS in the Integration of Temperature and Light Signals. Wikidata
ROS signaling loops - production, perception, regulation. Wikidata
ROS signalling in a destabilised world: A molecular understanding of climate change. Wikidata
ROS-talk - how the apoplast, the chloroplast, and the nucleus get the message through Wikidata
The RST and PARP-like domain containing SRO protein family: analysis of protein structure, function and conservation in land plants. Wikidata
Short-day potentiation of low temperature-induced gene expression of a C-repeat-binding factor-controlled gene during cold acclimation in silver birch. Wikidata
Specificity in ROS signaling and transcript signatures. Wikidata
Spreading the news: subcellular and organellar reactive oxygen species production and signalling. Wikidata
Stress hormone-independent activation and nuclear translocation of mitogen-activated protein kinases in Arabidopsis thaliana during ozone exposure. Wikidata
Targeted retrieval of gene expression measurements using regulatory models. Wikidata
thaliana RCD1 RST. Wikidata
The transcription factor interacting protein RCD1 contains a novel conserved domain. Wikidata
Transcriptomics and functional genomics of ROS-induced cell death regulation by RADICAL-INDUCED CELL DEATH1. Wikidata
Transitions in the functioning of the shoot apical meristem in birch (Betula pendula) involve ethylene. Wikidata
Unequally redundant RCD1 and SRO1 mediate stress and developmental responses and interact with transcription factors. Wikidata

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