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High-throughput transcriptomic and RNAi analysis identifies AIM1, ERGIC1, TMED3 and TPX2 as potential drug targets in prostate cancer Wikidata
Hormone therapy failure in human prostate cancer: analysis by complementary DNA and tissue microarrays. Wikidata
HOX gene expression predicts response to BCL-2 inhibition in acute myeloid leukemia. Wikidata
Human Protein Atlas charts a diverse terrain Wikidata
Idelalisib sensitivity and mechanisms of disease progression in relapsed TCF3-PBX1 acute lymphoblastic leukemia Wikidata
Identification of fusion genes in breast cancer by paired-end RNA-sequencing. Wikidata
Identification of microRNAs inhibiting TGF-β-induced IL-11 production in bone metastatic breast cancer cells. Wikidata
Identification of miR-193b targets in breast cancer cells and systems biological analysis of their functional impact Wikidata
Identification of target genes in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma by high-resolution copy number and gene expression microarray analyses. Wikidata
Immune cell contexture in the bone marrow tumor microenvironment impacts therapy response in CML Wikidata
Immunoelectron-microscopic localization of a proliferation-associated antigen Ki-67 in MCF-7 cells. Wikidata
The impact of low-frequency and rare variants on lipid levels. Wikidata
Impact of normalization methods on high-throughput screening data with high hit rates and drug testing with dose-response data. Wikidata
Improved prognostic impact of S-phase values from paraffin-embedded breast and prostate carcinomas after correcting for nuclear slicing. Wikidata
Individualized systems medicine strategy to tailor treatments for patients with chemorefractory acute myeloid leukemia. Wikidata
Inferring tree models for oncogenesis from comparative genome hybridization data. Wikidata
Inhibition of the mitochondrial pyrimidine biosynthesis enzyme dihydroorotate dehydrogenase by doxorubicin and brequinar sensitizes cancer cells to TRAIL-induced apoptosis. Wikidata
An integrated genomic approach identifies ARID1A as a candidate tumor-suppressor gene in breast cancer. Wikidata
Integration of metabolomics and expression of glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase (GPAM) in breast cancer-link to patient survival, hormone receptor status, and metabolic profiling. Wikidata
Integrative and personalized QSAR analysis in cancer by kernelized Bayesian matrix factorization. Wikidata
Integrative functional genomics analysis of sustained polyploidy phenotypes in breast cancer cells identifies an oncogenic profile for GINS2 Wikidata
Integrative genomic, transcriptomic, and RNAi analysis indicates a potential oncogenic role for FAM110B in castration-resistant prostate cancer. Wikidata
Integrin trafficking regulated by Rab21 is necessary for cytokinesis. Wikidata
Interaction with ErbB4 promotes hypoxia-inducible factor-1α signaling. Wikidata
Interactions between Notch- and hypoxia-induced transcriptomes in embryonic stem cells Wikidata
International network of cancer genome projects. Wikidata
Intrinsic resistance to PIM kinase inhibition in AML through p38α-mediated feedback activation of mTOR signaling Wikidata
ITGB1-dependent upregulation of Caveolin-1 switches TGFβ signalling from tumour-suppressive to oncogenic in prostate cancer. Wikidata
Lysophosphatidic acid and sphingosine-1-phosphate promote morphogenesis and block invasion of prostate cancer cells in three-dimensional organotypic models. Wikidata
A major locus for hereditary prostate cancer in Finland: localization by linkage disequilibrium of a haplotype in the HPCX region. Wikidata
Mammary-derived growth inhibitor alters traffic of EGFR and induces a novel form of cetuximab resistance. Wikidata
Medicine: Profile of a tumour Wikidata
MicroRNA-135b regulates ERα, AR and HIF1AN and affects breast and prostate cancer cell growth Wikidata
The miR-15a-miR-16-1 locus is homozygously deleted in a subset of prostate cancers. Wikidata
miR-183 in prostate cancer cells positively regulates synthesis and serum levels of prostate-specific antigen. Wikidata
MiR-9, -31, and -182 deregulation promote proliferation and tumor cell survival in colon cancer. Wikidata
miRNA-mRNA integrated analysis reveals roles for miRNAs in primary breast tumors Wikidata
Monitoring therapy responses at the leukemic subclone level by ultra-deep amplicon resequencing in acute myeloid leukemia. Wikidata
Morphological spot counting from stacked images for automated analysis of gene copy numbers by fluorescence in situ hybridization. Wikidata
Nationwide cancer family ascertainment using Finnish Cancer Registry data on family names and places of birth for 35,761 prostate cancer patients. Wikidata
A new look towards BAC-based array CGH through a comprehensive comparison with oligo-based array CGH. Wikidata
New paraoxonase 1 polymorphism I102V and the risk of prostate cancer in Finnish men. Wikidata
NMD microarray analysis for rapid genome-wide screen of mutated genes in cancer. Wikidata
Non-canonical Notch signaling activates IL-6/JAK/STAT signaling in breast tumor cells and is controlled by p53 and IKKα/IKKβ. Wikidata
Nonsense-mediated decay microarray analysis identifies mutations of EPHB2 in human prostate cancer. Wikidata
Novel activating STAT5B mutations as putative drivers of T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia Wikidata
Novel drug candidates for blast phase chronic myeloid leukemia from high-throughput drug sensitivity and resistance testing. Wikidata
A novel strategy for microarray quality control using Bayesian networks. Wikidata
Novel theranostic opportunities offered by characterization of altered membrane lipid metabolism in breast cancer progression. Wikidata
A novel transcript, VNN1-AB, as a biomarker for colorectal cancer. Wikidata
Nuclear DNA content of non-endemic Burkitt's lymphoma. Wikidata
On the organization of bioinformatics core services in biology-based research institutes Wikidata
Oncogenic Herpesvirus Utilizes Stress-Induced Cell Cycle Checkpoints for Efficient Lytic Replication Wikidata
Phospholipase PLA2G7, associated with aggressive prostate cancer, promotes prostate cancer cell migration and invasion and is inhibited by statins. Wikidata
Plasminogen activator urokinase expression reveals TRAIL responsiveness and supports fractional survival of cancer cells. Wikidata
Plasticity of blood- and lymphatic endothelial cells and marker identification Wikidata
Primary invasive and in situ vaginal carcinoma. Flow cytometric analysis of DNA aneuploidy and cell proliferation from archival paraffin-embedded tissue. Wikidata
Primary undifferentiated small cell carcinoma of the esophagus: clinicopathological and flow cytometric evaluation of eight cases. Wikidata
Profiling Genetic Variation along the Androgen Biosynthesis and Metabolism Pathways Implicates Several Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms and Their Combinations as Prostate Cancer Risk Factors Wikidata
Prognostic impact of ANX7-GTPase in metastatic and HER2-negative breast cancer patients. Wikidata
ProteomeBinders: planning a European resource of affinity reagents for analysis of the human proteome Wikidata
Quantitative scoring of differential drug sensitivity for individually optimized anticancer therapies. Wikidata
Reanalysis of RNA-sequencing data reveals several additional fusion genes with multiple isoforms. Wikidata
Relevance Rank Platform (RRP) for Functional Filtering of High Content Protein-Protein Interaction Data. Wikidata
RNAi microarray analysis in cultured mammalian cells. Wikidata
Role of ErbB4 in breast cancer. Wikidata
Salinomycin inhibits prostate cancer growth and migration via induction of oxidative stress. Wikidata
Serum CA 15-3 assay in the diagnosis and follow-up of breast cancer Wikidata
SHARPIN is an endogenous inhibitor of β1-integrin activation Wikidata
Simulation Toolbox for 3D-FISH Spot-Counting Algorithms Wikidata
Somatic deletions in hereditary breast cancers implicate 13q21 as a putative novel breast cancer susceptibility locus. Wikidata
Somatic STAT3 mutations in large granular lymphocytic leukemia Wikidata
Systematic analysis of microRNAs targeting the androgen receptor in prostate cancer cells. Wikidata
Systematic bioinformatic analysis of expression levels of 17,330 human genes across 9,783 samples from 175 types of healthy and pathological tissues Wikidata
Systematic drug screening reveals specific vulnerabilities and co-resistance patterns in endocrine-resistant breast cancer Wikidata
Systematic drug sensitivity testing reveals synergistic growth inhibition by dasatinib or mTOR inhibitors with paclitaxel in ovarian granulosa cell tumor cells. Wikidata
Systematic knockdown of epigenetic enzymes identifies a novel histone demethylase PHF8 overexpressed in prostate cancer with an impact on cell proliferation, migration and invasion Wikidata
Systemic analysis of gene expression profiles identifies ErbB3 as a potential drug target in pediatric alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma Wikidata
Systems pathology by multiplexed immunohistochemistry and whole-slide digital image analysis. Wikidata
Thymidylate synthase expression predicts the response to 5-fluorouracil-based adjuvant therapy in pancreatic cancer. Wikidata
Tissue microarray technology for genome-scale transitional cancer research, 1999: Library of Congress/NACO
Tissue microarray technology for high-throughput molecular profiling of cancer. Wikidata
Tissue microarrays: what will they bring to molecular and anatomic pathology? Wikidata
TMPRSS2 fusions with oncogenic ETS factors in prostate cancer involve unbalanced genomic rearrangements and are associated with HDAC1 and epigenetic reprogramming. Wikidata
The transcription factor Sox11 is a prognostic factor for improved recurrence-free survival in epithelial ovarian cancer. Wikidata
Transcriptome teleonomy and scavenger lipidomics of albumin and alpha 1-acid glycoproteins: contextual genome-wide ontology enrichment as evidence for the epigenetic code? Wikidata
Tumour DNA ploidy as an independent prognostic factor in breast cancer. Wikidata
Use of cancer-specific genomic rearrangements to quantify disease burden in plasma from patients with solid tumors. Wikidata
The weibull distribution based normalization method for affymetrix gene expression microarray data Wikidata

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