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Amon, Angelika National Library of Israel Library of Congress/NACO

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Title Sources
Aneuploidy and cancer--a complicated relationship, 2017: Library of Congress/NACO
Aneuploidy-induced cellular stresses limit autophagic degradation. Wikidata
The aneuploidy paradox: costs and benefits of an incorrect karyotype. Wikidata
Aneuploidy triggers a TFEB-mediated lysosomal stress response. Wikidata
Angelika Amon: conquering the divide. Interview by Ben Short. Wikidata
APC/C-Cdh1-mediated degradation of the Polo kinase Cdc5 promotes the return of Cdc14 into the nucleolus Wikidata
Assessment of megabase-scale somatic copy number variation using single-cell sequencing Wikidata
At the interface between signaling and executing anaphase--Cdc14 and the FEAR network. Wikidata
Budding yeast Cdc20: a target of the spindle checkpoint. Wikidata
A case for more curiosity-driven basic research. Wikidata
Causes and consequences of aneuploidy, 2008: Wikidata National Library of Israel Library of Congress/NACO
Cdc14 and condensin control the dissolution of cohesin-independent chromosome linkages at repeated DNA. Wikidata
The Cdc14 phosphatase and the FEAR network control meiotic spindle disassembly and chromosome segregation. Wikidata
Cdc15 integrates Tem1 GTPase-mediated spatial signals with Polo kinase-mediated temporal cues to activate mitotic exit. Wikidata
CDC20 and CDH1: a family of substrate-specific activators of APC-dependent proteolysis. Wikidata
Cell polarity determinants establish asymmetry in MEN signaling. Wikidata
Changes in cell morphology are coordinated with cell growth through the TORC1 pathway. Wikidata
Checking your breaks: surveillance mechanisms of meiotic recombination. Wikidata
Chromosomal instability and aneuploidy in cancer: from yeast to man Wikidata
Chromosome Mis-segregation Generates Cell-Cycle-Arrested Cells with Complex Karyotypes that Are Eliminated by the Immune System. Wikidata
Chromosome-Specific and Global Effects of Aneuploidy in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Wikidata
Closing mitosis: the functions of the Cdc14 phosphatase and its regulation. Wikidata
Control of Lte1 localization by cell polarity determinants and Cdc14. Wikidata
Control of the mitotic exit network during meiosis. Wikidata
The core centromere and Sgo1 establish a 50-kb cohesin-protected domain around centromeres during meiosis I Wikidata
Destruction of the CDC28/CLB mitotic kinase is not required for the metaphase to anaphase transition in budding yeast Wikidata
A developmentally regulated translational control pathway establishes the meiotic chromosome segregation pattern. Wikidata
Effects of age on meiosis in budding yeast. Wikidata
Effects of aneuploidy on cellular physiology and cell division in haploid yeast. Wikidata
The FK506 binding protein Fpr3 counteracts protein phosphatase 1 to maintain meiotic recombination checkpoint activity. Wikidata
Gametogenesis eliminates age-induced cellular damage and resets life span in yeast. Wikidata
Gene copy-number alterations: a cost-benefit analysis. Wikidata
A genome-wide screen identifies genes required for centromeric cohesion. Wikidata
Growth and division--not a one-way road. Wikidata
Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (3rd edition) Wikidata
Identification of aneuploidy-tolerating mutations Wikidata
Inhibition of homologous recombination by a cohesin-associated clamp complex recruited to the rDNA recombination enhancer. Wikidata
Isolation of COM1, a new gene required to complete meiotic double-strand break-induced recombination in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Wikidata
Linked for life: temporal and spatial coordination of late mitotic events. Wikidata
Lodish, Harvey - Berk, Arnold - Kaiser, Chris A. - Krieger, Monty - Bretscher, Anthony - Ploegh, Hidde - Amon, Angelika - Scott, Matthew P.: Molecular cell biology National Library of the Czech Republic
The Lrs4-Csm1 monopolin complex associates with kinetochores during anaphase and is required for accurate chromosome segregation Wikidata
LTE1 promotes exit from mitosis by multiple mechanisms. Wikidata
The many sides of CIN. Wikidata
Measurement of mass, density, and volume during the cell cycle of yeast. Wikidata
Meiosis: cell-cycle controls shuffle and deal. Wikidata
Meiosis I chromosome segregation is established through regulation of microtubule-kinetochore interactions. Wikidata
Meiosis I is established through division-specific translational control of a cyclin Wikidata
Meiosis I: when chromosomes undergo extreme makeover. Wikidata
Meiosis: Rec8 is the reason for cohesion. Wikidata
Mitotic CDKs control the metaphase-anaphase transition and trigger spindle elongation. Wikidata
Mitotic entry in the presence of DNA damage is a widespread property of aneuploidy in yeast. Wikidata
Mitotic exit regulation through distinct domains within the protein kinase Cdc15. Wikidata
The monopolin complex crosslinks kinetochore components to regulate chromosome-microtubule attachments Wikidata
More to the story. Interview by Kristie Nybo. Wikidata
The multiple roles of cohesin in meiotic chromosome morphogenesis and pairing. Wikidata
New insights into the troubles of aneuploidy Wikidata
No current evidence for widespread dosage compensation in S. cerevisiae. Wikidata
Novel response to microtubule perturbation in meiosis. Wikidata
Nutrient Control of Yeast Gametogenesis Is Mediated by TORC1, PKA and Energy Availability Wikidata
The pleiotropic deubiquitinase Ubp3 confers aneuploidy tolerance. Wikidata
Polo kinase Cdc5 is a central regulator of meiosis I. Wikidata
Polo kinase--meiotic cell cycle coordinator. Wikidata
The Polo-like kinase Cdc5 interacts with FEAR network components and Cdc14 Wikidata
The protein kinase Kin4 inhibits exit from mitosis in response to spindle position defects. Wikidata
The protein phosphatase 2A functions in the spindle position checkpoint by regulating the checkpoint kinase Kin4 Wikidata
Quantitative proteomic analysis reveals posttranslational responses to aneuploidy in yeast. Wikidata
Ras and the Rho effector Cla4 collaborate to target and anchor Lte1 at the bud cortex. Wikidata
The rate of cell growth is governed by cell cycle stage Wikidata
Rec8 phosphorylation and recombination promote the step-wise loss of cohesins in meiosis. Wikidata
Regulated Formation of an Amyloid-like Translational Repressor Governs Gametogenesis Wikidata
Regulation of B-type cyclin proteolysis by Cdc28-associated kinases in budding yeast. Wikidata
The regulation of Cdc20 proteolysis reveals a role for APC components Cdc23 and Cdc27 during S phase and early mitosis. Wikidata
Regulation of p34CDC28 tyrosine phosphorylation is not required for entry into mitosis in S. cerevisiae. Wikidata
Regulation of Spo12 phosphorylation and its essential role in the FEAR network. Wikidata
The replication fork block protein Fob1 functions as a negative regulator of the FEAR network. Wikidata
Ribosomal DNA transcription-dependent processes interfere with chromosome segregation. Wikidata
Role of Polo-like kinase CDC5 in programming meiosis I chromosome segregation. Wikidata
The role of the polo kinase Cdc5 in controlling Cdc14 localization. Wikidata
Short- and long-term effects of chromosome mis-segregation and aneuploidy. Wikidata
Shugoshin promotes sister kinetochore biorientation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Wikidata
Single cell sequencing reveals low levels of aneuploidy across mammalian tissues. Wikidata
Single-chromosome Gains Commonly Function as Tumor Suppressors. Wikidata
Spindle position is coordinated with cell-cycle progression through establishment of mitotic exit-activating and -inhibitory zones. Wikidata
Spo13 maintains centromeric cohesion and kinetochore coorientation during meiosis I. Wikidata
Spo13 regulates cohesin cleavage. Wikidata
The stress-activated mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling cascade promotes exit from mitosis Wikidata
Synchronization procedures. Wikidata
Tight coordination of protein translation and HSF1 activation supports the anabolic malignant state. Wikidata
Transcription of two long noncoding RNAs mediates mating-type control of gametogenesis in budding yeast Wikidata

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