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Seyfert, Paul 1985- German National Library

VIAF ID: 313469531 (Personal)


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Title Sources
Differential branching fraction and angular analysis of the decay B 0 → K ∗0 μ + μ − Wikidata
First Observation of the DecayBs2*(5840)0→B*+K−and Studies of ExcitedBs0Mesons Wikidata
Measurement of the CP-violating phase ϕ s in B ¯ s 0 → J / ψ π + π − decays Wikidata
Measurement of the ratio of branching fractions ℬ B c + → J / ψ K + / ℬ B c + → J / ψ π + $$ \mathrm{\mathcal{B}}\left({\mathrm{B}}_{\mathrm{c}}^{+}\to \mathrm{J}/{\uppsi \mathrm{K}}^{+}\right)/\mathrm{\mathcal{B}}\left({\mathrm{B}}_{\math Wikidata
Observation of Overlapping Spin-1 and Spin-3D¯0K−Resonances at Mass2.86  GeV/c2 Wikidata
Resonances and CP violation in B s 0 and B ¯ s 0 → J / ψ K + K − $$ {\overline{B}}_s^0\to J/\psi {K}^{+}{K}^{-} $$ decays in the mass region above the ϕ(1020) Wikidata
Search for Dark Photons Produced in 13 TeV pp Collisions. Wikidata
Search for decays of neutral beauty mesons into four muons Wikidata
Search for excited Bc+ states Wikidata
Search for Hidden-Sector Bosons in B Wikidata
Search for Majorana neutrinos in B- → π+ μ- μ- decays. Wikidata
Search for Structure in the B_{s}^{0}π^{±} Invariant Mass Spectrum. Wikidata
Search for the decay B s 0 → D ¯ 0 f 0 980 $$ {B}_s^0\to {\overline{D}}^0{f}_0(980) $$ Wikidata
Search for the doubly charmed baryon $ \Xi_{cc}^{+} $ Wikidata
Search for the lepton-flavour violating decays B(s)0 → e±μ∓ Wikidata
Search for the rare decaysB0→J/ψγandBs0→J/ψγ Wikidata
Search for the suppressed decays B + → K + K + π − and B + → π + π + K − Wikidata
Search for the Λ b 0  → Λη ′ and Λ b 0  → Λη decays with the LHCb detector Wikidata
Search for theX(4140)state inB+→J/ψϕK+decays Wikidata
Search for Violations of Lorentz Invariance and CPT Symmetry in B_{(s)}^{0} Mixing. Wikidata
Search for weakly decaying b -flavored pentaquarks Wikidata
search for ˜τ œ→ μμμ [tau → mymymy] at LHCb Wikidata German National Library
Search forCPviolation inD+→K−K+π+decays Wikidata
Strong Constraints on the Rare DecaysBs0→μ+μ−andB0→μ+μ− Wikidata
Studies of beauty baryon decays toD0ph−andΛc+h−final states Wikidata
Studies of the resonance structure inD0→KS0K±π∓decays Wikidata
Study of $ B_{(s)}^0\to K_{\mathrm{S}}^0{h^{+}}{h^{{\prime -}}} $ decays with first observation of $ B_s^0\to K_{\mathrm{S}}^0{K^{\pm }}{\pi^{\mp }} $ and $ B_s^0\to K_{\mathrm{S}}^0{\pi^{+}}{\pi^{-}} $ Wikidata
Study of b b ¯ $$ \mathrm{b}\overline{\mathrm{b}} $$ correlations in high energy proton-proton collisions Wikidata
Study of Bc+ decays to the K+K−π+ final state and evidence for the decay Bc+→χc0π+ Wikidata
Study of Beauty Hadron Decays into Pairs of Charm Hadrons Wikidata
Study of charmonium production in $${b} $$ b -hadron decays and first evidence for the decay $${{{B}} ^0_{{s}}} \!\rightarrow \phi \phi \phi $$ B s 0 → ϕ ϕ ϕ Wikidata
Study of D sJ decays to $ {D^{+}}K_{\mathrm{S}}^0 $ and D 0K+ final states in pp collisions Wikidata
Study of the kinematic dependences of Λ b 0 production in pp collisions and a measurement of the Λ b 0  → Λ c + π − branching fraction Wikidata
Study of the rareBs0and B 0 decays into the π + π − μ + μ − final state Wikidata
Study of η − η′ mixing from measurement of B (s) 0  → J/ψη(′) decay rates Wikidata
Study of ϒ $$ \varUpsilon $$ production and cold nuclear matter effects in pPb collisions at s NN $$ \sqrt{s_{NN}} $$ = 5 TeV Wikidata
Study of χb meson production in pp collisions at s√=7 and 8TeV and observation of the decay χb→Υ(3S)γ Wikidata
Study of ψ Wikidata
Study ofB−→DK−π+π−andB−→Dπ−π+π−decays and determination of the CKM angleγ Wikidata
Study ofCPviolation inB∓→Dh∓(h=K,π) with the modesD→K∓π±π0,D→π+π−π0andD→K+K−π0 Wikidata
Study ofWboson production in association with beauty and charm Wikidata
Test of lepton universality with B 0 → K *0 ℓ + ℓ − decays Wikidata
Tracking performance of the spectrometer Wikidata
Updated branching fraction measurements of B(s)0 → KS0h+h′ − decays Wikidata
Updated determination of D0–D¯0 mixing and CP violation parameters with D0→K+π− decays Wikidata
Updated measurements of exclusiveJ/ψ and ψ(2S) production cross-sections inppcollisions at $\sqrt{s}=7$ TeV Wikidata
Updated search for long-lived particles decaying to jet pairs Wikidata
χ_{c1} and χ_{c2} Resonance Parameters with the Decays χ_{c1,c2}→J/ψμ^{+}μ^{-}. Wikidata

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