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Maguire, Eleanor, 1970- Library of Congress/NACO

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Constructing, Perceiving, and Maintaining Scenes: Hippocampal Activity and Connectivity. Wikidata
The construction system of the brain. Wikidata
Cortical midline involvement in autobiographical memory. Wikidata
Counterfactual thinking in patients with amnesia Wikidata
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Dissociating Landmark Stability from Orienting Value Using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Wikidata
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The effects of bilateral hippocampal damage on fMRI regional activations and interactions during memory retrieval. Wikidata
Efficacy of navigation may be influenced by retrosplenial cortex-mediated learning of landmark stability. Wikidata
Eleanor A. Maguire Wikidata
Encoding of 3D head direction information in the human brain Wikidata
Exploring the parahippocampal cortex response to high and low spatial frequency spaces. Wikidata
Exploring the role of space-defining objects in constructing and maintaining imagined scenes. Wikidata
The functional neuroanatomy of comprehension and memory: the importance of prior knowledge. Wikidata
Hippocampal Damage Increases Deontological Responses during Moral Decision Making. Wikidata
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Hippocampus, Retrosplenial and Parahippocampal Cortices Encode Multicompartment 3D Space in a Hierarchical Manner. Wikidata
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Human spatial navigation: cognitive maps, sexual dimorphism, and neural substrates. Wikidata
Imagining fictitious and future experiences: evidence from developmental amnesia. Wikidata
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Investigating the functions of subregions within anterior hippocampus Wikidata
Knowing where and getting there: a human navigation network. Wikidata
Knowing where things are parahippocampal involvement in encoding object locations in virtual large-scale space. Wikidata
Learning to remember: the early ontogeny of episodic memory Wikidata
London taxi drivers and bus drivers: a structural MRI and neuropsychological analysis. Wikidata
Maguire, navigation and brain structure [VR], 2013, c2010: Library of Congress/NACO
Match mismatch processes underlie human hippocampal responses to associative novelty. Wikidata
Memory consolidation in humans: new evidence and opportunities. Wikidata
Memory, Imagination, and Predicting the Future: A Common Brain Mechanism? Wikidata
Methods for developmental studies of fear conditioning circuitry. Wikidata
Mind-wandering in people with hippocampal damage. Wikidata
Multivoxel Pattern Analysis Reveals 3D Place Information in the Human Hippocampus Wikidata
Navigation around London by a taxi driver with bilateral hippocampal lesions. Wikidata
Navigation-related structural change in the hippocampi of taxi drivers Wikidata
Navigational expertise may compromise anterograde associative memory Wikidata
A navigational guidance system in the human brain. Wikidata
The Neural Dynamics of Novel Scene Imagery. Wikidata
Neural substrates of driving behaviour. Wikidata
Neurodevelopmental aspects of spatial navigation: a virtual reality fMRI study. Wikidata
Neuroimaging studies of autobiographical event memory. Wikidata
Non-spatial expertise and hippocampal gray matter volume in humans. Wikidata
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Patients with hippocampal amnesia cannot imagine new experiences Wikidata
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The pre/parasubiculum: a hippocampal hub for scene-based cognition? Wikidata
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Remembering Preservation in Hippocampal Amnesia. Wikidata
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Scenes, Spaces, and Memory Traces: What Does the Hippocampus Do? Wikidata
Segmenting subregions of the human hippocampus on structural magnetic resonance image scans: An illustrated tutorial Wikidata
Spontaneous mentalizing during an interactive real world task: an fMRI study. Wikidata
Studying the freely-behaving brain with fMRI Wikidata
Talent in the taxi: a model system for exploring expertise. Wikidata
A temporoparietal and prefrontal network for retrieving the spatial context of lifelike events. Wikidata
Thoughts, behaviour, and brain dynamics during navigation in the real world. Wikidata
Topographical disorientation following unilateral temporal lobe lesions in humans. Wikidata
Tracking the emergence of conceptual knowledge during human decision making. Wikidata
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Ventromedial prefrontal cortex drives hippocampal theta oscillations induced by mismatch computations Wikidata
The well-worn route and the path less traveled: distinct neural bases of route following and wayfinding in humans. Wikidata
What does the retrosplenial cortex do? Wikidata
Which computational mechanisms operate in the hippocampus during novelty detection? Wikidata

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