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Beutler, Bruce National Library of France NII (Japan) BIBSYS National Library of Israel Library of Congress/NACO RERO - Library Network of Western Switzerland National Library of the Netherlands

Beutler, Bruce, 1957-.... NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library ISNI Sudoc [ABES], France German National Library

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Title Sources
Immunology, phenotype first : how mutations have established new principles and pathways in immunology National Library of France Sudoc [ABES], France German National Library BIBSYS Library of Congress/NACO NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library National Library of the Netherlands
Intracellular nucleic acid sensors and autoimmunity Wikidata
iRhom2 is required for the secretion of mouse TNFα Wikidata
Jinx, an MCMV susceptibility phenotype caused by disruption of Unc13d: a mouse model of type 3 familial hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis Wikidata
Large-scale forward genetics screening identifies Trpa1 as a chemosensor for predator odor-evoked innate fear behaviors. Wikidata
Lethal mitochondrial cardiomyopathy in a hypomorphic Med30 mouse mutant is ameliorated by ketogenic diet. Wikidata
LGP2: positive about viral sensing. Wikidata
Lipopolysaccharide sensing an important factor in the innate immune response to Gram-negative bacterial infections: benefits and hazards of LPS hypersensitivity. Wikidata
Loss of T cell and B cell quiescence precedes the onset of microbial flora-dependent wasting disease and intestinal inflammation in Gimap5-deficient mice. Wikidata
LPS, dsRNA and the interferon bridge to adaptive immune responses: Trif, Tram, and other TIR adaptor proteins. Wikidata
Lps2: a new locus required for responses to lipopolysaccharide, revealed by germline mutagenesis and phenotypic screening. Wikidata
Lps2 and signal transduction in sepsis: at the intersection of host responses to bacteria and viruses. Wikidata
Mechanism of pathogen-specific TLR4 activation in the mucosa: fimbriae, recognition receptors and adaptor protein selection. Wikidata
Metabolic characterization of a mouse deficient in all known leptin receptor isoforms. Wikidata
Microbe sensing, positive feedback loops, and the pathogenesis of inflammatory diseases Wikidata
A model for familial exudative vitreoretinopathy caused by LPR5 mutations Wikidata
Murine cerebral malaria development is independent of toll-like receptor signaling Wikidata
Mutagenesis by retroviral insertion in chemical mutagen-generated quasi-haploid mammalian cells. Wikidata
Mutation of Fnip1 is associated with B-cell deficiency, cardiomyopathy, and elevated AMPK activity. Wikidata
Mutation of mouse Samd4 causes leanness, myopathy, uncoupled mitochondrial respiration, and dysregulated mTORC1 signaling. Wikidata
Mutation of the ER retention receptor KDELR1 leads to cell-intrinsic lymphopenia and a failure to control chronic viral infection Wikidata
Mutation of the gastric hydrogen-potassium ATPase alpha subunit causes iron-deficiency anemia in mice Wikidata
The MyD88-dependent, but not the MyD88-independent, pathway of TLR4 signaling is important in clearing nontypeable haemophilus influenzae from the mouse lung. Wikidata
MyD88 signaling in nonhematopoietic cells protects mice against induced colitis by regulating specific EGF receptor ligands Wikidata
Natural killer T cells recognize diacylglycerol antigens from pathogenic bacteria. Wikidata
Neo-ligands for innate immune receptors and the etiology of sterile inflammatory disease. Wikidata
New frontiers in immunology. Workshop on the road ahead: future directions in fundamental and clinical immunology. Wikidata
NK-cell-mediated killing of target cells triggers robust antigen-specific T-cell-mediated and humoral responses. Wikidata
NLRP3 activation and mitosis are mutually exclusive events coordinated by NEK7, a new inflammasome component Wikidata
Nonredundant roles of TIRAP and MyD88 in airway response to endotoxin, independent of TRIF, IL-1 and IL-18 pathways. Wikidata
Not "molecular patterns" but molecules. Wikidata
Obituary: Ernest Beutler (1928-2008) Wikidata
The P4-type ATPase ATP11C is essential for B lymphopoiesis in adult bone marrow Wikidata
Pathogens, Commensals, and Immunity: From the Perspective of the Urinary Bladder. Wikidata
Plant and animal sensors of conserved microbial signatures Wikidata
A point mutation in the amino terminus of TLR7 abolishes signaling without affecting ligand binding. Wikidata
Precis on forward genetics in mice. Wikidata
Prion-like behavior of MAVS in RIG-I signaling. Wikidata
Probability of phenotypically detectable protein damage by ENU-induced mutations in the Mutagenetix database. Wikidata
Q&A: Chance encounters. Wikidata
QnAs with Bruce Beutler. Interview by Nicholette Zeliadt. Wikidata
R-form LPS, the master key to the activation ofTLR4/MD-2-positive cells. Wikidata
The Rab27a Effectors JFC1/Slp1 and Munc13-4 Regulate Exocytosis of Neutrophil Granules Wikidata
Rab27a is a key component of the secretory machinery of azurophilic granules in granulocytes. Wikidata
Rapid identification of a disease allele in mouse through whole genome sequencing and bulk segregation analysis. Wikidata
Real-time resolution of point mutations that cause phenovariance in mice. Wikidata
Recognition of hyaluronan released in sterile injury involves a unique receptor complex dependent on Toll-like receptor 4, CD44, and MD-2. Wikidata
Reconstruction of the Mouse Inflammasome System in HEK293T Cells Wikidata
Resisting viral infection: the gene by gene approach. Wikidata
Respond to "No antigen-presentation defect in Unc93b1(3d/3d) (3d) mice". Wikidata
RETRACTED: MAVS, cGAS, and endogenous retroviruses in T-independent B cell responses. Wikidata
RNA and imidazoquinolines are sensed by distinct TLR7/8 ectodomain sites resulting in functionally disparate signaling events. Wikidata
The role of Vldlr in intraretinal angiogenesis in mice. Wikidata
Science review: key inflammatory and stress pathways in critical illness - the central role of the Toll-like receptors Wikidata
Sensitizing anthrax lethal toxin-resistant macrophages to lethal toxin-induced killing by tumor necrosis factor-alpha. Wikidata
Sensors of the innate immune system: their mode of action. Wikidata
The serine protease TMPRSS6 is required to sense iron deficiency Wikidata
Severe retinal degeneration caused by a novel rhodopsin mutation. Wikidata
Skin-specific regulation of SREBP processing and lipid biosynthesis by glycerol kinase 5. Wikidata
Slc15a4, AP-3, and Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome proteins are required for Toll-like receptor signaling in plasmacytoid dendritic cells. Wikidata
Slc15a4 function is required for intact class switch recombination to IgG2c in response to TLR9 stimulation. Wikidata
Soluble human TLR2 ectodomain binds diacylglycerol from microbial lipopeptides and glycolipids. Wikidata
Sox17 regulates liver lipid metabolism and adaptation to fasting Wikidata
Special delivery: granulin brings CpG DNA to Toll-like receptor 9. Wikidata
Structural modeling defines transmembrane residues in ADAM17 that are crucial for Rhbdf2-ADAM17-dependent proteolysis. Wikidata
Suppression of the hepcidin-encoding gene Hamp permits iron overload in mice lacking both hemojuvelin and matriptase-2/TMPRSS6 Wikidata
Systems analysis identifies an essential role for SHANK-associated RH domain-interacting protein (SHARPIN) in macrophage Toll-like receptor 2 (TLR2) responses. Wikidata
TLR4/MD-2 activation by a synthetic agonist with no similarity to LPS. Wikidata
Toll-like receptor 4 polymorphisms are associated with resistance to Legionnaires' disease. Wikidata
Toll-like receptor family members and their ligands BIBSYS Library of Congress/NACO RERO - Library Network of Western Switzerland Sudoc [ABES], France German National Library
Toll-like receptors 9 and 3 as essential components of innate immune defense against mouse cytomegalovirus infection Wikidata
The Toll-like receptors: analysis by forward genetic methods. Wikidata
Toll-like receptors: how they work and what they do. Wikidata
The Tpl2 mutation Sluggish impairs type I IFN production and increases susceptibility to group B streptococcal disease. Wikidata
TRAF3: a new component of the TLR-signaling apparatus Wikidata
Tumor necrosis factors : the molecules and their emerging role in medicine National Library of Israel Sudoc [ABES], France BIBSYS Library of Congress/NACO National Library of the Netherlands
Tuning of natural killer cell reactivity by NKp46 and Helios calibrates T cell responses. Wikidata
Type I interferons (alpha/beta) in immunity and autoimmunity. Wikidata
Unc93B1 biases Toll-like receptor responses to nucleic acid in dendritic cells toward DNA- but against RNA-sensing. Wikidata
UNC93B1 mediates host resistance to infection with Toxoplasma gondii Wikidata
The Unc93b1 mutation 3d disrupts exogenous antigen presentation and signaling via Toll-like receptors 3, 7 and 9 Wikidata
Unlocking the bottleneck in forward genetics using whole-genome sequencing and identity by descent to isolate causative mutations Wikidata
Upregulation of costimulatory molecules induced by lipopolysaccharide and double-stranded RNA occurs by Trif-dependent and Trif-independent pathways. Wikidata
Use of transcriptome data to unravel the fine structure of genes involved in sepsis. Wikidata
Velvet, a dominant Egfr mutation that causes wavy hair and defective eyelid development in mice. Wikidata
Vesicular stomatitis virus glycoprotein G activates a specific antiviral Toll-like receptor 4-dependent pathway. Wikidata
Viral RNA induces type I interferon-dependent cytokine release and cell death in mesangial cells via melanoma-differentiation-associated gene-5: Implications for viral infection-associated glomerulonephritis. Wikidata
Yip1 domain family, member 6 (Yipf6) mutation induces spontaneous intestinal inflammation in mice Wikidata
ZBTB1 is a determinant of lymphoid development Wikidata

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