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Title Sources
Human β1- and β2-adrenergic receptors: structurally and functionally related receptors derived from distinct genes Wikidata
Identification of an allosteric binding site for Zn2+ on the beta2 adrenergic receptor. Wikidata
Identification of GPCR-interacting cytosolic proteins using HDL particles and mass spectrometry-based proteomic approach. Wikidata
Identifying and quantifying two ligand-binding sites while imaging native human membrane receptors by AFM. Wikidata German National Library
Imaging G protein-coupled receptors while quantifying their ligand-binding free-energy landscape. Wikidata
An improved yeast surface display platform for the screening of nanobody immune libraries Wikidata
In meso in situserial X-ray crystallography of soluble and membrane proteins at cryogenic temperatures Wikidata
International Workshop at the Nobel Forum, Karolinska Institutet on G protein-coupled receptors: finding the words to describe monomers, oligomers, and their molecular mechanisms and defining their meaning. Can a consensus be reached? Wikidata
Isoflurane and nociception: spinal alpha2A adrenoceptors mediate antinociception while supraspinal alpha1 adrenoceptors mediate pronociception. Wikidata
Ligand-regulated oligomerization of beta(2)-adrenoceptors in a model lipid bilayer. Wikidata
Ligand-specific interactions modulate kinetic, energetic, and mechanical properties of the human β2 adrenergic receptor. Wikidata
Linkage mapping of alpha-2 adrenergic receptor genes to mouse chromosomes 2 and 5. Wikidata
Linkage of beta1-adrenergic stimulation to apoptotic heart cell death through protein kinase A-independent activation of Ca2+/calmodulin kinase II. Wikidata
Local membrane charge regulates β adrenergic receptor coupling to G Wikidata
Mass spectrometric analysis of agonist effects on posttranslational modifications of the beta-2 adrenoceptor in mammalian cells. Wikidata
Modified T4 Lysozyme Fusion Proteins Facilitate G Protein-Coupled Receptor Crystallogenesis. Wikidata
A monomeric G protein-coupled receptor isolated in a high-density lipoprotein particle efficiently activates its G protein Wikidata
Mutation of the alpha2A-adrenoceptor impairs working memory performance and annuls cognitive enhancement by guanfacine. Wikidata
Nanoscale high-content analysis using compositional heterogeneities of single proteoliposomes. Wikidata
Neuropeptide Y receptor 1 (NPY-Y1) expression in human heart failure and heart transplantation. Wikidata
A new class of amphiphiles bearing rigid hydrophobic groups for solubilization and stabilization of membrane proteins. Wikidata
A new era of GPCR structural and chemical biology. Wikidata
New penta-saccharide-bearing tripod amphiphiles for membrane protein structure studies. Wikidata
A novel interaction between adrenergic receptors and the alpha-subunit of eukaryotic initiation factor 2B Wikidata
Optical techniques for integrated control and recording of neural activity,2010: Library of Congress/NACO
Organization of beta-adrenoceptor signaling compartments by sympathetic innervation of cardiac myocytes. Wikidata
Overexpression of angiotensin AT1 receptor transgene in the mouse myocardium produces a lethal phenotype associated with myocyte hyperplasia and heart block. Wikidata
The PDZ-binding motif of the beta2-adrenoceptor is essential for physiologic signaling and trafficking in cardiac myocytes. Wikidata
Phase-plate cryo-EM structure of a class B GPCR-G-protein complex. Wikidata
Phosphodiesterase 4D disruption causes β2 adrenergic receptors to behave like β1 adrenergic receptors in vivo. Wikidata
Phospholipid biotinylation of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) for protein immobilization. Wikidata
Plasmon-waveguide resonance studies of ligand binding to the human beta 2-adrenergic receptor. Wikidata
Probing the beta2 adrenoceptor binding site with catechol reveals differences in binding and activation by agonists and partial agonists. Wikidata
Protecting the myocardium: a role for the beta2 adrenergic receptor in the heart. Wikidata
Q&A: Brian Kobilka. Stuck on structure. Wikidata
Rationally Engineered Tandem Facial Amphiphiles for Improved Membrane Protein Stabilization Efficacy Wikidata
Reconstitution of beta2-adrenoceptor-GTP-binding-protein interaction in Sf9 cells--high coupling efficiency in a beta2-adrenoceptor-G(s alpha) fusion protein. Wikidata
Removal of phosphorylation sites from the β2-adrenergic receptor delays onset of agonist-promoted desensitization Wikidata
The role of ligands on the equilibria between functional states of a G protein-coupled receptor. Wikidata
The role of protein dynamics in GPCR function: insights from the β2AR and rhodopsin. Wikidata
Sequential binding of agonists to the beta2 adrenoceptor. Kinetic evidence for intermediate conformational states. Wikidata
SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION. Structural basis for nucleotide exchange in heterotrimeric G proteins. Wikidata
Signaling from beta1- and beta2-adrenergic receptors is defined by differential interactions with PDE4 Wikidata
Single-molecule analysis of ligand efficacy in β2AR-G-protein activation. Wikidata
Skeletal muscle hypertrophy and anti-atrophy effects of clenbuterol are mediated by the beta2-adrenergic receptor. Wikidata
The structural basis of G-protein-coupled receptor signaling (Nobel Lecture) Wikidata
Structural flexibility of the G alpha s alpha-helical domain in the beta2-adrenoceptor Gs complex. Wikidata
Structural insights into µ-opioid receptor activation. Wikidata
Structural mechanisms of selectivity and gating in anion channelrhodopsins Wikidata
Structural Properties of the Human Protease-Activated Receptor 1 Changing by a Strong Antagonist Wikidata
Structure and function of an irreversible agonist-β(2) adrenoceptor complex Wikidata
Structure-based discovery of beta2-adrenergic receptor ligands. Wikidata
Structure-based discovery of opioid analgesics with reduced side effects. Wikidata
Structure-guided development of selective M3 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor antagonists Wikidata
Structure of a nanobody-stabilized active state of the β(2) adrenoceptor Wikidata
Structure of the δ-opioid receptor bound to naltrindole Wikidata
Tandem neopentyl glycol maltosides (TNMs) for membrane protein stabilisation. Wikidata
Targeted disruption of the mouse beta1-adrenergic receptor gene: developmental and cardiovascular effects Wikidata
Understanding the ligand-receptor-G protein ternary complex for GPCR drug discovery. Wikidata
Use of fluorescence spectroscopy to study conformational changes in the beta 2-adrenoceptor. Wikidata
Visualization of arrestin recruitment by a G-protein-coupled receptor Wikidata

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