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Ystenes, Martin 1956- BIBSYS

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Ystenes, Martin NII (Japan)

VIAF ID: 21145066416866590024 (Personal)


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Title Sources
Ab initio quantum mechanical vibrational analysis of the dimeric molecules Mg₂F₄, Mg₂Cl₄ and Mg₂Br₄ BIBSYS
Activation of metallocenes for olefin polymerization as monitored by IR spectroscopy BIBSYS
Annerledeslandet Norge BIBSYS
Applied thermodynamics II BIBSYS
Begavede barn : en veiledning for foreldre og pedagoger BIBSYS
Best med naturgass BIBSYS
Crystal structure of 2,4-bis(p-tolythio)-2,4-dithioxo-1,3,2,4-dithiadiphosphetane, (C₇H₇S)₂(P₂S₂)S₂ BIBSYS
Dependence of transient comonomer kinetics on catalyst design by magnesium chloride supported polymerization of ethene and propene BIBSYS
De dødes elv BIBSYS
Double-chamber flow cell for in situ infrared spectroscopy studies of chemical reactions in Ziegler-Natta catalyst systems BIBSYS
Drivhusteorien forklarer det meste BIBSYS
Experimental and theoretical spectra of stoichiometric complex ions in oxochloroaluminate melts BIBSYS
Forskerne strides BIBSYS
Fourier transform infrared spectra of three titanium tetrachloride-ethyl benzoate complexes : assignment based on five isotopic homologues and extension of the ethyl benzoate force field BIBSYS
FTIR studies of titanium tetrachloride- and magnesium dichloride-complexes with aromatic esters relevant to Ziegler-Natta catalysts BIBSYS
(Ga₂X₆)⁶⁻ dimers in A₆(Ga₂X₆) (A=Rb, Rb(K), Cs(Rb); X=P, As), synthesis, crystal structure and vibrational spectra BIBSYS
General chemistry principles and structure BIBSYS
Generell kjemi : grunnlag og prinsipper BIBSYS
Genmanipulert nyhet BIBSYS
Det grå kompendiet i uorganisk kjemi : forelesningsnotater i fag 50530 BIBSYS
Hubert, den store : eksamensoppgaver og løsningsforslag i fag 50530 og 50526 Uorganisk kjemi BIBSYS
An IR transmission cell for in situ studies of reactions in solid and liquid phase in heterogeneous catalyst systems BIBSYS
Istid først om 60.000 år BIBSYS
Metallocene catalyzed polymerization of ethene : studies of chain termination in the systems L₂ZrCl₂/MAO/C₂H₄ BIBSYS
Methylaluminoxane as a cocatalyst for olefin polymerization : structure, reactivity and cocatalytic effect BIBSYS
New experimental and theoretical results and their relevance to the structure of the active centre in MgCl₂ supported Ziegler-Natta catalysts BIBSYS
Positive isotopic shifts in ethyl-d₅ benzoate and ethyl-1,1-d₂ benzoate, and the assignment of the α-C-O stretching mode BIBSYS
Pressure effects on termination mechanisms during ethene polymerization catalyzed by dicyclopentadienylzirconium dichloride/methylaluminoxane BIBSYS
Quantum chemical vibrational analysis of clusters providing an explanation for the planarity of the P⁴⁻₆ ring BIBSYS
Raman spectroscopic and ab initio quantum chemical investigations of molecules and complex ions in the molten system CsCl-NbCl₅-NbOCl₃ BIBSYS
Reactivity and acidity of alkylaluminoxanes BIBSYS
Reaksjonsmekanismer for metallkatalyserad olefinpolymerisering = Reaction mechanisms for metal catalyzed polymerizations BIBSYS
Schwingungsverhalten und SCF ab initio Schwingungsberechnungen von 24-Valenzelektronensystemen (MX₃)⁵⁻ in A₅MX₃ und K₆MX₃.₃₃ (A=Rb, Cs ; M=Si, Ge ; X=P, As) BIBSYS
Solen er ikke uskyldig BIBSYS
Spectral evidences for the structure of the MgCl₂EB₂ complex, EB = ethyl benzoate BIBSYS
Sprøytvarsel : vitenskapelige feil og antivitenskapelig tøv i media BIBSYS
Stoiciometry and structure of Al(C₂H₅)₃₋nCln/C₇H₆COOC₂H₅ complexes (n=0-2) BIBSYS
Strength of the metal-olefin bond in titanium complexes related to Ziegler-Natta catalysis : a theoretical model study of a square-pyramidal active center postulated to be found in titanium halide based catalysts BIBSYS
Suksess med tvilsom forklaring BIBSYS
Tankevekker for universitetene BIBSYS
Titanium-ethylene complexes proposed to be intermediates in Ziegler-Natta catalysis : can they be detected through vibrational spectroscopy? BIBSYS
Tsjernobyl-ulykke - i redaksjonene BIBSYS
Unser Kind ist hochbegabt ein Leitfaden für Eltern und Lehrer BIBSYS
Uorganisk kjemi for kjemikere : et nytt kompendium med en annen farge BIBSYS
Verdens største søppelsekk BIBSYS
Vi drukner i plast BIBSYS
Vibrational analysis and FTIR spectra of seven isotopic congeners of ethyl benzoate including ¹⁸0 carbonyl and ether labelled esters BIBSYS
Vibrational analysis of the P₇³⁻, As₇³⁻, and Sb₇³⁻ cage-like (C₃v) anions based on scaled quantum mechanical (SQM) calculations on P₇³⁻ BIBSYS
Vibrational frequencies of AlF₃ : an ab initio MO study evaluating different methods on a tricky case BIBSYS
Vibrational spectra and ab initio quantum mechanical calculation of energy, geometry and vibrational frequencies of the oxothiophosphate ions PO₃S³⁻, PO₂S₂³- and POS₃³⁻ BIBSYS
Vibrational spectra and quantum chemical investigations of stoichiometric anions in the series Tl₂P₂S₆₋xSex and Ag₂P₂S₆₋xSex with x=0-6 : evidence of the hexaselenidometadiphosphate anion, P₂Se₆²⁻¹ BIBSYS
Ziegler-Natta ethylene insertion reaction for a five-coordinate titanium chloride complex bridged to an aluminum hydride cocatalyst BIBSYS
Ziegler-Natta polymerization of propene BIBSYS

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