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Vladimiro Dal Santo Wikidata

Dal Santo, Vladimiro Swiss National Library German National Library

VIAF ID: 1754156619141428780001 (Personal)


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Title Sources
Anodic Stripping Tin Titration: A Method for the Voltammetric Determination of Platinum at Trace Levels Wikidata
Bimetallic Au–Pt/TiO2photocatalysts active under UV-A and simulated sunlight for H2production from ethanol Wikidata
Characterization of Pd/MgO Catalysts: Role of Organometallic Precursor–Surface Interactions Wikidata
Cluster-derived Ir-Sn/SiO2 catalysts for the catalytic dehydrogenation of propane: a spectroscopic study. Wikidata
A comparison between silica-immobilized ruthenium Wikidata
Continuous flow asymmetric cyclopropanation reactions using Cu(i) complexes of Pc-L* ligands supported on silica as catalysts with carbon dioxide as a carrier Wikidata
Cooperative action of Brønsted and Lewis acid sites of niobium phosphate catalysts for cellobiose conversion in water Wikidata
Coprecipitation versus chemical vapour deposition to prepare Rh/Ni bimetallic catalysts Wikidata
Design and use of nanostructured single-site heterogeneous catalysts for the selective transformation of fine chemicals. Wikidata
DRIFTS study of surface reactivity to NO2 by zinc nanoparticle aggregates and zinc hollow nanofibers Wikidata
Effect of Au in Cs2.5H1.5PVMo11O40 and Cs2.5H1.5PVMo11O40/Au/TiO2 catalysts in the gas phase oxidation of propylene Wikidata
Effect of nature and location of defects on bandgap narrowing in black TiO2 nanoparticles. Wikidata
Electrochemically assisted deposition on TiO2scaffold for Tissue Engineering: an apatite bio-inspired crystallization pathway Wikidata
Emerging strategies in sustainable fine-chemical synthesis: asymmetric catalysis by metal nanoparticles. Wikidata
Evaluation of the Two-Dimensional Performances of Low Activity Planar Catalysts: Development and Validation of a True Scanning Reactor. Wikidata
Fast transient infrared studies in material science: development of a novel low dead-volume, high temperature DRIFTS cell Wikidata
Gold nanoparticles capped by peptides Wikidata
H₂ production by renewables photoreforming on Pt-Au/TiO₂ catalysts activated by reduction Wikidata
Hierarchical Hematite Nanoplatelets for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting Wikidata
Hot Electron Collection on Brookite Nanorods Lateral Facets for Plasmon-Enhanced Water Oxidation Wikidata
Hydrogenation of Arenes over Catalysts that Combine a Metal Phase and a Grafted Metal Complex: Role of the Single-Site Catalyst Wikidata
In-situ anatase phase stabilization of titania photocatalyst by sintering in presence of Zr4+ organic salts Wikidata
Influence of reaction parameters on the activity of ruthenium based catalysts for glycerol steam reforming Wikidata
Influence of TiO2 electronic structure and strong metal–support interaction on plasmonic Au photocatalytic oxidations Wikidata
Investigation of the promoting effect of Mn on a Pt/C catalyst for the steam and aqueous phase reforming of glycerol Wikidata
Iron-montmorillonite clays as active sorbents for the decontamination of hazardous chemical warfare agents. Wikidata
The mechanism of surface doping in vanadyl pyrophosphate, catalyst for n-butane oxidation to maleic anhydride: The role of Au promoter Wikidata
On the mechanism of fast oxygen storage and release in ceria-zirconia model catalysts Wikidata
Phagocytosis of biocompatible gold nanoparticles. Wikidata
Probing long-lived plasmonic-generated charges in TiO2 /Au by high-resolution X-ray absorption spectroscopy. Wikidata
Pt and Au/TiO2 photocatalysts for methanol reforming: Role of metal nanoparticles in tuning charge trapping properties and photoefficiency Wikidata
Recycling asymmetric hydrogenation catalysts by their immobilisation onto ion-exchange resinsElectronic supplementary information (ESI) available: Experimental section, 31P{1H} HP NMR spectra, typical EDS surface area spectrum and ESEM images. See ht Wikidata
Selective hydrogenation of 1,10-phenanthrolines by silica-supported palladium nanoparticles Wikidata
Silica “SHB” chiral Pc-L* copper complexes for halogen-free solvent cyclopropanation reactions Wikidata
Single-site and nanosized Fe–Co electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction: Synthesis, characterization and catalytic performance Wikidata
Structure and catalytic activity of hosted in mesoporous silicas copper species: Effect of preparation procedure and support pore topology Wikidata
Tailored copper nanoparticles in ordered mesoporous KIT-6 silica: Preparation and application as catalysts in integrated system for NO removal with products of methanol decomposition Wikidata
Tailored supported metal nanoparticles by CVD: an easy and efficient scale-up by a rotary bed OMCVD device Wikidata
Testing in annular micro-reactor and characterization of supported Rh nanoparticles for the catalytic partial oxidation of methane: Effect of the preparation procedure Wikidata
TiO2 Nanotubes Arrays Loaded with Ligand-Free Au Nanoparticles: Enhancement in Photocatalytic Activity. Wikidata
Titanium dioxide photocatalysis Swiss National Library
Well-formed, size-controlled ruthenium nanoparticles active and stable for acetic acid steam reforming Wikidata
α-Fe2O3/NiOOH: An Effective Heterostructure for Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation Wikidata

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