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Alitalo, Kari National Library of Israel National Library of the Netherlands RERO - Library Network of Western Switzerland ISNI Library of Congress/NACO

Alitalo, Kari K. NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library

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Labsystems Research Symp. on Recomb. Systems in Prot. Expr. (1989 : Imatra, Finland). Recombinant systems in protein expression, 1990: National Library of Israel NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library Library of Congress/NACO
Lymphatic endothelial reprogramming of vascular endothelial cells by the Prox-1 homeobox transcription factor Wikidata
Lymphatic endothelial tumors induced by intraperitoneal injection of incomplete Freund's adjuvant. Wikidata
Lymphatic endothelium: a new frontier of metastasis research. Wikidata
Lymphatic regulator PROX1 determines Schlemm's canal integrity and identity Wikidata
Lymphatic vasculature: development, molecular regulation and role in tumor metastasis and inflammation. Wikidata
Lymphatic vessel insufficiency in hypercholesterolemic mice alters lipoprotein levels and promotes atherogenesis. Wikidata
Lymphatic vessels as targets of tumor therapy? Wikidata
Lymphatic vessels regulate immune microenvironments in human and murine melanoma Wikidata
Macrophage skewing by Phd2 haplodeficiency prevents ischaemia by inducing arteriogenesis. Wikidata
Macrophages regulate salt-dependent volume and blood pressure by a vascular endothelial growth factor-C-dependent buffering mechanism Wikidata
Mapping of amplified c-myb oncogene, sister chromatid exchanges, and karyotypic analysis of the COLO 205 colon carcinoma cell line Wikidata
Matrix reloaded to circulation hits the tumor target Wikidata
Mechanically stretched chromosomes as targets for high-resolution FISH mapping Wikidata
MMP16 Mediates a Proteolytic Switch to Promote Cell-Cell Adhesion, Collagen Alignment, and Lymphatic Invasion in Melanoma. Wikidata
Modeling lymphangiogenesis in a three-dimensional culture system. Wikidata
Moderate antiangiogenic activity by local, transgenic expression of endostatin in Rip1Tag2 transgenic mice. Wikidata
Modulating metastasis by a lymphangiogenic switch in prostate cancer. Wikidata
Modulation of fibroblast growth factor receptor expression and signalling during retinoic acid-induced differentiation of Tera-2 teratocarcinoma cells. Wikidata
Molecular mechanisms of lymphangiogenesis in health and disease. Wikidata
Mouse models for studying angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis in cancer Wikidata
Multiple angiopoietin recombinant proteins activate the Tie1 receptor tyrosine kinase and promote its interaction with Tie2 Wikidata
Multiple forms of mouse vascular endothelial growth factor-D are generated by RNA splicing and proteolysis Wikidata
Myc amplification: regulation of myc function. Wikidata
myc oncogenes: activation and amplification. Wikidata
Neural guidance molecules regulate vascular remodeling and vessel navigation. Wikidata
Neuropilin-2 mediates VEGF-C-induced lymphatic sprouting together with VEGFR3. Wikidata
Nonvenous origin of dermal lymphatic vasculature. Wikidata
Novel human FGF receptors with distinct expression patterns. Wikidata
Novel p62dok family members, dok-4 and dok-5, are substrates of the c-Ret receptor tyrosine kinase and mediate neuronal differentiation Wikidata
Nucleotide sequence to the v-myc oncogene of avian retrovirus MC29. Wikidata
On the relationship of LDL and VEGFR1: not just a family affair. Wikidata
Oncogenic mutations in intestinal adenomas regulate Bim-mediated apoptosis induced by TGF-β Wikidata
Opposing actions of angiopoietin-2 on Tie2 signaling and FOXO1 activation Wikidata
Oral imatinib mesylate (STI571/gleevec) improves the efficacy of local intravascular vascular endothelial growth factor-C gene transfer in reducing neointimal growth in hypercholesterolemic rabbits. Wikidata
Organ-specific lymphangiectasia, arrested lymphatic sprouting, and maturation defects resulting from gene-targeting of the PI3K regulatory isoforms p85alpha, p55alpha, and p50alpha. Wikidata
Origins of serum semicarbazide-sensitive amine oxidase. Wikidata
Overexpression of vascular endothelial growth factor-B in mouse heart alters cardiac lipid metabolism and induces myocardial hypertrophy. Wikidata
Overexpression of VEGF in testis and epididymis causes infertility in transgenic mice: evidence for nonendothelial targets for VEGF. Wikidata
p130Cas Couples the tyrosine kinase Bmx/Etk with regulation of the actin cytoskeleton and cell migration. Wikidata
PDGF-A, -C, and -D but not PDGF-B increase TGF-beta1 and chronic rejection in rat cardiac allografts. Wikidata
PDGF-D induces macrophage recruitment, increased interstitial pressure, and blood vessel maturation during angiogenesis. Wikidata
PDZ interaction site in ephrinB2 is required for the remodeling of lymphatic vasculature Wikidata
Periadventitial angiopoietin-1 gene transfer induces angiogenesis in rabbit carotid arteries. Wikidata
Pericellular Matrix in Malignant Transformation Wikidata
PHD2 regulates arteriogenic macrophages through TIE2 signalling. Wikidata
Photodynamic Ablation of Lymphatic Vessels and Intralymphatic Cancer Cells Prevents Metastasis Wikidata
Plasmid pLTRpoly: a versatile high-efficiency mammalian expression vector. Wikidata
Posttranslational modifications in the biosynthesis of type IV collagen by a human tumor cell line. Wikidata
Preclinical safety, toxicology, and biodistribution study of adenoviral gene therapy with sVEGFR-2 and sVEGFR-3 combined with chemotherapy for ovarian cancer. Wikidata
Preexisting Lymphatic Endothelium but not Endothelial Progenitor Cells Are Essential for Tumor Lymphangiogenesis and Lymphatic Metastasis Wikidata
Production of both interstitial and basement membrane procollagens by fibroblastic WI-38 cells from human embryonic lung. Wikidata
Profound but Dysfunctional Lymphangiogenesis via Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Ligands from CD11b+ Macrophages in Advanced Ovarian Cancer Wikidata
Proprotein convertases promote processing of VEGF-D, a critical step for binding the angiogenic receptor VEGFR-2 Wikidata
Proteolytic activation defines distinct lymphangiogenic mechanisms for VEGFC and VEGFD. Wikidata
PROX1 and β-catenin are prognostic markers in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. Wikidata
Prox1 interacts with Atoh1 and Gfi1, and regulates cellular differentiation in the inner ear sensory epithelia. Wikidata
PROX1 is involved in progression of rectal neuroendocrine tumors, NETs. Wikidata
Prox1 promotes expansion of the colorectal cancer stem cell population to fuel tumor growth and ischemia resistance. Wikidata
Pulmonary lymphangiectasia resulting from vascular endothelial growth factor-C overexpression during a critical period. Wikidata
Putative tyrosine kinases expressed in K-562 human leukemia cells Wikidata
PV-1 is recognized by the PAL-E antibody and forms complexes with NRP-1. Wikidata
Quantification of vascular endothelial growth factor-C (VEGF-C) by a novel ELISA. Wikidata
A radiation hybrid map of 18 growth factor, growth factor receptor, hormone receptor, or neurotransmitter receptor genes on the distal region of the long arm of chromosome 5 Wikidata
A radical view of pathological vasculature. Wikidata
Recessive primary congenital lymphoedema caused by a VEGFR3 mutation. Wikidata
Reevaluation of the role of VEGF-B suggests a restricted role in the revascularization of the ischemic myocardium. Wikidata
Regulation by EGF is maintained in an overexpressed chimeric EGFR/neu receptor tyrosine kinase. Wikidata
Regulation by TGF? of Genes Involved in Growth Control: Interleukin-6 Wikidata
Reorganization of plasma membrane-associated 36000 dalton protein upon drug-induced redistribution of cytokeratin Wikidata
A sub-set of immediate early mRNAs induced by tumor necrosis factor-alpha during cellular cytotoxic and non-cytotoxic responses. Wikidata
Synthetic peptides in biology and medicine : proceedings of the Labsystems Research Symposium on Synthetic Peptides in Biology and Medicine held in Hämeenlinna, Finland, on June 6-8, 1985 National Library of Israel National Library of the Netherlands Library of Congress/NACO NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library
Vascular endothelial growth factor B (VEGF-B) binds to VEGF receptor-1 and regulates plasminogen activator activity in endothelial cells Wikidata RERO - Library Network of Western Switzerland

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