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Shinichi Kikkawa Forscher Wikidata

Kikkawa, Shinichi German National Library Library of Congress/NACO National and University Library in Zagreb Sudoc [ABES], France

VIAF ID: 162150688315012660003 (Personal)


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Title Sources
Cation exchange properties of tetratitanic acid with interlayer protons and of titania with surface hydroxyl protons National and University Library in Zagreb
Determinations of crystallographic space group and atomic arrangements in oxide-ion-conducting Nd9.33(SiO4)6O2 Wikidata
Direct synthesis of SrTaO2N from SrCO3/Ta3N5 involving CO evolution Wikidata
Effects of Ln substitution in Ln2CuO4 Wikidata
The electrical conductivity of the oxynitride Li 2.3 (O 0.7 N 0.3 ) obtained from the high-temperature oxidation of Li 3 N Wikidata
Electron Transport Under Magnetic Field in Insulating Hematite Composites with Spinel Ferrite Wikidata
EuK-XAFS of europium dioxymonocyanamide with the conversion He+ion yield method Wikidata
Exfoliation of one-dimensional TiO5 chain in K2TiO3 Wikidata
Ferroelectric BaTaO2N Crystals Grown in a BaCN2 Flux Wikidata
Formation of hydrotalcite in aqueous solutions and intercalation of ATP by anion exchange. Wikidata
Formation of Infinite-Layered (Ca1-xSrx) CuO2 and NaCuO2-type (Ca1-yNay)0.85CuO2 in Tartrate Route Wikidata
Gel combustion synthesis of fine crystalline (Y0.95Eu0.05)2O3 phosphor in presence of lithium flux Wikidata
Gel Combustion Synthesis of Rare Earth Aluminate Using Glycine or Urea Wikidata
Gel Nitridation Preparation and Luminescence Property of Eu-dopedRE2O2CN2(RE= La and Gd) Phosphors Wikidata
Handbook of solid state chemistry, [2017]: Library of Congress/NACO Sudoc [ABES], France
High pressure synthesis and superconductivtty of infinite iayered Sr1−xLaxCuO2 Wikidata
Intercalation Compounds FeOCl(Pyridine derivatives)1⁄nand FeOCl(n-Propylamine)1⁄4 Wikidata
Intergrowth between the Oxynitride Perovskite SrTaO2N and the Ruddlesden–Popper Phase Sr2TaO3N Wikidata
Kinetic study on the system of FeOCl and pyridine Wikidata
Large magnetization of iron nitride at the interface of multilayered iron metal/aluminum nitride thin film deposited by rf sputtering Wikidata
Lithium aluminum nitride, Li3AlN2 as a lithium solid electrolyte Wikidata
Local structure of magnetite and maghemite and chemical shift in Fe K-edge XANES Wikidata
Magnetic core/shell-type composites composed of coarse FePt particles coated with finely powdered iron nitride Wikidata
Magnetic properties of the ammonolysis product of α-Fe powder containing a small amount of aluminum Wikidata
Magnetic properties of α″-Fe 16 N 2 -like compound derived from Fe 3 O 4 fine powder coated on hard magnetic BaFe 12 O 19 particles Wikidata
Melting Behavior of Alkaline-Earth Metal Carbodiimides and Their Thermochemistry from First-Principles Wikidata
Microwave absorption of ε-Fe2O3 precipitated from sputter deposited Fe–Si–O amorphous thin film by thermal annealing Wikidata
Microwave-Assisted Nonaqueous Sol−Gel Chemistry for Highly Concentrated ZnO-Based Magnetic Semiconductor Nanocrystals Wikidata
Nanocrystals of Nitrides and Oxides Wikidata
Nanowire of hexagonal gallium oxynitride: Direct observation of its stacking disorder and its long nanowire growth Wikidata
New lithium ionic conductor, Li−Ge−Se glasses Wikidata
Oxide ion conduction in A-site deficient La-Ti-Al-O perovskite Wikidata
Oxide ion conduction mechanism in RE9.33(SiO4)6O2 and Sr2RE8(SiO4)6O2 (RE=La, Nd) from neutron powder diffraction Wikidata
Oxygen Intake/Release Mechanism of Double-Perovskite Type BaYMn2O5+δ (0 ≤ δ ≤ 1) Wikidata
Oxygen-Storage Materials BaYMn2O5+δ from the Quantum-Chemical Point of View Wikidata
Particle size dependence in low temperature nitridation reaction for Fe16N2 Wikidata
Preparation and electrochemical lithium intercalation of V2O5 porous lump with large surface area1 Wikidata
Preparation and properties of FeO(O2C2H4)1/2 Wikidata
Preparation, crystal structure, and superconductive characteristics of new oxynitrides (Nb1−xMx)(N1−yOy) where M=Mg, Si, and x≈y Wikidata
Preparation of apatite-type La9.33(SiO4)6O2 oxide ion conductor by alcoxide-hydrolysis Wikidata
Preparation of Eu-doped β- and 15R-SiAlONs by ammonia nitridation of the precursor obtained using aluminum glycine gel Wikidata
Preparation of gallium oxynitride in the presence of iron through a citrate route Wikidata
Preparation of magneto-resistive Sr2FeMoO6 through molybdic acid gelation Wikidata
Preparation of new ternary nitrides CaMN (M=Co, Ni) Wikidata
Preparation of titanate coated magnetite powder for cisplatin delivery Wikidata
Preparation of Transparent Conductive (ZnO)mIn2O3 Fine Powder by Gel-Combustion Reaction Wikidata
Red-emission over a wide range of wavelengths at various temperatures from tetragonal BaCN2:Eu2+ Wikidata
Reduction of the perovskite-type LnNiO3 (Ln=Pr, Nd) to Ln3Ni3O7 with monovalent nickel ions Wikidata
Remarkable Oxygen Intake/Release Capability of BaYMn2O5+δ: Applications to Oxygen Storage Technologies Wikidata
Silver delafossite nitride, AgTaN2? Wikidata
Single crystal growth and oxide ion conductivity of apatite-type rare-earth silicates Wikidata
Sintering and dielectric properties of perovskite SrTaO2N ceramics Wikidata
Soft chemical preparation and electrochemical oxygen doping of La2Ca n−1Cu nO2 n+2 Wikidata
Some new aspects of low-temperature lithium cobalt oxides prepared through citric acid precursor route Wikidata
Structural effects of hydrostatic pressure inSr1−xMxCuO2(M=La,Ca) andSr4Cu6O10 Wikidata
Structural refinement of Ag3SI by single crystal X-ray diffraction method Wikidata
Structural study of gallium oxynitrides prepared by ammonolysis of different oxide precursors Wikidata
Structure of a new polymorph of lithium boron nitride, Li3BN2 Wikidata
Structure of superconductingSr0.9La0.1CuO2(Tc=42 K) from neutron powder diffraction Wikidata
Syntheses of Rare Earth Dioxymonocyanamides (Ln2O2CN2, Ln = La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd) Wikidata
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of a New Compound, Lanthanum Dioxymonocyanamide (La2O2CN2) Wikidata
Synthesis and crystal structure of K2NiF4-type novel Gd1+xCa1−xAlO4−xNx oxynitrides Wikidata
Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Properties of Oxygen-Deficient Lanthanum Nickelate LaNiO3−x(0 ≤x≤ 0.5) Wikidata
Synthesis, thermal stability, and oxygen intake/release characteristics of YBa(Co1−xAlx)4O7+δ Wikidata
Temperature dependence of structural parameters in oxide-ion-conducting Nd9.33(SiO4)6O2: single crystal X-ray studies from 295 to 900K Wikidata
Theoretical calculations on the structures, electronic and magnetic properties of binary 3d transition metal nitrides Wikidata
Titanium disulphide thin film prepared by plasma-CVD for lithium secondary battery Wikidata
Topochemical reactions of LixNbO2 Wikidata
Wide Color Variation in SiNO Thin Films Dispersed with Precipitated TiN Nano Particles Wikidata
The zebrafish pob gene encodes a novel protein required for survival of red cone photoreceptor cells. Wikidata

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