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Ariel Fernández Argentine biophysicist Wikidata

Fernández, Ariel 1957- ISNI Library of Congress/NACO German National Library National Library of France

VIAF ID: 122315132 (Personal)


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mathematical approach to protein biophysics National Library of France
Membrane thickness cue for cold sensing in a bacterium. Wikidata
Molecular basis for evolving modularity in the yeast protein interaction network. Wikidata
Molecular dimension explored in evolution to promote proteomic complexity Wikidata
Multitarget Control of Drug Impact: A Therapeutic Imperative in Cancer Systems Biology Wikidata
Non-adaptive origins of interactome complexity Wikidata
Noncoexisting structural elements in catalytic pre-messenger RNA's. Wikidata
Nucleation theory for helix unfolding in peptide chains. Wikidata
On how hydrolysis at the 3′ end is prevented in the splicing of a sequentially folded group I intron Wikidata
On renormalisation of fluctuations at the onset of a centre manifold Wikidata
The onset of macroscopically detectable amplification of template concentration for self-replicating RNA. Wikidata
Optical processing of color images with incoherent illumination: orientation-selective edge enhancement using a modified liquid-crystal display. Wikidata
Packing Defects and Protein Hydration: Dynamics of the Aqueous Interface Wikidata
Packing defects as selectivity switches for drug-based protein inhibitors Wikidata
A parallel computation revealing the role of the in vivo environment in shaping the catalytic structure of a mitochondrial RNA transcript. Wikidata
Partial relaxation of enzyme-product binding by refolding of the growing chain in autocatalytic RNA replication. Wikidata
Passive water-lipid peptide translocators with conformational switches: from single-molecule probe to cellular assay. Wikidata
Pathway heterogeneity in protein folding Wikidata
Pause sites and regulatory role of secondary structure in RNA replication. Wikidata
Peptide translocators with engineered dehydration-prone hydrogen bonds. Wikidata
Pharmaceutical Industry at the Post-Genomic Junction Wikidata
Phase-ordering dynamics for the onset of a center manifold Wikidata
Physics at the biomolecular interface, 2016: Library of Congress/NACO
Prediction of the Sugar Mill Shaft Failure Using a Fracture Mechanics Method Wikidata
Preservation of a kinetically originated folding of the cis antirepressor sequence for transport of HIV-1 viral RNA. Wikidata
The principle of minimal episteric distortion of the water matrix and its steering role in protein folding. Wikidata
Productive induced metastability in allosteric modulation of kinase function. Wikidata
Protein Cooperativity and Wrapping: Two Themes in the Transformative Platform of Molecular Targeted Therapy Wikidata
Protein folding: could hydrophobic collapse be coupled with hydrogen-bond formation? Wikidata
Protein Folding: Is Hierarchical versus Nonhierarchical a Productive Issue? Wikidata
Protein Folding: Where is the Paradox? Wikidata
Protein promiscuity: drug resistance and native functions--HIV-1 case. Wikidata
Protein structure protection commits gene expression patterns. Wikidata
Protein Under-wrapping Causes Dosage Sensitivity and Decreases Gene Duplicability Wikidata
Protein wrapping: a molecular marker for association, aggregation and drug design. Wikidata
Proteins with H-bond packing defects are highly interactive with lipid bilayers: Implications for amyloidogenesis. Wikidata
Provisional theory of nanoscale water dielectrics Wikidata
Purposely engineered drug–target mismatches for entropy-based drug optimization Wikidata
Random energy model for the kinetics of RNA folding Wikidata
Rational drug redesign to overcome drug resistance in cancer therapy: imatinib moving target. Wikidata
Real-time pattern recognition using an optical generalized Hough transform Wikidata
Reconstruction of perspective shifts and refocusing of a three-dimensional scene from a multi-focus image stack. Wikidata
Redesigning kinase inhibitors to enhance specificity. Wikidata
The RNA folding problem: a variational problem within an adiabatic approximation Wikidata
Selective antagonism of anticancer drugs for side-effect removal. Wikidata
Selectivity filters to edit out deleterious side effects in kinase inhibitors. Wikidata
Self-organisation in the centre manifold of a dissipative system Wikidata
Semiempirical prediction of protein folds Wikidata
Sequentially folded SV-11 RNA: metastability is relevant to biological function Wikidata
Simulating an exploration of RNA conformation space with an appropriate parallel-updating strategy Wikidata
Solvent environment conducive to protein aggregation Wikidata
Solvent-exposed backbone loosens the hydration shell of soluble folded proteins. Wikidata
Solvophobic forces and molecular surface area changes in drug-biomolecule associations as with actinomycin-deoxyguanosine in a wide range of methanol/water mixtures Wikidata
Spatial-temporal dissipative structures arising in open reactive systems with a negative feedback loop Wikidata
Statistical mechanical model for proton transfer in RNA Wikidata
Statistics of Disordered Polymers: An Effective Hamiltonian and its Associated Gibbs Measure Wikidata
Stochastic dynamical constraints in de novo RNA replication. Wikidata
Stress Localization in the RNA Backbone: A Mechanical Footprint for Predicting Base-Backbone Tertiary Contacts Wikidata
Structural defects and the diagnosis of amyloidogenic propensity Wikidata
Structural phase transitions and the catalytic role of RNA in proton transfer events Wikidata
Structure-induced strain determining the internal cyclization site in the yeast cobI5 autocatalytic intron: theory and experimental tests. Wikidata
Sub-nanoscale surface ruggedness provides a water-tight seal for exposed regions in soluble protein structure. Wikidata
Subfunctionalization reduces the fitness cost of gene duplication in humans by buffering dosage imbalances. Wikidata
Subordination of fast-relaxing degrees of freedom to order parameters under Ginzburg-Landau regimes Wikidata
Subordination of the fast-relaxing degree of freedom in the center manifold of the Belousov-Zhabotinsky system Wikidata
Supramolecular Evolution of Protein Organization. Wikidata
Synergizing immunotherapy with molecular-targeted anticancer treatment. Wikidata
Taming the induced folding of drug-targeted kinases. Wikidata
Targeted therapy to annihilate the immune-evading phenotype in cancer evolution. Wikidata
Theory of scaling for fluctuations in thermal explosion conditions Wikidata
Therapeutic efficacy of a novel focal adhesion kinase inhibitor TAE226 in ovarian carcinoma. Wikidata
Time-resolved backbone desolvation and mutational hot spots in folding proteins. Wikidata
Topology to geometry in protein folding: beta-lactoglobulin Wikidata
Transformative concepts for drug design : target wrapping Library of Congress/NACO Wikidata National Library of France
Transition to a convective roll pattern as obtained from the stochastic center-manifold theory Wikidata
Turning promiscuous kinase inhibitors into safer drugs. Wikidata
Under-Wrapped Proteins in the Order–Disorder Twilight: Unraveling the Molecular Etiology of Aberrant Aggregation Wikidata
Water promotes the sealing of nanoscale packing defects in folding proteins Wikidata
What factor drives the fibrillogenic association of β-sheets? Wikidata
Wrapper Drugs for Personalized Medicine Wikidata
Wrapping as a Selectivity Filter for Molecular Targeted Therapy: Preliminary Evidence Wikidata
Wrapping-Based Re-engineering of an Anticancer Drug to Make it Safer Wikidata
Wrapping Deficiencies and De-wetting Patterns in Soluble Proteins: A Blueprint for Drug Design Wikidata
Wrapping Drug Combinations for Therapeutic Editing of Side Effects: Systems Biology Meets Wrapping Technology Wikidata
Wrapping mimicking in drug-like small molecules disruptive of protein-protein interfaces. Wikidata
Wrapping Patterns as Universal Markers for Specificity in the Therapeutic Interference with Signaling Pathways Wikidata
Wrapping technology and the enhancement of specificity in cancer drug treatment. Wikidata

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