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Peter Zoller Wikidata

Zoller, Peter RERO - Library Network of Western Switzerland National Library of Ireland National Library of France Sudoc [ABES], France


Zoller, Peter, 1952- NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library German National Library National Library of the Czech Republic

Zoller, P. (Peter), 1952- Library of Congress/NACO National Library of Israel

Zoller, P. (Peter) National Library of the Netherlands

VIAF ID: 118482790 (Personal)


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Title Sources
Calcolatori quantistici, algoritmi e caos Sudoc [ABES], France Library of Congress/NACO National Library of the Netherlands
Laser excitation of electronic wave packets in Rydberg atoms Wikidata NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library National Library of the Netherlands
The physics of quantum-optical devices Library of Congress/NACO Wikidata National Library of France
Ein pragmatisch orientiertes Architekturmodell der Kontexte RERO - Library Network of Western Switzerland
QIPC RERO - Library Network of Western Switzerland
Quantum computers, algorithms, and chaos Sudoc [ABES], France Library of Congress/NACO National Library of the Netherlands
Quantum Information Processing with Quantum Optics Wikidata
Quantum logic via optimal control in holographic dipole traps Wikidata
Quantum noise, 2000: Library of Congress/NACO National Library of Israel
Quantum noise a handbook of Markovian and non-Markovian quantum stochastic methods with applications to quantum optics RERO - Library Network of Western Switzerland Library of Congress/NACO NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library National Library of the Netherlands National Library of France BIBSYS German National Library Sudoc [ABES], France
Quantum nondemolition measurements of photon number by atomic beam deflection Wikidata
Quantum Reservoir Engineering with Laser Cooled Trapped Ions Wikidata
Quantum simulation - an exciting adventure Wikidata
Quantum simulation. Spectroscopic observation of SU(N)-symmetric interactions in Sr orbital magnetism. Wikidata
Quantum simulations of extended Hubbard models with dipolar crystals Wikidata
A quantum spin transducer based on nanoelectromechanical resonator arrays Wikidata
Quantum State Transfer via Noisy Photonic and Phononic Waveguides. Wikidata
Quantum states and phases in driven open quantum systems with cold atoms Wikidata
Quantum Statistics of a Laser Cooled Ideal Gas Wikidata
Quantum technology: from research to application Wikidata
The quantum world of ultra-cold atoms and light Library of Congress/NACO National Library of France NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library Sudoc [ABES], France
Quasiparticle engineering and entanglement propagation in a quantum many-body system. Wikidata
Reduced Quantum Fluctuations in Resonance Fluorescence Wikidata
Repulsively bound atom pairs in an optical lattice. Wikidata
Reservoir engineering and dynamical phase transitions in optomechanical arrays Wikidata
Rydberg electrons in laser fields: A finite-range-interaction problem. Wikidata
Rydberg excitation of trapped cold ions: a detailed case study Wikidata
Saturated absorption spectroscopy using diode-laser phase noise. Wikidata
Saturation of an optical transition by a phase-diffusing laser field. Wikidata
A scalable quantum computer with ions in an array of microtraps Wikidata
Search for localized Wannier functions of topological band structures via compressed sensing Wikidata
Separability and Distillability of bipartite Gaussian States – the Complete Story Wikidata
sigma +- sigma - laser-cooling configuration with broadband laser fields: Instability at zero velocity. Wikidata
Single-atom cavity QED and optomicromechanics Wikidata
Single-atom cooling by superfluid immersion: A nondestructive method for qubits Wikidata
Single Atom Transistor in a 1D Optical Lattice Wikidata
Single-photon nonlinearities in two-mode optomechanics Wikidata
Solid-state circuit for spin entanglement generation and purification. Wikidata
Spatial Pauli blocking of spontaneous emission in optical lattices Wikidata
Spectral linewidth narrowing in a strongly coupled atom-cavity system via squeezed-light excitation of a ‘‘vacuum’’ Rabi resonance Wikidata
Spectroscopy of Superfluid Pairing in Atomic Fermi Gases Wikidata
Spectrum of resonance fluorescence from a single trapped ion Wikidata
Speed Optimized Two-Qubit Gates with Laser Coherent Control Techniques for Ion Trap Quantum Computing Wikidata
Spin-based all-optical quantum computation with quantum dots: Understanding and suppressing decoherence Wikidata
Squeezing and Entanglement of Atomic Beams Wikidata
Stability and collective excitations of a two-component Bose-Einstein condensed gas: A moment approach Wikidata
State-dependent, addressable subwavelength lattices with cold atoms Wikidata
State-dependent lattices for quantum computing with alkaline-earth-metal atoms Wikidata
Strategic report on current status, visions and goals for research in Europe RERO - Library Network of Western Switzerland
Strong correlation effects and quantum information theory of low dimensional atomic gases Wikidata
Strong Coupling of a Mechanical Oscillator and a Single Atom Wikidata
Strongly correlated 2D quantum phases with cold polar molecules: controlling the shape of the interaction potential. Wikidata
Strongly Correlated Gases of Rydberg-Dressed Atoms: Quantum and Classical Dynamics Wikidata
Sub-Poissonian laser light by dynamic pump-noise suppression. Wikidata
Superconducting Circuits for Quantum Simulation of Dynamical Gauge Fields Wikidata
Superconducting Vortex Lattices for Ultracold Atoms Wikidata
Suppression of Inelastic Collisions Between Polar Molecules With a Repulsive Shield Wikidata
Synthesis of arbitrary quantum states via adiabatic transfer of Zeeman coherence Wikidata
Theory II Wikidata
Theory of a Quantum Scanning Microscope for Cold Atoms. Wikidata
Theory of an atom laser. Wikidata
Theory of cavity-assisted microwave cooling of polar molecules Wikidata
Thermal versus entanglement entropy: a measurement protocol for fermionic atoms with a quantum gas microscope Wikidata
A toolbox for lattice-spin models with polar molecules Wikidata
Topological Quantum Optics in Two-Dimensional Atomic Arrays. Wikidata
Topologically protected quantum state transfer in a chiral spin liquid. Wikidata
Trap-assisted creation of giant molecules and Rydberg-mediated coherent charge transfer in a Penning trap Wikidata
Trapped ions in the strong-excitation regime: Ion interferometry and nonclassical states Wikidata
Trapped Rydberg ions: from spin chains to fast quantum gates Wikidata
Trapping and manipulation of isolated atoms using nanoscale plasmonic structures. Wikidata
Trapping states of motion with cold ions Wikidata
Tricks with a single photon Wikidata
Trimer liquids and crystals of polar molecules in coupled wires Wikidata
Ultracold atoms coupled to micro- and nanomechanical oscillators: Towards hybrid quantum systems Wikidata
Unitary n-designs via random quenches in atomic Hubbard and spin models: Application to the measurement of Rényi entropies Wikidata
Uniting Bose-Einstein Condensates in Optical Resonators Wikidata
Universal digital quantum simulation with trapped ions. Wikidata
Universal photonic quantum computation via time-delayed feedback. Wikidata
Variational ansatz for the superfluid Mott-insulator transition in optical lattices. Wikidata
Wave-function quantum stochastic differential equations and quantum-jump simulation methods. Wikidata
ηCondensate of Fermionic Atom Pairs via Adiabatic State Preparation Wikidata

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