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Bengt Nordén Wikidata

Nordén, Bengt BIBSYS NII (Japan)

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Title Sources
¿7FFrån ljus och små ordnade molekyler till gener och läkemedel" : Bengt Nordéns föreläsning på William Chalmers-dagen den 5 november 1998 i Palmstedtsalen. National Library of Sweden
Chemistry, 2006-2010 Sudoc [ABES], France Library of Congress/NACO
Circular dichroism and linear dichroism National Library of the Netherlands National Library of Israel Wikidata Library of Congress/NACO National Library of Sweden BIBSYS National Library of France Sudoc [ABES], France NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library National Library of Catalonia
Fluorescence-detected interactions of oligonucleotides in RecA complexes. Wikidata
Genetic screening using the colour change of a PNA-DNA hybrid-binding cyanine dye. Wikidata
High-sensitivity linear dichroism as a tool for equilibrium analysis in biochemistry. Stability constant of DNA--ethidiumbromide complex. Wikidata
Induced CD of DNA intercalators: Electric dipole allowed transitions Wikidata
Induced circular dichroism of benzo[a]pyrene-7,8-dihydrodiol 9,10-epoxide stereoisomers covalently bound to deoxyribooligonucleotides used to probe equilibrium distribution between groove binding and intercalative adduct conformations. Wikidata
Interaction mechanisms of low-level electromagnetic fields in living systems National Library of Israel Sudoc [ABES], France Library of Congress/NACO National Library of Sweden BIBSYS
Interaction of benz[a]pyrene diol epoxide with chromatin studied by flow linear dichroism. Wikidata
Interaction of ellipticine and an indolo[2,3b]-quinoxaline derivative with DNA and synthetic polynucleotides. Wikidata
The interaction of ellipticine derivatives with nucleic acids studied by optical and 1H-nmr spectroscopy: effect of size of the heterocyclic ring system. Wikidata
Intercalative interactions of ethidium dyes with triplex structures Wikidata
International evaluation of the MAX II Project January 1990 : report to the Research Council by an international group of experts with the following members: Michael Hart ... Bengt Nordén (chairman). National Library of Sweden
Inverse melting transition and evidence of three-dimensional cubatic structure in a block-copolymer micellar system Wikidata
Ionic strength dependence of the binding of methylene blue to chromatin and calf thymus DNA. Wikidata
Kinetics for hybridization of peptide nucleic acids (PNA) with DNA and RNA studied with the BIAcore technique. Wikidata
The L2 loop peptide of RecA stiffens and restricts base motions of single-stranded DNA similar to the intact protein 1 Wikidata
Linear dichroism studies of nucleic acids. III. Reduced dichoism curves of DNA in ethanol-water and in poly(vinyl alcohol) films Wikidata
Locations of functional domains in the RecA protein. Overlap of domains and regulation of activities. Wikidata
Methyl green. A DNA major-groove binding drug. Wikidata
Molecular flexibility of extended and compacted polynucleosomes Wikidata
Nucleic acid-metal interactions: V. The effect of silver(I) on the structures of A- and B-DNA forms Wikidata
Nucleotide cofactor-dependent structural change of Xenopus laevis Rad51 protein filament detected by small-angle neutron scattering measurements in solution. Wikidata
Om evaluering BIBSYS
On the structure of active chromatin Wikidata
On the Use of Chiral Compounds for Probing the DNA Handedness: Z to B Conversion in Poly(dGm5dC) Upon Binding of Fe(phen)32+and Ru(phen)32+ Wikidata
Optical resolution by chromatography at low temperature Wikidata
Optical studies on complexes between DNA and pseudoisocyanine. Wikidata
Orientation of DNA during gel electrophoresis studied with linear dichroism spectroscopy Wikidata
Orientational dynamics of T2 DNA during agarose gel electrophoresis: influence of gel concentration and electric field strength. Wikidata
Penetratin-induced aggregation and subsequent dissociation of negatively charged phospholipid vesicles Wikidata
Peptide nucleic acid (PNA): its medical and biotechnical applications and promise for the future. Wikidata
Phospholipid membrane permeability of peptide nucleic acid Wikidata
PNA hybridizes to complementary oligonucleotides obeying the Watson-Crick hydrogen-bonding rules. Wikidata
Polariserad spektroskopi tillämpad på bl.a. Co(III)diamin-komplex. National Library of Sweden BIBSYS
Probing DNA Conductivity with Photoinduced Electron Transfer and Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Wikidata
Psoralenamines. 3. Synthesis, pharmacological behavior, and DNA binding of 5-(aminomethyl)-8-methoxy-, 5-[[(3-aminopropyl)oxy]methyl]-, and 8-[(3-aminopropyl)oxy]psoralen derivatives. Wikidata
Ratchet due to broken friction symmetry. Wikidata
Rearrangement of a platinum (II) complex in DNA from intercalation outer-sphere position to non-intercalation coordination Wikidata
Reinterpretation of Linear Dichroism of Chromatin Supports a Perpendicular Linker Orientation in the Folded State Wikidata
Roles of Tyr103 and Tyr264 in the regulation of RecA-DNA interactions by nucleotide cofactors. Wikidata
Screening for genetic mutations Wikidata
Secondary Structure of RecA in Solution. The Effects of Cofactor, DNA and Ionic Conditions Wikidata
Solid phase synthesis of diamides as potential bone resorption inhibitors. Wikidata
Spectroscopic Observation of Renaturation Between Polynucleotides Interacting with RecA in the Presence of ATP Hydrolysis Wikidata
Spectroscopic studies of the trans adducts derived from (+)- and (-)-anti-benzo[a]pyrene-7,8-dihydrodiol-9,10-epoxide and the oligonucleotide 5'-d(CCTATAGATATCC). Wikidata
Spectroscopic studies on double-stranded poly d[(G-C)(G-C)] in B and Z form after covalent modification with the anti diastereomer of trans-7,8-dihydroxy-9,10-epoxy-7,8,9,10-tetrahydrobenzo[a]pyrene. Wikidata
Spin and electron distributions in heme-cyanide models and hemeproteins. Wikidata
Statistical molecular design of peptoid libraries. Wikidata
Strategic Nucleic Acid Research : final report National Library of Sweden
Structural Characterization of PNA-DNA Duplexes by NMR. Evidence for DNA in a B-like Conformation Wikidata
Structural evidence on DNA carcinogen interactions. N-acetoxy-N-2acetylaminofluorene binding to DNA. Wikidata
Structural properties of the covalent (+)-anti-BPDE-poly(dG-dC)(dG-dC) complex Wikidata
Structural transitions of chromatin at low salt concentrations: a flow linear dichroism study. Wikidata
Structure of RecA-DNA complex and mechanism of DNA strand exchange reaction in homologous recombination. Wikidata
Structure of strand-separted DNA in different environments studied by linear dichroism Wikidata
Thermochemical and kinetic evidence for nucleotide-sequence-dependent RecA-DNA interactions. Wikidata
Thermodynamics of PNA interactions with DNA and RNA. Wikidata
Thermodynamics of sequence-specific binding of PNA to DNA. Wikidata
The transcription factor C/EBP-beta and its role in ovarian function; evidence for direct involvement in the ovulatory process. Wikidata
Unspecific DNA binding of the DNA binding domain of the glucocorticoid receptor studied with flow linear dichroism Wikidata
Z → B transition in poly[d(G-m5C)2] induced by interaction with 4′,6-diamidino-2-phenylindole Wikidata

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