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山中伸弥 Wikidata

山中, 伸弥 NII (Japan) National Diet Library, Japan

Yamanaka, Shinya Library of Congress/NACO Sudoc [ABES], France

Yamanaka, S. ISNI

Yamanaka, Shinya 1962- German National Library National Library of Lithuania

야마나카 신야 1962- National Library of Korea

VIAF ID: 107973656 (Personal)


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Title Sources
aipīesu saibō no sangyōteki ōyō gijutsu National Diet Library, Japan
Daihakken no shikōhō : IPS saibō vs. soryūshi National Diet Library, Japan
Hashiritsuzukeru chikara. National Diet Library, Japan
Induced pluripotent stem cells from patients with human fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva show increased mineralization and cartilage formation. Wikidata
Inducible Transgene Expression in Human iPS Cells Using Versatile All-in-One piggyBac Transposons. Wikidata
Induction of pluripotency by defined factors, 2010: Wikidata Library of Congress/NACO
Inhibition of nuclear factor-kappaB activation by pyrrolidine dithiocarbamate prevents chronic FK506 nephropathy. Wikidata
Involvement of ER stress in dysmyelination of Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease with PLP1 missense mutations shown by iPSC-derived oligodendrocytes. Wikidata
iPS cell technologies: significance and applications to CNS regeneration and disease. Wikidata
iPS cells: a game changer for future medicine. Wikidata
iPS cells: a source of cardiac regeneration. Wikidata
IPS saibō ga dekita : Hirogaru jinrui no yume National Diet Library, Japan
iPS saibō no sekai : mirai o hiraku saisentan seimei kagaku Library of Congress/NACO
iPS 細胞の産業的応用技術 = Industrial applied technology of induced pluripotent stem cells NII (Japan) Library of Congress/NACO Wikidata National Diet Library, Japan
IPS細胞ができた! : ひろがる人類の夢 NII (Japan) National Diet Library, Japan
iPS細胞が医療をここまで変える : 実用化への熾烈な世界競争 National Diet Library, Japan
iPS細胞研究の現況と将来の展望 Wikidata
Kagakuchi to jinbunchi no setten : Aipiesu saibo kenkyu no rinriteki kadai o kangaeru. National Diet Library, Japan
Kansaibō Library of Congress/NACO
Kashikoku ikiru yori shinbozuyoi baka ni nare. National Diet Library, Japan
KLF4 N-terminal variance modulates induced reprogramming to pluripotency Wikidata
The let-7/LIN-41 pathway regulates reprogramming to human induced pluripotent stem cells by controlling expression of prodifferentiation genes. Wikidata
Maturation, not initiation, is the major roadblock during reprogramming toward pluripotency from human fibroblasts. Wikidata
[Mechanism for maintaining pluripotency in embryonic stem cells and inner cell mass]. Wikidata
miRNAs regulate SIRT1 expression during mouse embryonic stem cell differentiation and in adult mouse tissues. Wikidata
Modeling Alzheimer's disease with iPSCs reveals stress phenotypes associated with intracellular Aβ and differential drug responsiveness. Wikidata
mTOR is essential for growth and proliferation in early mouse embryos and embryonic stem cells Wikidata
Nanog is the gateway to the pluripotent ground state. Wikidata
Nat1 promotes translation of specific proteins that induce differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells. Wikidata
New Models for Therapeutic Innovation from Japan. Wikidata
Ningen no mirai eai no mirai. National Diet Library, Japan
The nomenclature system should be sustainable, but also practical. Wikidata
Nuclear reprogramming and stem cells Wikidata Library of Congress/NACO Sudoc [ABES], France
Pre-evaluated safe human iPSC-derived neural stem cells promote functional recovery after spinal cord injury in common marmoset without tumorigenicity Wikidata
Premature termination of reprogramming in vivo leads to cancer development through altered epigenetic regulation. Wikidata
Promotion of direct reprogramming by transformation-deficient Myc. Wikidata
Purezenryoku : Mirai o kaeru tsutaeru gijutsu. National Diet Library, Japan
Rapid and deep profiling of human induced pluripotent stem cell proteome by one-shot NanoLC-MS/MS analysis with meter-scale monolithic silica columns. Wikidata
Reactivation of the paternal X chromosome in early mouse embryos. Wikidata
Recent progress in iPS cell research and projected applications Wikidata
Recent stem cell advances: induced pluripotent stem cells for disease modeling and stem cell-based regeneration. Wikidata
Response to comment on "Drug screening for ALS using patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cells". Wikidata
Rethinking differentiation: stem cells, regeneration, and plasticity Wikidata
Role of ERas in promoting tumour-like properties in mouse embryonic stem cells. Wikidata
Saisei iryo sosho. National Diet Library, Japan
Screening ethnically diverse human embryonic stem cells identifies a chromosome 20 minimal amplicon conferring growth advantage. Wikidata
Screening of Human cDNA Library Reveals Two differentiation-Related Genes, HHEX and HLX, as Promoters of Early Phase Reprogramming toward Pluripotency. Wikidata
Shinya Yamanaka: purveyor of pluripotency. Interview by Ruth Williams. Wikidata
Specific lectin biomarkers for isolation of human pluripotent stem cells identified through array-based glycomic analysis Wikidata
Specific role of the truncated betaIV-spectrin Sigma6 in sodium channel clustering at axon initial segments and nodes of ranvier Wikidata
The Src/c-Abl pathway is a potential therapeutic target in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Wikidata
Subcutaneous phaeohyphomycosis caused by Exophiala xenobiotica in a non-Hodgkin lymphoma patient. Wikidata
Transplantation of mouse induced pluripotent stem cells into the cochlea. Wikidata
Tudor domain containing 12 (TDRD12) is essential for secondary PIWI interacting RNA biogenesis in mice Wikidata
Ultrastructural maturation of human-induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes in a long-term culture. Wikidata
Understanding Intracellular Signaling Advances Cardiac Reprogramming Technology Toward Clinical Applications. Wikidata
Utilization of digital differential display to identify novel targets of Oct3/4. Wikidata
Visfatin: a protein secreted by visceral fat that mimics the effects of insulin. Wikidata
When Myc's asleep, embryonic stem cells are dormant Wikidata
Yamanaka aipiesu saibo noberusho ronbun o yomo : Yamanaka aipiesu futatsu no ronbun mausu to hito no eiwa taiyaku to kaisetsu oyobi shorai no jitsuyoka tenbo. National Diet Library, Japan
Yamanaka shin'ya sensei ni jinsei to aipiesu saibo ni tsuite kite mita. Library of Congress/NACO National Diet Library, Japan
Young researchers in Japan. Wikidata
Yujo : Hirao seiji to yamanaka shin'ya saigo no ichinen. National Diet Library, Japan
Yume o jitsugen suru hassoho. National Diet Library, Japan
가능성의 발견 National Library of Korea
「プレゼン」力 : 未来を変える「伝える」技術 NII (Japan) National Diet Library, Japan
幹細胞 NII (Japan) Library of Congress/NACO
人間の未来AIの未来 National Diet Library, Japan
僕たちが何者でもなかった頃の話をしよう NII (Japan)
再生医療へ進む最先端の幹細胞研究 : 注目のiPS・ES・間葉系幹細胞などの分化・誘導の基礎と,各種疾患への臨床応用 NII (Japan)
再生医療叢書. National Diet Library, Japan
夢を実現する発想法 National Diet Library, Japan
大発見の思考法 : iPS細胞vs.素粒子 NII (Japan) National Diet Library, Japan
安全なiPS細胞を高効率で誘導する新規因子Glis1の発見 Wikidata
山中iPS細胞・ノーベル賞受賞論文を読もう : 山中iPS2つの論文〈マウスとヒト〉の英和対訳と解說及び将来の実用化展望 NII (Japan) National Diet Library, Japan
山中伸弥先生に, 人生とiPS細胞について聞いてみた NII (Japan) xR Extended Relationships National Diet Library, Japan
「特集」多能性幹細胞の維持と誘導 NII (Japan)
科学知と人文知の接点 : iPS細胞研究の倫理的課題を考える National Diet Library, Japan
賢く生きるより辛抱強いバカになれ National Diet Library, Japan
走り続ける力 National Diet Library, Japan

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