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Title Sources
18S rDNA phylogeny of lamproderma and allied genera (Stemonitales, Myxomycetes, Amoebozoa). Wikidata
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Corallochytrium, an enigmatic non-flagellate protozoan related to choanoflagellates Wikidata
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Eukaryote kingdoms: seven or nine? Wikidata
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Helkesimastix marina n. sp. (Cercozoa: Sainouroidea superfam. n.) a gliding zooflagellate of novel ultrastructure and unusual ciliary behaviour. Wikidata
High throughput sequencing of microbial eukaryotes in Lake Baikal reveals ecologically differentiated communities and novel evolutionary radiations. Wikidata
Introduction: How and when did microbes change the world? Wikidata
Invalidation of Hyperamoeba by transferring its species to other genera of Myxogastria. Wikidata
Kingdom Chromista and its eight phyla: a new synthesis emphasising periplastid protein targeting, cytoskeletal and periplastid evolution, and ancient divergences. Wikidata
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Megaphylogeny, cell body plans, adaptive zones: causes and timing of eukaryote basal radiations Wikidata
Microheliella maris (Microhelida ord. n.), an ultrastructurally highly distinctive new axopodial protist species and genus, and the unity of phylum Heliozoa. Wikidata
Mixed heterolobosean and novel gregarine lineage genes from culture ATCC 50646: Long-branch artefacts, not lateral gene transfer, distort α-tubulin phylogeny. Wikidata
Molecular data and the evolutionary history of dinoflagellates Wikidata
Molecular phylogeny of Amoebozoa and the evolutionary significance of the unikont Phalansterium Wikidata
Molecular phylogeny of centrohelid heliozoa, a novel lineage of bikont eukaryotes that arose by ciliary loss. Wikidata
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Multigene phylogeny resolves deep branching of Amoebozoa. Wikidata
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Myosin domain evolution and the primary divergence of eukaryotes. Wikidata
The neomuran revolution and phagotrophic origin of eukaryotes and cilia in the light of intracellular coevolution and a revised tree of life Wikidata
New phagotrophic euglenoid species (new genus Decastava; Scytomonas saepesedens; Entosiphon oblongum), Hsp90 introns, and putative euglenoid Hsp90 pre-mRNA insertional editing Wikidata
Novel cultured protists identify deep-branching environmental DNA clades of cercozoa: New Genera Tremula, Micrometopion, Minimassisteria, Nudifila, Peregrinia. Wikidata
Only six kingdoms of life Wikidata
Origin of animal multicellularity: precursors, causes, consequences-the choanoflagellate/sponge transition, neurogenesis and the Cambrian explosion Wikidata
Origin of mitochondria by intracellular enslavement of a photosynthetic purple bacterium Wikidata
Oxnerella micra sp. n. (Oxnerellidae fam. n.), a tiny naked centrohelid, and the diversity and evolution of heliozoa. Wikidata
Phylogenetic analysis of eukaryotes using heat-shock protein Hsp90. Wikidata
Phylogeny and megasystematics of phagotrophic heterokonts (kingdom Chromista) Wikidata
Phylogeny of choanozoa, apusozoa, and other protozoa and early eukaryote megaevolution. Wikidata
Phylogeny of Heterokonta: Incisomonas marina, a uniciliate gliding opalozoan related to Solenicola (Nanomonadea), and evidence that Actinophryida evolved from raphidophytes. Wikidata
Phylogeny of novel naked Filose and Reticulose Cercozoa: Granofilosea cl. n. and Proteomyxidea revised Wikidata
Phylogeny, taxonomy, and astounding genetic diversity of glissomonadida ord. nov., the dominant gliding zooflagellates in soil (Protozoa: Cercozoa). Wikidata
Phylum-specific environmental DNA analysis reveals remarkably high global biodiversity of Cercozoa (Protozoa). Wikidata
Planomonadida ord. nov. (Apusozoa): ultrastructural affinity with Micronuclearia podoventralis and deep divergences within Planomonas gen. nov Wikidata
Polyubiquitin insertions and the phylogeny of Cercozoa and Rhizaria. Wikidata
Protist phylogeny and the high-level classification of Protozoa Wikidata
A revised classification of naked lobose amoebae (Amoebozoa: lobosa) Wikidata
Ribosomal RNA phylogeny of bodonid and diplonemid flagellates and the evolution of euglenozoa. Wikidata
Rigifila ramosa n. gen., n. sp., a filose apusozoan with a distinctive pellicle, is related to Micronuclearia. Wikidata
The root of the eukaryote tree pinpointed Wikidata
Rooting the tree of life by transition analyses Wikidata
Scale evolution, sequence phylogeny, and taxonomy of thaumatomonad Cercozoa: 11 new species and new genera Scutellomonas, Cowlomonas, Thaumatospina and Ovaloplaca. Wikidata
Semimorula liquescens is a modified echinostelid myxomycete (Mycetozoa). Wikidata
The tiny enslaved genome of a rhizarian alga. Wikidata
Two-gene phylogeny of bright-spored Myxomycetes (slime moulds, superorder Lucisporidia). Wikidata
Ultrastructure of Allapsa vibrans and the body plan of Glissomonadida (Cercozoa). Wikidata
Ultrastructure of Diplophrys parva, a new small freshwater species, and a revised analysis of labyrinthulea (Heterokonta) National Library of Poland
Vendozoa and selective forces on animal origin and early diversification: reply to Dufour and McIlroy Wikidata
The zooflagellates Stephanopogon and Percolomonas are a clade (class Percolatea: Phylum Percolozoa) Wikidata
التصنيف الأعلى لجميع الكائنات الحية Wikidata

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