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3 headings found for John Charles Montgomery

  Heading Type Sample Title
1 Croydon, John, 1907-1994 ‎ National Library of France National Library of Spain ISNI RERO - Library Network of Western Switzerland German National Library
John Croydon ‎ Wikidata
Croydon, John J., 1907-1994 ‎ Library of Congress/NACO
Croydon, John ‎ National Library of Australia
Personal First man into space

Fiend without a face, 1958:

2 Payne, John 1872-1952 ‎ ISNI German National Library
Payne, John 18..-19.. chanteur ‎ National Library of France
Payne, John, 1872- ‎ Library of Congress/NACO
Brother, can you spare a dime ?" the roots of American song
Brother, can you spare a dime ?" the roots of American song
3 Brackenridge, H. H. (Hugh Henry), 1748-1816 ‎ Library of Congress/NACO National Library of Israel
Hugh Henry Brackenridge American writer, lawyer and judge ‎ ISNI Wikidata
Brackenridge, Hugh Henry, 1748-1816 ‎ National Library of the Netherlands National Library of Australia German National Library National Library of Lithuania Library and Archives Canada National Library of France Sudoc [ABES], France
Brackenridge, H. H. (1748-1816). ‎ NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library
Brackenridge, Hugh Henry ‎ BIBSYS
Personal Adventures of Major O'Regan. By H.H. Brackenridge ... With a biographical notice ...
Father Bombo's pilgrimage to Mecca, 1770
The death of General Montgomery
Modern chivalry
Modern chivalry