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  Heading Type Sample Title
1 Förster, Gustav, 1873-1932 ‎ NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library German National Library National Library of Latvia
Förster, G. ‎ Vatican Library
Förster, Gustav ‎ RERO - Library Network of Western Switzerland National Library of the Netherlands
Förster ‎ ISNI
Personal Beiträge zur Theorie der achsenaffinen Flächen
Untersuchung einer automatischen Kreisteilmaschine für sexagesimale Teilung der ...

2 Mott, F. W. (Frederick Walker), 1853-1926 ‎ National Library of Ireland National Library of Israel National Library of Australia Library of Congress/NACO
Mott, F. W. ‎ ISNI
Mott, Frederick Walker, 1853-1926 ‎ Sudoc [ABES], France
Mott, Frederick Walker ‎ National Library of the Netherlands
Frederick Walker Mott ‎ Wikidata
Mott, Fredrick Walker 1853-1926 ‎ German National Library
Mott, Frederick Walter, 1853-1926 ‎ National Library of the Czech Republic
Personal Archives of neurology (London, England)

A case of spleno-medullary leukæmia with hemorrhage into the cochlea and semicir ...
The brain and the voice in speech and song
Heredity and eugenics in relation to insanity