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  Heading Type Sample Title
1 Hermannus de Schildesche, 1290-1357 ‎ ISNI National Library of the Czech Republic NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library
Hermannus, de Schildis ‎ RERO - Library Network of Western Switzerland
Hermannus, de Schildiz ‎ Library of Congress/NACO
Hermannus de Schildis 1290-1357 ‎ German National Library
Hermannus de Schildis (Hermannus de), -1357 ‎ National Library of the Netherlands
Hermannus de Schildiz, O.E.S.A., 1290-1357 ‎ Vatican Library
Hermann von Schildesche ‎ Wikidata
Tractatus de conceptione gloriosae virginis Mariae
BM 15th cent.
Speculum manuale sacerdotum
law and regulations
Speculum manuale sacerdotum