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  Heading Type Sample Title
1 Paul Diacre, 0720?-0799? ‎ Sudoc [ABES], France National Library of France
Paulus, Diaconus ‎ National and University Library in Zagreb Central Institute for the Union Catalogue of the Italian libraries Wikidata Flemish Public Libraries RERO - Library Network of Western Switzerland
Paul, the Deacon, approximately 720-799? ‎ Library of Congress/NACO National Library of Israel
Paulus Diaconus 720-799 ‎ National Library of Russia Swiss National Library German National Library
Paulus, Diakonus, ca.720-800 ‎ National Library of the Netherlands
Paulus, Diaconus ca. 720-ca. 799 ‎ National Library of Spain NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library
Paulus 1552-1621 paus V ‎ ISNI
Paulus Diaconus ca. 720-799 ‎ BIBSYS
Paul, the Deacon, ca. 720-799? ‎ National Library of Ireland
Paulus Diaconus, asi 720-asi 799 ‎ National Library of the Czech Republic
Paulus Diaconus, c. 720-799 ‎ Vatican Library
Paulus Diaconus, ca 725-ca 799 ‎ National Library of Sweden
Paulus, Diaconus, ca 724-ca 799 ‎ National Library of Portugal
Paweł Diakon (ok. 720-ok. 799) ‎ National Library of Poland
Diacre, Paul (720-799?) ‎ National Library of Poland
Personal Breviarium ab urbe condita
La conquête de l'Italie par les Lombards
Breviarium ab urbe condita
Breviarium ab urbe condita
1 (f. 1-3): <Homiliarum a Pauli Diaconi editum>, initium tantum: <Pauli Diaconi ...
La conquête de l'Italie par les Lombards

Epitome Sexti Pompei Festi de verborum significatione
Breviarium ab urbe condita
Dwě Hystorye o žiwotu a obcowánj swaté Marye Egypské, někdy hřjssnjcy weliké, kt ...

Epitome Sexti Pompei Festi de verborum significatione
Tractatus de mensuris et ponderibus
Histoire des Lombards
Histoire des Lombards