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Cauldwell, David O. (David Oliver), 1896- Library of Congress/NACO

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easy lessons in practical psychoanalysis. a workable guide for the use of amateurs who want to understand themselves and others better and thereby be happier Wikipedia (en)
effects of castration on men and women. accidental, voluntary and involuntary castration. eunuchism and history Wikipedia (en)
exhibitionism — how it manifests itself: the natural and the anti-social significance of a universal practice, with sidelights on its analogue, voyeurism Wikipedia (en)
female sex habits: a candid study of the sex and love life of american women Wikipedia (en)
fetishism — how it manifests itself: a study of eccentricity in its sexual, psychopathological, and other aspects Wikipedia (en)
the folly of so-called sexual conservation: a study of the damaging theories or superstitions concerning sexual activities, and the knowledge that leads to sex power through understanding Wikipedia (en)
gestation in man and animals: a condensation of facts on pregnancy, development, reproduction and specie perpetuation Wikipedia (en)
giantism, dwarfism, cretinism and mongolism Wikipedia (en)
health, personality appeal, and sex harmony: a candid discussion of health and disease and their influence on personality and the sex life Wikipedia (en)
health psychology: attitudes and facts concerning health and various diseases, including heart disease, cancer, etc. Wikipedia (en)
how not to be love-starved Wikipedia (en)
how to be a midwife: a book for midwives, parents and others who may be called upon to assist in emergency childbirth Wikipedia (en)
how you can become a practical psychoanalyst. workable applications of freud, jung, stekel and others made easy Wikipedia (en)
husbands and wives can be satisfactory lovers: a guide to the esthetics of intimacy, with hints on how sex can be beautiful Wikipedia (en)
hypersexuality — is anyone oversexed? viewpoints of physiologists, psychiatrists, and sociologist on precocious sexuality and nymphomania Wikipedia (en)
ideas which wreck marriage before the honeymoon begins Wikipedia (en)
the intimate embrace: some uncommon facts about a natural function. is it dangerous to prolong, or not to prolong sexual intercourse? what is the pop-fly embrace? how dangerous are excesses? what is, or is not, ethical or propitious? polytechnics? Wikipedia (en)
is sexual sterilization easy? the surprising attitude of doctors — facts about sterilization, including its legal status Wikipedia (en)
the latest so-called miracle cures for syphilis: facts about penicillin & syphilis, complications and treatment Wikipedia (en)
life in a nudist camp, as told by sarge blank to d.o. caldwell, m.d. Wikipedia (en)
male homosexuals tell their stories: facts revealed by men unafraid to tell the truth, with comment and scientific interpretations by the author Wikipedia (en)
man and the sex impulse: the nature of man, his behavior, masculinity and sexual nature Wikipedia (en)
marital triangles: a psychological presentation of extra-marital affairs Wikipedia (en)
menus for the 18-day reducing diet: including alternate menus for the first ten days, with dietetic tables, and dietetic and health advice Wikipedia (en)
the nervous system in disease and health: a treatise to help laymen to a better understanding of the significance of neurological procedures, and the diseases such procedures may reveal Wikipedia (en)
nocturnal emissions: a study of wet dreams: a searching inquiry revealing the truth about a natural and normal phenomenon Wikipedia (en)
now that you are middle-aged Wikipedia (en)
nudism and the truth about nudists: an explanation of various aspects of social nudism, including an exhaustive criticism of the kinsey report on nudity Wikipedia (en)
oddities of sexual behavior: research reveals significant data covering the eccentricities of human conduct, and augmented by a study of sexual behavior in the lower mammals and other forms of life Wikipedia (en)
operations Wikipedia (en)
perverted haters of sex: there are persons who hate sex walking among us every day - a candid study of a strange perversion Wikipedia (en)
petting as an erotic exercise: a study of the significance and techniques of pre-coital play Wikipedia (en)
positive and negative blood: the rhesus factor Wikipedia (en)
practical psychiatry for everyone: how to be your own mind doctor and solve mental problems for yourself and others Wikipedia (en)
premature ejaculation — what to do about it: study of a condition common among men of all ages, with corrective methods and reasons why they work Wikipedia (en)
private letters from homosexuals to a doctor Wikipedia (en)
the problem of unwed fathers: a psychiatric study of a difficult situation, with sidelights on unmarried mothers and so-called illegitimate children Wikipedia (en)
prostate gland diseases and their treatment: a candid presentation of fundamentals, diseases, hygiene, and safeguards Wikipedia (en)
psoriasis and other skin diseases: the most puzzling of all diseases and what to do about them Wikipedia (en)
psychoanalysis: a candid study of the freudian philosophy — facts about freud's psychology, his work and the critics of sex theories that were 50 years ahead of their time Wikipedia (en)
the psychology of harmonious marriage: a book for the guidance of husbands, hives, sweethearts and lovers Wikipedia (en)
psychoquackery: why it enjoys immunity Wikipedia (en)
questions and answers on the sex life and sexual problems of trans-sexuals: trans-sexuals are individuals of one sex and appaently psychologically of the opposite sex. trans-sexuals include heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals and others. a large element of transvestites have trans-sexual leanings.] (1950) b-856* Wikipedia (en)
questions and answers on the sex life and sexual problems of transvestites: an exhaustive, revealing, surprising, informative, educational, entertaining and even shocking encyclopedic compilation of seldom-suspected facts Wikipedia (en)
the relation of the endocrines and heredity to development and intellect: facts concerning stature of mind and body: some diseases of the endocrine glands Wikipedia (en)
revelations of a sexologist: intimate facts that may parallel your experiences Wikipedia (en)
schizophrenia and mental danger signals: what to do about schizophrenic tendencies — a study of behavior and mental disturbances Wikipedia (en)
semen for sale: all about artificial insemination — how it's done. the $2,000 black market on babies. test tube babies-latest facts. husbands for hire. fathers by proxy, and a condensation of facts everyone wants to know Wikipedia (en)
sex and psycho-somatology: a study of the various aspects of the relation of psycho-somatic medicine to sexuality and sexual disorders Wikipedia (en)
sex crimes among juveniles, a study of various delinquencies Wikipedia (en)
sex fallacies superstitions and fact Wikipedia (en)
sex practices in marriage — truth versus falsity: case histories as related by married people of their own volition, with interpretations and comments Wikipedia (en)
sexual athletes: a study of high frequencies of sexual activity, with comparative data on sexual outlets, including explanations and case Wikipedia (en)
sexual fear fixation — what to do about it, how to banish personal fears and thus overcome their damaging effects Wikipedia (en)
sexual problems and their psychology: a sexological manual of self-help, with questions and answers, glossary Wikipedia (en)
sexual stimulation and response Wikipedia (en)
the sexually contented tell their stories, experiences of people who have found their way to sexual happiness Wikipedia (en)
should married lovers fight? : pitfalls and what to do about them Wikipedia (en)
so you married an alcoholic? facts about alcohol, alcoholics, neurosis and neurotics Wikipedia (en)
so you're neurotic! treatment possibilities and treatment techniques for men, women and children who feel too keenly the emotional strains of living Wikipedia (en)
stammering, stuttering and personality vargaries: you may stammer, stutter, or commit numerous vargaries without being aware of it. eccentricities of speech may be sex-connected. if you speak, play music, read, write, type, or associate with other human beings this booklet was written for you Wikipedia (en)
sterility in men and women: a study of causes and treatment possibilities for those who are denied parenthood Wikipedia (en)
the strange story of the human egg: the psychological and sociological factors involved in human reproduction Wikipedia (en)
studies in psychosexuality: revealing, strange and unusual sex complexes, and remedial means which may be applied Wikipedia (en)
technique of courtship and marriage Wikipedia (en)
Transvestism, 1956: Library of Congress/NACO
tranvestists <!--sic --> tell their stories, confessions of persons who prefer to dress like the opposite sex Wikipedia (en)
treatment of impotence in man and woman Wikipedia (en)
the truth about homosexuality in man and woman: plain facts cleanly presented to help improve individual and sociological concepts Wikipedia (en)
the truth about sex stimulants Wikipedia (en)
unconventional modes of sexual expression: a study of the value of adjustment and the futility of punishment of polysexualists and sex variants in modern society Wikipedia (en)
voyeurism — a form of sexual behavior: a critical study of a natural trait that has been given an erroneous meaning Wikipedia (en)
wallflower husbands Wikipedia (en)
what can a sick person believe? a study of what is valid in the new medical magic and a summary of information for both the sick and the well Wikipedia (en)
what is a hermaphrodite? a study of persons of either sex whose genital organs, mental integration and chemical (hormonal) characteristics embrace the characters or characteristics of both sexes Wikipedia (en)
what makes the neurotic personality behave that way? what psychiatry has learned about your reactions to the anxieties, conflicts and strain of modern living Wikipedia (en)
what to know and do about the male climacteric. advice which can help to keep men from going off the deep end, including a generous questions and answers section Wikipedia (en)
what women should know about the menopause: prevention of suffering through an understanding of the hygiene of life's natural changes Wikipedia (en)
what's wrong with transvestism? a compilation of the diaries of transvestists as revealed to the author, with letters and day-by-day events from the lives of those who prefer to wear the clothing of the opposite sex Wikipedia (en)
when are girls promiscuous? lessons in love’s physiology, for the virgin and her sister, with questions and answers Wikipedia (en)
why be a nudist? the intelligent, delightful and uninhibited may be nudists just for fun, or the hell of it Wikipedia (en)
why i am a nudist: how an ugly duckling became an accomplished beauty Wikipedia (en)
why males wear female attire: strange stories, weird confessions, historical data, and scientific explanations of transvestism Wikipedia (en)
why sex offenders act that way: psychiatry shows that sex delinquents are desperately sick people Wikipedia (en)
why there are orgastic and other sexual cripples Wikipedia (en)
why wives are wallflowers Wikipedia (en) Library of Congress/NACO
[[william heirens]] — notorious sex maniac — a study of cases and causes of sex crimes and criminals, and the tragic failure of correctional institutions Wikipedia (en)
woman and the sex impulse: amazing power of tiny quantities of a biochemical substance and glands that make it Wikipedia (en)
your blood pressure and what you should know about it Wikipedia (en)

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