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Peter C. Doherty Australian veterinary surgeon Wikidata

Doherty, P. C. (Peter C.) National Library of Israel National Library of Ireland National Library of Australia Library of Congress/NACO

Doherty, Peter C., 1940- German National Library National Library of the Czech Republic National Library of Latvia

Doherty, Peter C. 1940- medicus, Nobelprijs-winnaar ISNI

Doherty, Peter C. BIBSYS

Doherty, Peter C., medicus, Nobelprijs-winnaar, 1940- National Library of the Netherlands

Doherty, Peter Charles, 1940-.... Sudoc [ABES], France

VIAF ID: 57773644 (Personal)

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ISNI: 0000  0000  5704  3467 

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Title Sources
The beginner's guide to winning the Nobel Prize : a life in science National Library of Ireland National Library of the Netherlands Library of Congress/NACO Sudoc [ABES], France
CD8+ T-cells: are they sufficient to prevent, contain or eradicate HIV-1 infection? Wikidata
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The glittering prizes. Wikidata
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Heat-shock proteins and the gamma delta T cell response in virus infections: implications for autoimmunity. Wikidata
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HIV vaccine rationale, design and testing. Wikidata
Immunity to seasonal and pandemic influenza A viruses. Wikidata
Immunological memory, c2000: National Library of Israel National Library of Ireland National Library of Australia Library of Congress/NACO
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Influenza and the challenge for immunology. Wikidata
Killer T cells in influenza. Wikidata
The kinase mTOR modulates the antibody response to provide cross-protective immunity to lethal infection with influenza virus. Wikidata
A light history of hot air Library of Congress/NACO
Limited breadth of a T-helper cell response to a human immunodeficiency virus envelope protein. Wikidata
The limits of protection by "memory" T cells in Ig-/- mice persistently infected with a gamma-herpesvirus. Wikidata
Localization of CD4+ T cell epitope hotspots to exposed strands of HIV envelope glycoprotein suggests structural influences on antigen processing. Wikidata
Location rather than CD62L phenotype is critical in the early establishment of influenza-specific CD8+ T cell memory. Wikidata
Paired analysis of TCRα and TCRβ chains at the single-cell level in mice. Wikidata
Pandemics BIBSYS Library of Congress/NACO National Library of Latvia
Pathogenesis of an infectious mononucleosis-like disease induced by a murine gamma-herpesvirus: role for a viral superantigen? Wikidata
Peritoneal macrophages as target cells for measuring virus-specific T cell mediated cytotoxicity in vitro. Wikidata
Phenotypic analysis of the inflammatory exudate in murine lymphocytic choriomeningitis. Wikidata
Physiological numbers of CD4+ T cells generate weak recall responses following influenza virus challenge. Wikidata
Primary CTL response magnitude in mice is determined by the extent of naive T cell recruitment and subsequent clonal expansion. Wikidata
Profound protection against respiratory challenge with a lethal H7N7 influenza A virus by increasing the magnitude of CD8(+) T-cell memory. Wikidata
Protective memory responses are modulated by priming events prior to challenge. Wikidata
Q&A: What have we found out about the influenza A (H1N1) 2009 pandemic virus? Wikidata
Quantitative analysis of long-term virus-specific CD8+-T-cell memory in mice challenged with unrelated pathogens. Wikidata
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Receptor interacting protein kinase 2-mediated mitophagy regulates inflammasome activation during virus infection. Wikidata
Reconstruction of the 1918 influenza virus: unexpected rewards from the past. Wikidata
Recovery from severe H7N9 disease is associated with diverse response mechanisms dominated by CD8⁺ T cells. Wikidata
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Requirement for Stat4 in interleukin-12-mediated responses of natural killer and T cells. Wikidata
The role of epigenetics in the acquisition and maintenance of effector function in virus-specific CD8 T cells. Wikidata
Screening monoclonal antibodies for cross-reactivity in the ferret model of influenza infection. Wikidata
Sharing of T cell receptors in antigen-specific responses is driven by convergent recombination. Wikidata
Sizing up the key determinants of the CD8(+) T cell response. Wikidata
So gewinnt man den Nobelpreis das Geheimnis guter Wissenschaft German National Library
Structural determinants of T-cell receptor bias in immunity. Wikidata
Systematic identification of immunodominant CD8+ T-cell responses to influenza A virus in HLA-A2 individuals. Wikidata
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Their fate is our fate : how birds foretell threats to our health and our world National Library of Australia Library of Congress/NACO xR Extended Relationships
TNF/iNOS-producing dendritic cells are the necessary evil of lethal influenza virus infection. Wikidata
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A virus-specific CD8+ T cell immunodominance hierarchy determined by antigen dose and precursor frequencies. Wikidata
Virus-specific immunity after gene therapy in a murine model of severe combined immunodeficiency. Wikidata

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