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Südhof, Thomas C. National Library of the Netherlands National Library of France BIBSYS Sudoc [ABES], France Library of Congress/NACO National Library of Israel ISNI NII (Japan)

Südhof, Thomas C. (1955- ) National Library of Poland German National Library

Suedhof, Thomas C. National and University Library in Zagreb

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Title Sources
Die biophysikalische Struktur der chromaffinen Granula im Lichte ihres Osmometerverhaltens und ihrer osmotischen Lyse. - German National Library
Genomic definition of RIM proteins: evolutionary amplification of a family of synaptic regulatory proteins☆☆Sequence data from this article have been deposited with the GenBank Data Library under Accession Nos. AF548738 and AF548739. Wikidata
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High affinity neurexin binding to cell adhesion G-protein-coupled receptor CIRL1/latrophilin-1 produces an intercellular adhesion complex Wikidata
High-level expression of the 32.5-kilodalton calelectrin in ductal epithelia as revealed by immunocytochemistry. Wikidata
Histogenesis and differentiation potential of central neurocytomas. Wikidata
Homo- and heterodimerization of synapsins. Wikidata
How Tlg2p/syntaxin 16 'snares' Vps45 Wikidata
How to make a synaptic ribbon: RIBEYE deletion abolishes ribbons in retinal synapses and disrupts neurotransmitter release. Wikidata
Human 67-kDa calelectrin contains a duplication of four repeats found in 35-kDa lipocortins Wikidata
Human endomembrane H+ pump strongly resembles the ATP-synthetase of Archaebacteria Wikidata
Identification, expression, and crystallization of the protease-resistant conserved domain of synapsin I Wikidata
Impaired insulin secretion and glucose intolerance in synaptotagmin-7 null mutant mice Wikidata
Impaired learning in mice with abnormal short-lived plasticity. Wikidata
Inactivation of presenilins causes pre-synaptic impairment prior to post-synaptic dysfunction Wikidata
Increased anxiety-like behavior in mice lacking the inhibitory synapse cell adhesion molecule neuroligin 2 Wikidata
Induced neuronal cells: how to make and define a neuron Wikidata
Induction of human neuronal cells by defined transcription factors Wikidata
Inositol hexakisphosphate suppresses excitatory neurotransmission via synaptotagmin-1 C2B domain in the hippocampal neuron Wikidata
Integrative genomic and functional analyses reveal neuronal subtype differentiation bias in human embryonic stem cell lines Wikidata
Interaction of synaptotagmin with the cytoplasmic domains of neurexins. Wikidata
Intracellular calcium dependence of large dense-core vesicle exocytosis in the absence of synaptotagmin I Wikidata
Latrophilins function as heterophilic cell-adhesion molecules by binding to teneurins: regulation by alternative splicing Wikidata
Leucine-rich repeat transmembrane proteins are essential for maintenance of long-term potentiation Wikidata
Lipid-anchored SNAREs lacking transmembrane regions fully support membrane fusion during neurotransmitter release Wikidata
Lipid and protein interactions in ca-promoted aggregation and fusion of chromaffin granule membranes. Wikidata
Localization of Rab5 to synaptic vesicles identifies endosomal intermediate in synaptic vesicle recycling pathway Wikidata
Localization versus function of Rab3 proteins. Evidence for a common regulatory role in controlling fusion Wikidata
Long-term potentiation in mice lacking synapsins. Wikidata
LRRTM2 functions as a neurexin ligand in promoting excitatory synapse formation Wikidata
LTP requires a unique postsynaptic SNARE fusion machinery Wikidata
Mammalian homologues of Caenorhabditis elegans unc-13 gene define novel family of C2-domain proteins Wikidata
MDGAs interact selectively with neuroligin-2 but not other neuroligins to regulate inhibitory synapse development Wikidata
Mechanism of action of rab3A in mossy fiber LTP. Wikidata
Mechanism of Ca2+ inhibition of inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate (InsP3) binding to the cerebellar InsP3 receptor. Wikidata
Membrane fusion as a team effort Wikidata
Membrane fusion: grappling with SNARE and SM proteins Wikidata
Membrane-tethered monomeric neurexin LNS-domain triggers synapse formation Wikidata
Mevinolin, an inhibitor of cholesterol synthesis, induces mRNA for low density lipoprotein receptor in livers of hamsters and rabbits Wikidata
Mint 3: a ubiquitous mint isoform that does not bind to munc18-1 or -2 Wikidata
Mints as adaptors. Direct binding to neurexins and recruitment of munc18 Wikidata
Modulation of excitation on parvalbumin interneurons by neuroligin-3 regulates the hippocampal network. Wikidata
Molecular approaches to synaptic vesicle exocytosis. Wikidata
Molecular determinants of regulated exocytosis Wikidata
The molecular logic of synapse formation in the brain, 2018: Library of Congress/NACO
Mouse neurexin-1alpha deletion causes correlated electrophysiological and behavioral changes consistent with cognitive impairments. Wikidata
Munc13-1 is essential for fusion competence of glutamatergic synaptic vesicles. Wikidata
Munc13 C2B domain is an activity-dependent Ca2+ regulator of synaptic exocytosis Wikidata
Munc18-1 binds directly to the neuronal SNARE complex Wikidata
Munc18-1 stabilizes syntaxin 1, but is not essential for syntaxin 1 targeting and SNARE complex formation. Wikidata
Mutation in LDL receptor: Alu-Alu recombination deletes exons encoding transmembrane and cytoplasmic domains Wikidata
Myt1l safeguards neuronal identity by actively repressing many non-neuronal fates. Wikidata
Native α-synuclein induces clustering of synaptic-vesicle mimics via binding to phospholipids and synaptobrevin-2/VAMP2 Wikidata
NECABs: a family of neuronal Ca(2+)-binding proteins with an unusual domain structure and a restricted expression pattern Wikidata
Neurexin III alpha: extensive alternative splicing generates membrane-bound and soluble forms Wikidata
Neurexin Iα Is a Major α-Latrotoxin Receptor That Cooperates in α-Latrotoxin Action Wikidata
Neurexins physically and functionally interact with GABA(A) receptors Wikidata
Neurexins: synaptic cell surface proteins related to the alpha-latrotoxin receptor and laminin Wikidata
Neurexins: three genes and 1001 products Wikidata
Neurexophilin binding to alpha-neurexins. A single LNS domain functions as an independently folding ligand-binding unit Wikidata
Neurexophilins form a conserved family of neuropeptide-like glycoproteins Wikidata
Neuroligin 1: a splice site-specific ligand for beta-neurexins Wikidata
Neuroligin-1 deletion results in impaired spatial memory and increased repetitive behavior. Wikidata
Neuroligin-2 deletion selectively decreases inhibitory synaptic transmission originating from fast-spiking but not from somatostatin-positive interneurons Wikidata
Neuroligins Are Selectively Essential for NMDAR Signaling in Cerebellar Stellate Interneurons. Wikidata
Neuroligins determine synapse maturation and function Wikidata
Neuroligins/LRRTMs prevent activity- and Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent synapse elimination in cultured neurons Wikidata
Neuroligins Sculpt Cerebellar Purkinje-Cell Circuits by Differential Control of Distinct Classes of Synapses. Wikidata
Neuronal calcium sensor synaptotagmin-9 is not involved in the regulation of glucose homeostasis or insulin secretion Wikidata
A novel evolutionarily conserved domain of cell-adhesion GPCRs mediates autoproteolysis Wikidata
A novel family of phosphatidylinositol 4-kinases conserved from yeast to humans Wikidata
A novel ubiquitous form of Munc-18 interacts with multiple syntaxins. Use of the yeast two-hybrid system to study interactions between proteins involved in membrane traffic Wikidata
Pharmacology of neurotransmitter release Wikidata Sudoc [ABES], France National Library of France Library of Congress/NACO
A phospho-switch controls the dynamic association of synapsins with synaptic vesicles Wikidata
A protein connection between exocytosis and endocytosis? Wikidata
A single C2 domain from synaptotagmin I is sufficient for high affinity Ca2+/phospholipid binding Wikidata
A small GTP-binding protein dissociates from synaptic vesicles during exocytosis. Wikidata
A stoichiometric complex of neurexins and dystroglycan in brain Wikidata
The synapse : a subject collection from Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in biology National Library of the Netherlands National Library of France Sudoc [ABES], France Library of Congress/NACO
Synapses National and University Library in Zagreb Sudoc [ABES], France National Library of Israel Wikidata BIBSYS Library of Congress/NACO
A synaptic vesicle membrane protein is conserved from mammals to Drosophila. Wikidata
A systematic approach to studying synaptic function in vertebrates. Wikidata
A transcriptionally [correction of transcriptively] active complex of APP with Fe65 and histone acetyltransferase Tip60 Wikidata
A trimeric protein complex functions as a synaptic chaperone machine. Wikidata

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