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Thomas Südhof deutsch-amerikanischer Biochemiker Wikidata

Südhof, Thomas C. Sudoc [ABES], France German National Library National Library of the Netherlands Library of Congress/NACO National Library of France National Library of Israel ISNI NII (Japan)

Südhof, Thomas C. 1955- German National Library

Suedhof, Thomas C. National and University Library in Zagreb

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ISNI: 0000  0000  2332  0972 

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Title Sources
Die biophysikalische Struktur der chromaffinen Granula im Lichte ihres Osmometerverhaltens und ihrer osmotischen Lyse. - German National Library
Mutation in LDL receptor: Alu-Alu recombination deletes exons encoding transmembrane and cytoplasmic domains Wikidata
Native α-synuclein induces clustering of synaptic-vesicle mimics via binding to phospholipids and synaptobrevin-2/VAMP2 Wikidata
Neurexin III alpha: extensive alternative splicing generates membrane-bound and soluble forms Wikidata
The neurexin ligands, neuroligins and leucine-rich repeat transmembrane proteins, perform convergent and divergent synaptic functions in vivo Wikidata
Neurexins physically and functionally interact with GABA(A) receptors Wikidata
Neurexins: synaptic cell surface proteins related to the alpha-latrotoxin receptor and laminin Wikidata
Neurexophilins form a conserved family of neuropeptide-like glycoproteins Wikidata
Neuroligin-1 deletion results in impaired spatial memory and increased repetitive behavior Wikidata
Neuroligin-2 deletion selectively decreases inhibitory synaptic transmission originating from fast-spiking but not from somatostatin-positive interneurons Wikidata
Neuroligins/LRRTMs prevent activity- and Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent synapse elimination in cultured neurons Wikidata
Neuronal calcium sensor synaptotagmin-9 is not involved in the regulation of glucose homeostasis or insulin secretion Wikidata
Neurons generated by direct conversion of fibroblasts reproduce synaptic phenotype caused by autism-associated neuroligin-3 mutation Wikidata
Neurotransmitter release at the thalamocortical synapse instructs barrel formation but not axon patterning in the somatosensory cortex Wikidata
Parkinson-like syndrome induced by continuous MPTP infusion: convergent roles of the ubiquitin-proteasome system and alpha-synuclein Wikidata
Pathogenic mechanism of an autism-associated neuroligin mutation involves altered AMPA-receptor trafficking Wikidata
Pharmacology of Neurotransmitter Release Wikidata Sudoc [ABES], France National Library of France Library of Congress/NACO
Postsynaptic N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor function requires alpha-neurexins Wikidata
The presynaptic active zone protein RIM1alpha is critical for normal learning and memory Wikidata
Presynaptic neurexin-3 alternative splicing trans-synaptically controls postsynaptic AMPA receptor trafficking Wikidata
Propagation of prions causing synucleinopathies in cultured cells Wikidata
Properties of native brain α-synuclein Wikidata
Push-and-pull regulation of the fusion pore by synaptotagmin-7 Wikidata
rab3 is a small GTP-binding protein exclusively localized to synaptic vesicles Wikidata
Rab3 reversibly recruits rabphilin to synaptic vesicles by a mechanism analogous to raf recruitment by ras Wikidata
Rab3B protein is required for long-term depression of hippocampal inhibitory synapses and for normal reversal learning Wikidata
Rab3D is not required for exocrine exocytosis but for maintenance of normally sized secretory granules Wikidata
Rabphilin regulates SNARE-dependent re-priming of synaptic vesicles for fusion Wikidata
Rapid single-step induction of functional neurons from human pluripotent stem cells Wikidata
Region-specific deletions of RIM1 reproduce a subset of global RIM1α(-/-) phenotypes Wikidata
Retinoic Acid and LTP Recruit Postsynaptic AMPA Receptors Using Distinct SNARE-Dependent Mechanisms Wikidata
RIM determines Ca²+ channel density and vesicle docking at the presynaptic active zone Wikidata
RIM genes differentially contribute to organizing presynaptic release sites Wikidata
RIM proteins activate vesicle priming by reversing autoinhibitory homodimerization of Munc13 Wikidata
RIM proteins tether Ca2+ channels to presynaptic active zones via a direct PDZ-domain interaction Wikidata
RIM1 and RIM2 redundantly determine Ca2+ channel density and readily releasable pool size at a large hindbrain synapse Wikidata
RIM1alpha and interacting proteins involved in presynaptic plasticity mediate prepulse inhibition and additional behaviors linked to schizophrenia Wikidata
RIM1alpha and RIM1beta are synthesized from distinct promoters of the RIM1 gene to mediate differential but overlapping synaptic functions Wikidata
RIM1alpha phosphorylation at serine-413 by protein kinase A is not required for presynaptic long-term plasticity or learning Wikidata
Single-Cell mRNA Profiling Reveals Cell-Type-Specific Expression of Neurexin Isoforms Wikidata
Soluble amyloid precursor protein (APP) regulates transthyretin and Klotho gene expression without rescuing the essential function of APP Wikidata
Sr2+ binding to the Ca2+ binding site of the synaptotagmin 1 C2B domain triggers fast exocytosis without stimulating SNARE interactions Wikidata
Structural and mutational analysis of functional differentiation between synaptotagmins-1 and -7 Wikidata
Structural basis for a Munc13-1 homodimer to Munc13-1/RIM heterodimer switch Wikidata
Structural Basis of Latrophilin-FLRT-UNC5 Interaction in Cell Adhesion Wikidata
Structure and Ca²⁺-binding properties of the tandem C₂ domains of E-Syt2 Wikidata
Structure of a novel InsP3 receptor Wikidata
The structure of cytochrome b561, a secretory vesicle-specific electron transport protein Wikidata
The structure of the human synapsin I gene and protein Wikidata
Structure of the murine rab3A gene: correlation of genomic organization with antibody epitopes Wikidata
Structures and chromosomal localizations of two human genes encoding synaptobrevins 1 and 2 Wikidata
The synapse : a subject collection from Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in biology National Library of the Netherlands Library of Congress/NACO
The synapse / edited by Morgan Sheng, Bernardo L. Sabatini, Thomas C. Südhof, 2012 Sudoc [ABES], France National Library of France
Synapses and Alzheimer's disease Wikidata
Synapses / edited by W. Maxwell Cowan, Thomas C. Suedhof, Charles F. Stevens with the assistance of Kevin Davies. Baltimore ; London, 2001. National and University Library in Zagreb Sudoc [ABES], France Library of Congress/NACO
Synapsin I is structurally similar to ATP-utilizing enzymes Wikidata
Synapsins regulate use-dependent synaptic plasticity in the calyx of Held by a Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent pathway Wikidata
Synaptic cell adhesion Wikidata
Synaptic function of nicastrin in hippocampal neurons Wikidata
Synaptic targeting domains of synapsin I revealed by transgenic expression in photoreceptor cells Wikidata
Synaptic vesicle exocytosis Wikidata
Synaptic vesicle membrane fusion complex: action of clostridial neurotoxins on assembly Wikidata
Synaptophysin is targeted to similar microvesicles in CHO and PC12 cells Wikidata
Synaptotagmin-1 and -7 are functionally overlapping Ca2+ sensors for exocytosis in adrenal chromaffin cells Wikidata
Synaptotagmin-1 and -7 Are Redundantly Essential for Maintaining the Capacity of the Readily-Releasable Pool of Synaptic Vesicles Wikidata
Synaptotagmin-1 functions as a Ca2+ sensor for spontaneous release Wikidata
Synaptotagmin-12 phosphorylation by cAMP-dependent protein kinase is essential for hippocampal mossy fiber LTP Wikidata
Synaptotagmin-7 is a principal Ca2+ sensor for Ca2+ -induced glucagon exocytosis in pancreas Wikidata
Synaptotagmin-7 Is Essential for Ca2+-Triggered Delayed Asynchronous Release But Not for Ca2+-Dependent Vesicle Priming in Retinal Ribbon Synapses Wikidata
Synaptotagmin-7 phosphorylation mediates GLP-1-dependent potentiation of insulin secretion from β-cells Wikidata
Synaptotagmin 7 splice variants differentially regulate synaptic vesicle recycling Wikidata
Synaptotagmins form a hierarchy of exocytotic Ca(2+) sensors with distinct Ca(2+) affinities Wikidata
SynCAM 1 adhesion dynamically regulates synapse number and impacts plasticity and learning Wikidata
Syntaxin-1 N-peptide and Habc-domain perform distinct essential functions in synaptic vesicle fusion Wikidata
Systematic mutagenesis of α-synuclein reveals distinct sequence requirements for physiological and pathological activities Wikidata
Testing the SNARE/SM protein model of membrane fusion Wikidata
Ubiquitin-Synaptobrevin Fusion Protein Causes Degeneration of Presynaptic Motor Terminals in Mice Wikidata
Ultrahigh-resolution imaging reveals formation of neuronal SNARE/Munc18 complexes in situ Wikidata
Understanding synapses: past, present, and future Wikidata
Unexpected Ca2+-binding properties of synaptotagmin 9 Wikidata
Unusually rapid evolution of Neuroligin-4 in mice Wikidata
α-Synuclein assembles into higher-order multimers upon membrane binding to promote SNARE complex formation Wikidata
β-Neurexins Control Neural Circuits by Regulating Synaptic Endocannabinoid Signaling Wikidata

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