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Kingston, Felix. ISNI NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library German National Library Library of Congress/NACO National Library of Ireland

Kingston, Felix, 1597-1651 Sudoc [ABES], France

Kingston, Felix fl. 1597-1651 National Library of Spain

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Title Sources
An Antilogie or counterplea to An apologicall(he should have said) apologeticall epistle published by a favorite of the Romane separation, and (as is supposed) one of the Ignatian faction Sudoc [ABES], France
The art of dialling : teaching an easie and perfect way to make all kinds of dials vpon any plaine plat howsoeuer placed : with the drawing of the twelve signes, and howres unequall in them all : whereunto is annexed the making and use of other dials and instruments whereby the houre of the day and night is knowne : of speciall use and delight, not onely for students of the arts mathematicall, but also for divers artificers, architects, surveyours of buildings, Free-Masons and others Library of Congress/NACO
Austins Vrania, or, The heauenly muse : in a poem full of most feeling meditations for the comfort of all soules at all times Library of Congress/NACO
Bible. Sudoc [ABES], France
Britain, or a chorographicall description of the most flourishing kingdomes, England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the islands adjoyning, out of the depth of antiquitie. beautified with mappes of the severall shires of Englang. written first in Latine by William Camden Sudoc [ABES], France
Britannia. Sudoc [ABES], France
Catholikes supplication unto the Kings Maiestie for toleration of Catholike religion in England Library of Congress/NACO
Certain general reasons, proving the lawfulnesse of the Oath of allegiance, written by R.S. priest, to his privat friend. Whereunto is added : the treatise of that learned man, M. William Barclay, concerning the temporall power of the pope. And with these is joyned the sermon of M. Theophilus Higgons, preached at Pauls Crosse the third of March last. Sudoc [ABES], France Library of Congress/NACO
Certaine errors in navigation Library of Congress/NACO
Civill considerations upon many and sundrie histories, as well ancient as moderne, and principallie upon those of Guicciardin... Handled after the manner of a discourse Sudoc [ABES], France Library of Congress/NACO
Considerationi civili sopra l'historie di Francesco Guicciardini. Sudoc [ABES], France
Consilium Delectorum Cardinalium et Aliorum Praelatorum, de emendanda Ecclesia S.D.N. D. Paulo III, ipso iubente conscriptum & exhibitum an. 1538. Libellus vere aureus ante annos 70. in Concil. Tridentino primùm editus, deinde Romani Antichristi tyrannico iussu iniustè suppressus ... National Library of Spain
The converts first love discerned, justified, left and recovered, 1610: Library of Congress/NACO
The creatures praysing God, or, the religion of dumbe creatures, 1622: Library of Congress/NACO
Diatribe vpon the first part of the late History of tithes Library of Congress/NACO
A discourse and discouery of Nevv-found-land, with many reasons to prooue how worthy and beneficiall a plantation may there be made, after a far better manner than now it is : together with the laying open of certaine enormities and abuses committed by some that trade to that countrey, and the meanes laid downe for reformation thereof Library of Congress/NACO
Discourse and discovery of Newfoundland Sudoc [ABES], France Library of Congress/NACO
A discourse containing a loving invitation both honourable, and profitable to all such as shall be adventurers, either in person, or purse, for the advancement of His Majesties most hopefull plantation in the New-found-land... Written by Captain Richard Whitbourne of Exmouth, in the county of Devon. Sudoc [ABES], France Library of Congress/NACO
Discourse of true happinesse Library of Congress/NACO
Ecclesiasticall historie containing the acts and monuments of martyrs Sudoc [ABES], France Library of Congress/NACO National Library of Ireland
Eirenogonia, or the pedegree of peace, delivered in a sermon intended to the judges at the assises holden at Okeham in Rutland, July 31. 1629. but after upon an occasion, preached at Uppingham, in the same countie, Septemb. 6. 1629 Sudoc [ABES], France
The elder brother : a comedie, acted at the Blacke Friers by His Maiesties servants : printed according to the true copie Library of Congress/NACO
An exact discoverie of Romish doctrine in the case of conspiracie and rebellion Sudoc [ABES], France
[A feast for wormes : set forth in a poeme of the history of Ionah Library of Congress/NACO
Further obseruations of the english spanish pilgrime, concerning Spaine being a second part of his former booke, and containing these particulars : the description of Monastery ... called the Escuriall ... a briese relation of certaine daemonicall stratagems of the Spanish Inquisition exercised on diuers english men ..., a relation of the founding of a military order in Rome, to wit, of the Immaculate conception ... National Library of Spain
The genealogies recorded in the sacred Scriptures, 1642: Library of Congress/NACO National Library of Ireland
Gods controuersie with England, or, A description of the fearefull and lamentable estate which this land at this present is in : preached at Pauls Crosse vpon Trinitie Sunday, being Iune 11, in the yeare of our Lord 1609 Library of Congress/NACO
Good newes from Virginia : sent to the Counsell and Company of Virginia, resident in England, from Alexander Whitaker, the minister of Henrico in Virginia, wherein also is a narration of the present state of that countrey, and our colonies there : perused and published by direction from that Counsell : and a preface prefixed of some matters touching that plantation, very requisite to be made knowne. Library of Congress/NACO National Library of Ireland
A good speed to Virginia. Library of Congress/NACO
He tes anthologias anthologia, 1629: Library of Congress/NACO
Heliodorus his Aethopian history : done out of Greeke and compared with other translations in diuers languages : the arguments and contents of euery seuerall booke are prefixed to the beginning of the same for the better vnderstanding of the storie. Library of Congress/NACO
His Maiesties gracious letter to the Earle of South-Hampton, treasurer, and to the councell and Company of Virginia heere : commanding the present setting vp of silke works, and planting of vines in Virginia : and the letter of the treasurer, councell, and company to the gouernour and councell of state there for the strict excecution of His Maiesties royall commands herein : also a Treatise of the art of making silke ... together with instructions how to plant and dresse vines and to make wine ... and in the end, a conclusion, with sundry profitable remonstrances to the colonies Library of Congress/NACO
Histoire admirable de la possession et conversion d'une pénitente. Sudoc [ABES], France
Histoire des troubles de Hongrie. Library of Congress/NACO
Historia Belgica nostri potissimum temporis. Sudoc [ABES], France
Historie der Nederlandsche ende haerder naburen oorlogen. Library of Congress/NACO
The historie of all the Romane emperors : beginning with Caius Iulius Caesar, and successiuely ending with Rodulph the Second now raigning ... Library of Congress/NACO
The historie of the troubles of Hungarie : containing the pitifull losse and ruine of that kingdome, and the warres happened there, in that time, betweene the Christians and Turkes Library of Congress/NACO
Horologiographia Library of Congress/NACO
Instructions for a right comforting afflicted consciences : with speciall antidotes against some grievous temptations : delivered for the most part in the lecture at Kettering in North-hamptonshire Library of Congress/NACO
Marchants mapp of commerce Library of Congress/NACO
The merchants mappe of commerce : wherein the universall manner and matter of trade, is compendiously handled : the standerd and currant coines of sundry princes observed : the reall and imaginary coines of accompts and exchanges expressed : the naturall and artificiall commodities of all countries for transportation declared : the weights and measures of all eminent cities and tovvns of traffique, collected and reduced one into another, and all to the meridian of commerce practised in the famous citie of London Sudoc [ABES], France Library of Congress/NACO
Mirovr for magistrates Library of Congress/NACO
The new life of Virginea : declaring the former successe and present estate of that plantation, being the second part of Noua Britannia Library of Congress/NACO
Newes of the complement of the art of navigation : and of the mightie Empire of Cataia : together with the Straits of Anian Library of Congress/NACO
Novissima tvba Library of Congress/NACO
Orders and constitutions, partly collected out of His Maiesties letters patents, and partly by authority, and in vertue of the said letters patents : ordained vpon mature deliberation, by the Gouernour and Company of the City of London, for the plantation of the Summer-Ilands : for the better gouerning of the actions and affaires of the said Company and plantation : 6. Febr. 1621. Library of Congress/NACO
Proverbs English and Latine Library of Congress/NACO
The ready way to good works, or, a treatise of charitie ..., 1635: Library of Congress/NACO
Relaçam verdadaira dos trabalhos. Library of Congress/NACO
The running register : recording a true relation of the state of the English colledges, seminaries and cloysters in all forraine parts : together with a briefe and compendious discourse of the liues, practices, coozenage, impostures, and deceits of all our English monks, friers, Iesuites, and seminarie priests in generall Library of Congress/NACO
Rvnning register Library of Congress/NACO
Seauen treatises : containing such direction as is gathered out of the Holie Scriptures, leading and guiding to true happinesse, both in this life and in the life to come, and may be called the practise of Christianitie : profitable for all such as heartily desire the same, in the which more particularly true Christians may learne how to lead a godly and comfortable life euery day, notwithstanding their tribulations Library of Congress/NACO National Library of Ireland
Seaven treatises Library of Congress/NACO National Library of Ireland
Sermons Library of Congress/NACO
The sermons of Master Henry Smith : gathered into one volume, printed according to his corrected copies in his life time : whereunto is added, Gods arrow against atheists. Library of Congress/NACO
Sinnes overthrow, or, A godly and learned treatise of mortification : wherein is excellently handled, first the generall doctrine of mortification, and then particularly how to mortifie fornication, uncleannesse, evill concupiscence, inordinate affection, and covetousnesse : all being the substance of severall sermons upon Colos. 3, 5 ... Library of Congress/NACO
A summarie answere to al the material points in any of Master Darel his bookes. More especiallie to that one booke of his, intituled the Doctrine of the possession and dispossession of demoniaks out of the word of God. By John Deacon. John Walker. Preachers. Sudoc [ABES], France
Three treatises of the vanity of the creature : The sinfulnesse of sinne : The life of Christ. Being the substance of severall sermons preached at Lincolns Inne: by Edward Reynoldes, preacher to that honourable society, and late fellow of Merton Colledge in Oxford. Sudoc [ABES], France
Ī tīs anthologias Anthologia = Florilegium Epigrammatvm Græcorvm Eorvmqve Latino Versv à varijs redditorum NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library
To all christian people to whom this present writing shall come, wee Feli*. - [1618] German National Library National Library of Ireland
The tragedy of Albovine, king of the Lombards Library of Congress/NACO
Treatise of usurie Library of Congress/NACO
A true discourse historicall, of the succeeding governours in the Netherlands, and the civill warres there begun in the yeere 1565 Sudoc [ABES], France Library of Congress/NACO
Trve chronologie of the times of the Persian monarchie, and after to the destruction of Ierusalem by the Romanes Library of Congress/NACO
Trve relation of all the remarkable places and passages observed in the travels of the Right Honourable Thomas Lord Hovvard Library of Congress/NACO
Urania Library of Congress/NACO
Vindiciae Ecclesiae Anglicanae, sive de legitimo ejusdem ministerio, id est, de episcoporum, successione, consecratione, electione et confirmatione, item de presbyterorum et diaconorum ordinatione, libri quinque. Editio secunda, opus idiomate anglicano traductum et locupletatum ab ipso authore Franc. Masono.... Sudoc [ABES], France
Virginia richly valued by the description of the maine land of Florida, her next neighbour : out of the foure yeeres continuall trauell and discouerie, for aboue one thousand miles east and west of Don Ferdinando de Soto and sixe hundred able men in his companie : wherin are truly obserued the riches and fertilitie of those parts, abounding with things necessarie, pleasant, and profitable for the life of man : with the natures and dispositions of the inhabitants Library of Congress/NACO
The whole booke of Psalmes. Collected into English meeter, by Thomas Sternhold, John Hopkins, and others, conferred with the Hebrew, with apt notes to sing them with all. Set foorth and allowed to bee sung in all churches, of all the people together, and after morning and euening prayer, as also before and after sermons : and moreouer in priuate houses, for their godly solace and comfort, laying apart all ungodly songs and ballads, which tend onely to the nourishing of vice, and corrupting of youth.. Sudoc [ABES], France
The workes of Iohn Heiwood newlie imprinted : namelie, a dialogue wherein are pleasantlie contriued the number of all the effectuall prouerbs in our English tongue, compact in a matter concerning two maner of mariages : together with three hundred epigrammes vpon three hundred prouerbes, also a fourth, fifth and sixth hundreth of other very pleasant, pithie and ingenious epigrammes. Library of Congress/NACO
Workes of that famovs and vvorthy minister of Christ in the Vniuersitie of Cambridge, Mr. William Perkins Library of Congress/NACO
Works. Library of Congress/NACO

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