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Hentze, Matthias W. 1960- ISNI German National Library

Hentze, M.W. National Library of the Netherlands

VIAF ID: 311579326 (Personal)


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Title Sources
Einfluss von Aminosäureanaloga auf Reifung, Transport und Stabilität von Kathepsin D in menschlichen Hautfibroblasten German National Library
Einführung in die Medizinische Molekularbiologie Grundlagen Klinik Perspektiven National Library of the Netherlands German National Library
FASTKD2 is an RNA-binding protein required for mitochondrial RNA processing and translation. Wikidata
Ferritin-Mediated Iron Sequestration Stabilizes Hypoxia-Inducible Factor-1α upon LPS Activation in the Presence of Ample Oxygen. Wikidata
From cis-regulatory elements to complex RNPs and back. Wikidata
Generation of stable mRNA fragments and translation of N-truncated proteins induced by antisense oligodeoxynucleotides. Wikidata
Genetics. IRES unplugged. Wikidata
Global changes of the RNA-bound proteome during the maternal-to-zygotic transition in Drosophila. Wikidata
Hfe acts in hepatocytes to prevent hemochromatosis. Wikidata
HFE downregulates iron uptake from transferrin and induces iron-regulatory protein activity in stably transfected cells. Wikidata
The hierarchy of exon-junction complex assembly by the spliceosome explains key features of mammalian nonsense-mediated mRNA decay. Wikidata
Identification of target mRNAs of regulatory RNA-binding proteins using mRNP immunopurification and microarrays. Wikidata
In Planta Determination of the mRNA-Binding Proteome of Arabidopsis Etiolated Seedlings. Wikidata
Insights into the design and interpretation of iCLIP experiments. Wikidata
Integration of splicing, transport and translation to achieve mRNA quality control by the nonsense-mediated decay pathway. Wikidata
The interaction of the cap-binding complex (CBC) with eIF4G is dispensable for translation in yeast. Wikidata
Iron inactivates the RNA polymerase NS5B and suppresses subgenomic replication of hepatitis C Virus. Wikidata
Iron-mediated degradation of IRP2, an unexpected pathway involving a 2-oxoglutarate-dependent oxygenase activity. Wikidata
Iron regulates nitric oxide synthase activity by controlling nuclear transcription. Wikidata
Iron regulatory protein-1 and -2: transcriptome-wide definition of binding mRNAs and shaping of the cellular proteome by iron regulatory proteins. Wikidata
Iron-regulatory protein-1 (IRP-1) is highly conserved in two invertebrate species--characterization of IRP-1 homologues in Drosophila melanogaster and Caenorhabditis elegans. Wikidata
Iron regulatory protein-1 protects against mitoferrin-1-deficient porphyria. Wikidata
Iron Regulatory Proteins Mediate Host Resistance to Salmonella Infection. Wikidata
Iron-regulatory proteins secure iron availability in cardiomyocytes to prevent heart failure. Wikidata
The iron-responsive element binding protein: a method for the affinity purification of a regulatory RNA-binding protein. Wikidata
The IronChip evaluation package: a package of perl modules for robust analysis of custom microarrays. Wikidata
The IRP1-HIF-2α axis coordinates iron and oxygen sensing with erythropoiesis and iron absorption. Wikidata
Mice with hepcidin-resistant ferroportin accumulate iron in the retina. Wikidata
microRNA-mediated messenger RNA deadenylation contributes to translational repression in mammalian cells. Wikidata
Modulation of ferritin H-chain expression in Friend erythroleukemia cells: transcriptional and translational regulation by hemin. Wikidata
Modulation of the RNA-binding activity of a regulatory protein by iron in vitro: switching between enzymatic and genetic function? Wikidata
The molecular circuitry regulating the switch between iron deficiency and overload in mice. Wikidata
Molecular cloning and characterisation of a novel duodenal-specific gene implicated in iron absorption. Wikidata
mRNA silencing in erythroid differentiation: hnRNP K and hnRNP E1 regulate 15-lipoxygenase translation from the 3' end. Wikidata
Nitric oxide and oxidative stress (H2O2) control mammalian iron metabolism by different pathways. Wikidata
Nitric oxide signaling to iron-regulatory protein: direct control of ferritin mRNA translation and transferrin receptor mRNA stability in transfected fibroblasts. Wikidata
NMD: RNA biology meets human genetic medicine. Wikidata
A novel inflammatory pathway mediating rapid hepcidin-independent hypoferremia. Wikidata
Nuclear degradation of nonsense mutated beta-globin mRNA: a post-transcriptional mechanism to protect heterozygotes from severe clinical manifestations of beta-thalassemia? Wikidata
p38 MAPK controls prothrombin expression by regulated RNA 3' end processing. Wikidata
Pathologies at the nexus of blood coagulation and inflammation: thrombin in hemostasis, cancer, and beyond. Wikidata
Pathways for the regulation of macrophage iron metabolism by the anti-inflammatory cytokines IL-4 and IL-13. Wikidata
Photo-cross-linking and high-resolution mass spectrometry for assignment of RNA-binding sites in RNA-binding proteins. Wikidata
Picornavirus IRESes and the poly(A) tail jointly promote cap-independent translation in a mammalian cell-free system. Wikidata
Poly(A)-tail-promoted translation in yeast: implications for translational control. Wikidata
Probing the structure of the regulatory region of human transferrin receptor messenger RNA and its interaction with iron regulatory protein-1. Wikidata
Proteins binding to 5' untranslated region sites: a general mechanism for translational regulation of mRNAs in human and yeast cells. Wikidata
Proteomic Analysis Reveals Branch-specific Regulation of the Unfolded Protein Response by Nonsense-mediated mRNA Decay. Wikidata
The prothrombin 20209 C-->T mutation in Jewish-Moroccan Caucasians: molecular analysis of gain-of-function of 3' end processing. Wikidata
Rapid responses to oxidative stress mediated by iron regulatory protein. Wikidata
Regulated poly(A) tail shortening in somatic cells mediated by cap-proximal translational repressor proteins and ribosome association. Wikidata
Regulated ribosomal frameshifting by an RNA-protein interaction. Wikidata
The REM phase of gene regulation. Wikidata
Resistance of ferroportin to hepcidin binding causes exocrine pancreatic failure and fatal iron overload. Wikidata
Ribosomal pausing and scanning arrest as mechanisms of translational regulation from cap-distal iron-responsive elements. Wikidata
The RNA-binding protein repertoire of embryonic stem cells. Wikidata
RNA-binding proteins in Mendelian disease. Wikidata
The RNA-binding proteomes from yeast to man harbour conserved enigmRBPs. Wikidata
The role of ABCE1 in eukaryotic posttermination ribosomal recycling. Wikidata
The role of the 5' untranslated region of eukaryotic messenger RNAs in translation and its investigation using antisense technologies. Wikidata
A sensitive array for microRNA expression profiling (miChip) based on locked nucleic acids (LNA). Wikidata
Sex-lethal imparts a sex-specific function to UNR by recruiting it to the msl-2 mRNA 3' UTR: translational repression for dosage compensation. Wikidata
SMAD7 controls iron metabolism as a potent inhibitor of hepcidin expression. Wikidata
Specific RNP capture with antisense LNA/DNA mixmers. Wikidata
Splicing and 3' end formation in the definition of nonsense-mediated decay-competent human beta-globin mRNPs. Wikidata
Stimulation of IRE-BP activity of IRF by tetrahydrobiopterin and cytokine dependent induction of nitric oxide synthase. Wikidata
Systems analysis of iron metabolism: the network of iron pools and fluxes. Wikidata
Target-specific arrest of mRNA translation by antisense 2'-O-alkyloligoribonucleotides. Wikidata
Tethered-function analysis reveals that elF4E can recruit ribosomes independent of its binding to the cap structure. Wikidata
Translation initiation by the c-myc mRNA internal ribosome entry sequence and the poly(A) tail. Wikidata
Translational activation of uncapped mRNAs by the central part of human eIF4G is 5' end-dependent. Wikidata
Translational control of 15-lipoxygenase and msl-2 mRNAs: single regulators or corepressor assemblies? Wikidata
Translational regulation by mRNA/protein interactions in eukaryotic cells: ferritin and beyond. Wikidata
Translational regulation: versatile mechanisms for metabolic and developmental control. Wikidata
Translational regulation via iron-responsive elements by the nitric oxide/NO-synthase pathway. Wikidata
Translational repression by a complex between the iron-responsive element of ferritin mRNA and its specific cytoplasmic binding protein is position-dependent in vivo. Wikidata
Translational repression by the human iron-regulatory factor (IRF) in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Wikidata
Unbiased RNAi screen for hepcidin regulators links hepcidin suppression to proliferative Ras/RAF and nutrient-dependent mTOR signaling. Wikidata
The uORF-containing thrombopoietin mRNA escapes nonsense-mediated decay (NMD). Wikidata

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