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Jerala, Roman ISNI National and University Library in Zagreb NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia

Roman Jerala biochimiste slovène Wikidata

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Title Sources
Biokemija v praksi : načela in tehnike NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Book of abstracts NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Calorimetric measurements of thermal denaturation of stefins A and B. Comparison to predicted thermodynamics of stefin-B unfolding. Wikidata
Cancer immunotherapy by constitutively active Toll-like receptor 4 NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Characterization of quercetin binding site on DNA gyrase. Wikidata
Cloning a synthetic gene for human stefin B and its expression in E. coli Wikidata
Comparison of the unfolding of the CTLA-2 and propeptide of human cathepsin L NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Conserved mechanism of TLR4 activation by endogenous partially oxidized phospholipids of microvesicles NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Curcumin binds to the alpha-helical intermediate and to the amyloid form of prion protein - a new mechanism for the inhibition of PrP(Sc) accumulation. Wikidata
Design of molecular bioorigami : new modular protein structures and folding pathways NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Designed self-assembling polypeptide tetrahedron NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Development of [alpha] GlcN(1 [two-sided arrow] 1) [alpha] Man-based Lipid A mimetics as a novel class of potent Toll-like Receptor 4 agonists NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Differences in the effects of TFE on the folding pathways of human stefins A and B NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Different functional role of domain boundaries of Toll-like receptor 4. Wikidata
The differential interaction of Brucella and ochrobactrum with innate immunity reveals traits related to the evolution of stealthy pathogens Wikidata
Dimerization of human stefin A under partially denaturing conditions NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
DNA guided assembly line NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
The effect of TIR domain dimerization on TLR signaling NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Engineered flagellin for a vaccine against Helicobacter pylori NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Essential roles of hydrophobic residues in both MD-2 and toll-like receptor 4 in activation by endotoxin Wikidata NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Extending coiled-coil protein origami using four helix bundles NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Green tea catechins inhibit bacterial DNA gyrase by interaction with its ATP binding site. Wikidata
How do MYD88 mutations contribute to constitutive pro-survival signaling NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Identification of LPS binding site of MD-2, a toll-receptor accessory protein NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Identification of the molecular mechanisms of TLR9 ligand recognition with minimal oligodeoxynucleotide motifs NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
In silico fragment-based discovery of indolin-2-one analogues as potent DNA gyrase inhibitors. Wikidata
In vitro study of curcumin labeling of prion plaques and prion fibrills NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Inhibition of the NLRP3 inflammasome formation by the designed peptides NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Interactions of taxoids with human MD-2 : [poster] NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Investigation of novel DNA gyrase inhibitors NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Je prihodnost našega zdrav(ljen)ja v univerzalnem celičnem računalniku? NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
MARCKS as a negative regulator of lipopolysaccharide signaling. Wikidata
MARCKS-lipopolysaccharide interaction and its effect on actin polymerization Wikidata NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
MD-2 and Der p 2 - a tale of two cousins or distant relatives? Wikidata
Microvesicles activate toll-like receptors and contribute to inflammatory processes NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Modularity as the engineering principle in synthetic biology NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Modulation of Coiled-Coil Dimer Stability through Surface Residues while Preserving Pairing Specificity. Wikidata NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Molecular interactions between endotoxin and peptides of the innate immune system NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Molecular mechanism TLR4 and MyD88-mediated signaling and inhibition NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Monoclonal antibody against a peptide of human prion protein discriminates between Creutzfeldt-Jacob's disease-affected and normal brain tissue. Wikidata
Nanobodies for structure determination and targeting of coiled-coil based protein origami cages NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
New inhibitors of bacterial endotoxin receptor MD-2 NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Nlrp3 inflammasome activation by prion protein fibrils NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
NMR studies of stefin A in the complex with papain : [poster] NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
The POM monoclonals: a comprehensive set of antibodies to non-overlapping prion protein epitopes. Wikidata
Positive feedback loop switch in mammalian cells based on noncooperative designed DNA binding domains NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Preparing and isolation of chimeric flagellin for activation of immune response Wikidata NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Primary structure of a new cysteine proteinase inhibitor from pig leucocytes. Wikidata
Priprava proteina tau in analiza vezave fluorescenčnih sond na njegove fibrile : diplomsko delo : univerzitetni študij = Preparation of tau protein and analysis of binding fluorescent probes to tau fibrils : graduation thesis : university studies NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Publisher Correction: Phosphodiester backbone of the CpG motif within immunostimulatory oligodeoxynucleotides augments activation of Toll-like receptor 9. Wikidata
Self-assembled polypeptide nanostructures based on coiled coils NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Semiautomatic sequence-specific assignment of proteins based on the tertiary structure--the program st2nmr. Wikidata
Seryl-tRNA synthetase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae shows considerable sequence homology with its bacterial counterpart National and University Library in Zagreb
Short single-stranded DNA degradation products augment the activation of Toll-like receptor 9. Wikidata
Similarities and specificities of fungal keratinolytic proteases: comparison of keratinases of Paecilomyces marquandii and Doratomyces microsporus to some known proteases Wikidata
Slovenski znanstveniki odkrili nov način sestavljanja "pametnih nanomaterialov" NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Structural adaptation of the human lactoferrin based peptide to different amphiphilic environment NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Structural biology of the LPS recognition. Wikidata NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Structural origin of endotoxin neutralization and antimicrobial activity of a lactoferrin-based peptide. Wikidata NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Structural similarity between the hydrophobic fluorescent probe and lipid A as a ligand of MD-2. Wikidata NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Structure-Activity Relationship in Monosaccharide-Based Toll-Like Receptor 4 (TLR4) Antagonists. Wikidata
Strukturne lastnosti antimikrobnih peptidov z delovanjem na bakterijsko membrano NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
The study of roles of Toll-like receptor 4 interdomain regions by increasing their flexibility) NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Synthetic biology approach towards improvement of carotenoid biosynthetic pathway using zinc fingers NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Synthetic lipopeptides: a novel class of anti-infectives. Wikidata
Taxanes inhibit human TLR4 signaling by binding to MD-2. Wikidata
Tečaj bioinformatike NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
The terminal CD0 domain of flagellin is crucial for TLR5 activation Wikidata NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Tetraacylated lipid A and paclitaxel-selective activation of TLR4/MD-2 conferred through hydrophobic interactions. Wikidata
TIR domains in mediation of MyD88-dependent signaling in innate immunity NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
TLR9 in njegovi ligandi NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Toll-like receptor 4 senses oxidative stress mediated by the oxidation of phospholipids in extracellular vesicles. Wikidata
Trdo delo za drzne mislece NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Trehalose- and glucose-derived glycoamphiphiles: small-molecule and nanoparticle Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) modulators. Wikidata
Trophic factors promoting wound healing from engineered cells NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Tunable coiled-coil interaction toolbox for engineering mammalian cells NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Unlocking of the prion protein globular domain is a crucial step in prion protein conversion NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Using syntetic [i.e. synthetic] DNA binding proteins for realization of logical operations in biological systems NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Vanadate from air pollutant inhibits hrs-dependent endosome fusion and augments responsiveness to toll-like receptors Wikidata
Veliko objavljamo, vendar... : odmev NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Vezava ligandov na CD14 : diplomsko delo NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Vpliv mutacij rekombinantnih človeških stefinov na interakcije s cisteinskimi proteinazami : doktorska disertacija National and University Library in Zagreb
Vplivi sprememb v nukleotidnem zaporedju ODN in načinu stimulacije celic B na aktivacijo receptorjev TLR9 : diplomsko delo NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia
Zaviralni peptidi MyD88 odvisne dignalne poti : patent : SI 23181 (A), 2011-04-29 NUK/COBISS.SI, Slovenia

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