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Haass, Christian 1960- German National Library

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Intramembrane proteolysis of GXGD-type aspartyl proteases is slowed by a familial Alzheimer disease-like mutation. Wikidata
Investigating the role of filamin C in Belgian patients with frontotemporal dementia linked to GRN deficiency in FTLD-TDP brains. Wikidata
Label-free quantitative analysis of the membrane proteome of Bace1 protease knock-out zebrafish brains. Wikidata
Length and overall sequence of the PEN-2 C-terminal domain determines its function in the stabilization of presenilin fragments. Wikidata
Loss of ALS-associated TDP-43 in zebrafish causes muscle degeneration, vascular dysfunction, and reduced motor neuron axon outgrowth. Wikidata
Loss of Bace2 in zebrafish affects melanocyte migration and is distinct from Bace1 knock out phenotypes. Wikidata
Loss of fused in sarcoma (FUS) promotes pathological Tau splicing. Wikidata
Loss of parkin or PINK1 function increases Drp1-dependent mitochondrial fragmentation Wikidata
Masking of transmembrane-based retention signals controls ER export of gamma-secretase. Wikidata
Massachusetts Alzheimer's Disease Research Center: progress and challenges. Wikidata
Mechanisms of granulin deficiency: lessons from cellular and animal models Wikidata
Membrane orientation and subcellular localization of transmembrane protein 106B (TMEM106B), a major risk factor for frontotemporal lobar degeneration. Wikidata
Methylene blue fails to inhibit Tau and polyglutamine protein dependent toxicity in zebrafish. Wikidata
Microglial Cx3cr1 knockout prevents neuron loss in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. Wikidata
Misfolded proteinase K-resistant hyperphosphorylated alpha-synuclein in aged transgenic mice with locomotor deterioration and in human alpha-synucleinopathies Wikidata
Mitochondrial dysfunction in Parkinson's disease: molecular mechanisms and pathophysiological consequences. Wikidata
Mitochondrion-derived reactive oxygen species lead to enhanced amyloid beta formation. Wikidata
Monomethylated and unmethylated FUS exhibit increased binding to Transportin and distinguish FTLD-FUS from ALS-FUS. Wikidata
Motor neuron intrinsic and extrinsic mechanisms contribute to the pathogenesis of FUS-associated amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Wikidata
The N-terminus of the intrinsically disordered protein α-synuclein triggers membrane binding and helix folding. Wikidata
New hope for Alzheimer disease vaccine. Wikidata
Nicalin and its binding partner Nomo are novel Nodal signaling antagonists Wikidata
The Nicastrin ectodomain adopts a highly thermostable structure. Wikidata
Nicastrin interacts with gamma-secretase complex components via the N-terminal part of its transmembrane domain. Wikidata
A non-amyloidogenic function of BACE-2 in the secretory pathway. Wikidata
A novel sorting nexin modulates endocytic trafficking and alpha-secretase cleavage of the amyloid precursor protein Wikidata
Novel γ-secretase enzyme modulators directly target presenilin protein. Wikidata
Nuclear import factor transportin and arginine methyltransferase 1 modify FUS neurotoxicity in Drosophila. Wikidata
Occurrence and co-localization of amyloid beta-protein and apolipoprotein E in perivascular drainage channels of wild-type and APP-transgenic mice. Wikidata
Oxidative stress in transgenic mice with oligodendroglial alpha-synuclein overexpression replicates the characteristic neuropathology of multiple system atrophy. Wikidata
Palmitoylation of TNF alpha is involved in the regulation of TNF receptor 1 signalling. Wikidata
Parkin deficiency delays motor decline and disease manifestation in a mouse model of synucleinopathy Wikidata
Parkin is protective against proteotoxic stress in a transgenic zebrafish model Wikidata
Parkin phosphorylation and modulation of its E3 ubiquitin ligase activity. Wikidata
A pathogenic PrP mutation and doppel interfere with polarized sorting of the prion protein. Wikidata
Pathological activity of familial Alzheimer's disease-associated mutant presenilin can be executed by six different gamma-secretase complexes. Wikidata
Pathological properties of the Parkinson's disease-associated protein DJ-1 in alpha-synucleinopathies and tauopathies: relevance for multiple system atrophy and Pick's disease. Wikidata
Phosphorylation of the translation initiation factor eIF2alpha increases BACE1 levels and promotes amyloidogenesis. Wikidata
Presenilin-1 mutations of leucine 166 equally affect the generation of the Notch and APP intracellular domains independent of their effect on Abeta 42 production Wikidata
Presenilin and nicastrin regulate each other and determine amyloid beta-peptide production via complex formation Wikidata
The presenilin C-terminus is required for ER-retention, nicastrin-binding and gamma-secretase activity. Wikidata
Presenilin-dependent intramembrane proteolysis of CD44 leads to the liberation of its intracellular domain and the secretion of an Abeta-like peptide Wikidata
Presenilins mediate a dual intramembranous gamma-secretase cleavage of Notch-1. Wikidata
Progranulin transcripts with short and long 5' untranslated regions (UTRs) are differentially expressed via posttranscriptional and translational repression. Wikidata
Proteolytic Processing of Neuregulin 1 Type III by Three Intramembrane-cleaving Proteases Wikidata
Proteolytic processing of TAR DNA binding protein-43 by caspases produces C-terminal fragments with disease defining properties independent of progranulin. Wikidata
Purification, pharmacological modulation, and biochemical characterization of interactors of endogenous human gamma-secretase. Wikidata
Rare variants in β-Amyloid precursor protein (APP) and Parkinson's disease. Wikidata
Reactive glia in the injured brain acquire stem cell properties in response to sonic hedgehog. [corrected]. Wikidata
Reduced hnRNPA3 increases C9orf72 repeat RNA levels and dipeptide-repeat protein deposition Wikidata
Reduced secretion and altered proteolytic processing caused by missense mutations in progranulin. Wikidata
Reduction of trophic support enhances apoptosis in PC12 cells expressing Alzheimer's APP mutation and sensitizes cells to staurosporine-induced cell death. Wikidata
Regulated intramembrane proteolysis--lessons from amyloid precursor protein processing. Wikidata
Regulatory RNA goes awry in Alzheimer's disease. Wikidata
Requirement for small side chain residues within the GxGD-motif of presenilin for gamma-secretase substrate cleavage. Wikidata
Rescue of progranulin deficiency associated with frontotemporal lobar degeneration by alkalizing reagents and inhibition of vacuolar ATPase. Wikidata
Secretion of the Notch-1 Abeta-like peptide during Notch signaling. Wikidata
Secretome analysis identifies novel signal Peptide peptidase-like 3 (Sppl3) substrates and reveals a role of Sppl3 in multiple Golgi glycosylation pathways. Wikidata
Secretome protein enrichment identifies physiological BACE1 protease substrates in neurons Wikidata
Selective vulnerability of different types of commissural neurons for amyloid beta-protein-induced neurodegeneration in APP23 mice correlates with dendritic tree morphology. Wikidata
Shedding and gamma-secretase-mediated intramembrane proteolysis of the mucin-type molecule CD43. Wikidata
Shedding of glycan-modifying enzymes by signal peptide peptidase-like 3 (SPPL3) regulates cellular N-glycosylation Wikidata
Signal peptide peptidases and gamma-secretase: cousins of the same protease family? Wikidata
Small-Animal PET Imaging of Tau Pathology with 18F-THK5117 in 2 Transgenic Mouse Models. Wikidata
Soluble protein oligomers in neurodegeneration: lessons from the Alzheimer's amyloid beta-peptide Wikidata
Specific Inhibition of β-Secretase Processing of the Alzheimer Disease Amyloid Precursor Protein. Wikidata
Stable chromosomal association of MSL2 defines a dosage-compensated nuclear compartment. Wikidata
sTREM2 cerebrospinal fluid levels are a potential biomarker for microglia activity in early-stage Alzheimer's disease and associate with neuronal injury markers. Wikidata
Stress granules in neurodegeneration--lessons learnt from TAR DNA binding protein of 43 kDa and fused in sarcoma. Wikidata
Structure/function of alpha-synuclein in health and disease: rational development of animal models for Parkinson's and related diseases. Wikidata
Substrate requirements for SPPL2b-dependent regulated intramembrane proteolysis Wikidata
Take five--BACE and the gamma-secretase quartet conduct Alzheimer's amyloid beta-peptide generation. Wikidata
Time Courses of Cortical Glucose Metabolism and Microglial Activity Across the Life Span of Wild-Type Mice: A PET Study. Wikidata
Trafficking and proteolytic processing of APP Wikidata
Translational repression of the disintegrin and metalloprotease ADAM10 by a stable G-quadruplex secondary structure in its 5'-untranslated region. Wikidata
Transmembrane protein 147 (TMEM147) is a novel component of the Nicalin-NOMO protein complex Wikidata
TRAP1 rescues PINK1 loss-of-function phenotypes. Wikidata
The TREM2-APOE Pathway Drives the Transcriptional Phenotype of Dysfunctional Microglia in Neurodegenerative Diseases. Wikidata
TREM2 deficiency impairs chemotaxis and microglial responses to neuronal injury. Wikidata
TREM2 deficiency reduces the efficacy of immunotherapeutic amyloid clearance Wikidata
TREM2 mutations implicated in neurodegeneration impair cell surface transport and phagocytosis. Wikidata
The wide genetic landscape of clinical frontotemporal dementia: systematic combined sequencing of 121 consecutive subjects. Wikidata
Young microglia restore amyloid plaque clearance of aged microglia. Wikidata
A zebrafish model of tauopathy allows in vivo imaging of neuronal cell death and drug evaluation Wikidata
The α-helical content of the transmembrane domain of the British dementia protein-2 (Bri2) determines its processing by signal peptide peptidase-like 2b (SPPL2b) Wikidata
η-Secretase processing of APP inhibits neuronal activity in the hippocampus. Wikidata

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