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Title Sources
F.S. Gichner Iron Works, Inc., Washington, D.C. 1941. Iron and steel work Library of Congress/NACO
Guide to current material Library of Congress/NACO
Gurkhas training in Malayan jungle. Library of Congress/NACO
Metal scrap and iron salvage drive. 1941-1942. Tons of scrap metal in various auto graveyards throughout the country Library of Congress/NACO
Metal scrap piles. Oct. 1941-Jan., 1942. Three trip record of metal scrap piles in Elizabeth, N.J., Columbus, Ohio, Portland, Maine; Brooklyn and Troy, N.Y., and Fitchburg, Mass. Library of Congress/NACO
Minneapolis-Moline Power Implement Co., Minneapolis, Minn. July, 1942. Power farming implement plant converted to production of steam cargo winches for the U.S. Maritime Commission Library of Congress/NACO
Miscellaneous collection of pictures taken within the United States (1935-1943?), received from the U.S. Federal Works Agency Library of Congress/NACO
Miscellaneous photographs of U.S. War Production Board clinics, 1942(?) held in cities throughout the country, to assist manufacturers in negotiating contracts for the war effort Library of Congress/NACO
Miscellaneous publicity photographs dealing with the Second World War and the home front Library of Congress/NACO
Mitchel Field, Long Island, N.Y. April, 1942. U.S. Army Air Force personnel Library of Congress/NACO
Molten iron is blown in an Eastern Bessemer converter to change it to steel at the Repubic Steel Corporation, Youngstown, Ohio Library of Congress/NACO
Montgomery County, Md. June, 1942. High school boys registering with the U.S. Employment Service for training at nearby farms Library of Congress/NACO
More bombers for Singapore Just arrival [i.e. arrived], latest type, "Long-Nose" Blenheim bombers have made a fresh addition to Malaya's already considerable air strength. Library of Congress/NACO
National Cash Register Co., Dayton, Ohio. Feb., 1942. Conversion of the factory to production of magazines for 20mm. anti-aircraft guns Library of Congress/NACO
National defense bulletins. Library of Congress/NACO
Negro aircraft and shipyard workers. May, 1942. Men and women workers in the Naval aircraft factory at Philadelphia, Pa. Library of Congress/NACO
New River, N.C. May, 1942. U.S. Marine Corps training program Library of Congress/NACO
New York navy yard, Brooklyn, N.Y. 1941(?). Machine shop, foundry, forge, shipwright shop, rigging loft and sail-loft Library of Congress/NACO
Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Co., Newport News, Va. Oct., 1941. Comprehensive series of pictures of shipbuilding in one of the largest privately owned shipyards in the world Library of Congress/NACO
Nissen Wagon Co., Winston-Salem, N.C. Mar., 1942. Production of wagon wheels Library of Congress/NACO
Norfolk navy yard, Portsmouth, Va. Oct., 1941. One of the two largest navy yards in the United States Library of Congress/NACO
Oneida, Ltd., Oneida, N.Y. Feb., 1942. Conversion of silver tableware factory to manufacture of surgical instruments and bomb shackles Library of Congress/NACO
Orange Screen Company, Maplewood, N.J. Mar., 1942. Plant converted from manufacture of metal screens for doors and windows to navigator windows for bombing planes and other small parts for airplanes Library of Congress/NACO
Packard Motor Car Co., Detroit, Mich. May, 1941. Marine engine plant Library of Congress/NACO
Painesville Machine Co., Painesville, Ohio. Feb., 1942. Halftrac bogie wheel assembly produced in a machine shop located in an unused garage building Library of Congress/NACO
Passaic home workshop pool, Passaic, N.J. March, 1942. Training program and subcontracts of the Howe Machinery Company Library of Congress/NACO
Patrolling jungle roads in Malaya. Man dismounting from a truck ready to set up his gun in a covered position. Library of Congress/NACO
Philadelphia, Penna. May, 1942. U.S. Army quartermaster depot where white and Negro women workers make uniforms Library of Congress/NACO
Photocopies of posters and pamphlet covers illustrating the "Four Freedoms," 1942 Library of Congress/NACO
Photographs from the Office for Emergency Management and Office of War Information Library of Congress/NACO
Plymouth Motor Corp., Chrysler Corp., Detroit, Mich. Feb., 1942. Conversion of a plant from manufacture of a popular priced automobile to tank production Library of Congress/NACO
Precision Metal Company, New York, N.Y. Feb., 1942. Conversion of the plant from the manufacture of frying pans to production of aircraft parts Library of Congress/NACO
Priorities and defense. A handbook on the operation of the priorities system. Division of priorities, Office of Production Management. Library of Congress/NACO
Production of milling machines and machine castings in a machine tool plant. Jan., 1942. Laboratory testing the component parts of iron while melting and pouring Library of Congress/NACO
Quaker State Refining Corp., Oil City, Penna. Sept., 1941. Distillation units, solution and vacuum towers and storage tanks, at Quaker State Refining Corp., Oil City Library of Congress/NACO
[Railroad flatcars loaded with logs; smokestacks from factory in the background] Library of Congress/NACO
Reif-Rexoil, Inc., Buffalo, N.Y. Feb., 1942. Machine gun precision parts manufactured in a converted oil-burner factory Library of Congress/NACO
Republic Steel Corp., Youngstown, Ohio. Nov., 1941. Excavating for a new blast furnace Library of Congress/NACO
Retreading automobile tires. 1942(?). Truckload of tires arriving at a plant to be retreaded in order to conserve rubber Library of Congress/NACO
Reynolds Metals Company, Plant No. 8, Louisville, Ky. June, 1941. Production of rod and sheet aluminum stock and fabricated airplane parts Library of Congress/NACO
Royal Australian air force over Malaya. Library of Congress/NACO
Rubber salvage drive. July-Sept., 1942. Stacks of used rubber articles Library of Congress/NACO
Rural scrap collection, sponsored by U.S. War Production Board, Dexter, Mich. May, 1942. Old metal and rubber salvaged from farmyards Library of Congress/NACO
Russia during World War II Library of Congress/NACO
S. & S. (Stokes & Smith?) Corrugated Paper Machinery Co., Inc., Brooklyn, N.Y. Apr., 1942. Plant converted to the manufacture of airplane wing parts and naval open sights Library of Congress/NACO
Schaeffer Tent and Awning Co., Denver, Colo., and Langdon Tent and Awning Co., Wichita, Kansas. June, 1941. Manufacture of 8-man pyramidal and "pup" tents for the U.S. Army Library of Congress/NACO
Schick Dry Shaver, Inc., Stamford, Conn. Feb., 1942. Machinery which has been converted from production of electric dry shavers to wartime production of spring collets and permanent magnet rotors for machine tools Library of Congress/NACO
Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. May, 1941. Small machine shops, some active and others, idle Library of Congress/NACO
Shenango Pottery Co., New Castle, Penna. Dec., 1941. Comprehensive series of photographs of the production of dishes for the U.S. Navy, from clay on the potters' wheel to finished product Library of Congress/NACO
Singapore U.S. made Brewster "Buffalo" pursuit ships being mass-assembled in a hangar in Malaya for the use of Britain's Royal Air Force in the Far East. Library of Congress/NACO
Singapore's A.R.P. These air raid wardens are dousing an incendiary bomb in Singapore's central city square (Raffles Place). It is only however part of a regular weekly mass demonstration to make Singaporean's bomb conscious and informed. Library of Congress/NACO
Siven Machine Co., Painesville, O. Feb., 1942. Dies for incendiary bombs manufactured in a toy furniture factory Library of Congress/NACO
Spellman Engineering Corp., North Tonawanda, N.Y. 1942(?). Plant converted from making merry-go-rounds to war production Library of Congress/NACO
Spencer Tracy, motion picture actor, as narrator for the motion picture Ring of Steel, produced by the U.S. Office for Emergency Management. Feb., 1942 Library of Congress/NACO
Steel production in Pennsylvania. Nov.-Dec., 1941. Steel mill equipment produced at Aetna Standard Engineering Co., Ellwood City Library of Congress/NACO
Substitute materials. Jan., 1942-Jan., 1943. Alarm clocks manufactured with cases of cellulose fibre and small amount of critical metal Library of Congress/NACO
Tamil coolies helping to launch a Catalina flying boat down the slipway for a patrol mission in the Far East. Library of Congress/NACO
Tank armor production. Nov., 1941. Forging cutting tools on a steam hammer Library of Congress/NACO
Telephone directory, REpublic 7500, national war agencies, Mar. 1944: Library of Congress/NACO
Towering clouds of pungent smoke rise hundreds of feet in the air as a rubber factory is destroyed by the British forces in Malaya before retreating. Library of Congress/NACO
Trico Products Corp., Buffalo, N.Y. Feb., 1942. Conversion of the factory from manufacture of automatic windshield wipers, and other automotive accessories to production of bullet heads for the U.S. Navy Library of Congress/NACO
Troops, street scenes, bombing destruction, Malta, ca. 1942 Library of Congress/NACO
Tube-turns, Inc., Louisville, Ky. Jan., 1942. Production of large pipe elbows for the U.S. Army Library of Congress/NACO
U.S. Office of Price Administration Control programs. 1942-1943. Various methods of protecting the home front, through rent control and sugar rationing Library of Congress/NACO
Unemployment due to conversion of factories to war production. July, 1941. "John Jones" (?pseud.), a silk worker unemployed because his potential employers cannot obtain silk supplies which have been reserved for war use Library of Congress/NACO
"V" depends on me! Wikidata
Van Raalte Co., Inc., North Tonawanda, N.Y. Feb., 1942. Conversion of the factory from the manufacture of hosiery, gloves, and lingerie to the manufacture of mosquito netting Library of Congress/NACO
Vega Aircraft Corporation, Burbank, Calif. June, 1942. Machinists working on parts of airplanes and engines Library of Congress/NACO
Veteran boring mill worker. April, 1942. George Shoemaker, 75 years old, working at the same vertical boring mill for the past 54 years Library of Congress/NACO
Victory Library of Congress/NACO
Wadsworth Watch Case Co., Inc., Dayton, Ky. Feb., 1942. Conversion of a watch case and ladies' compact factory to the manufacture of bomb fuze baffles, compass cases, precision radio parts ... Library of Congress/NACO
War activities in India. 1941-42(?) Library of Congress/NACO
The war in Malaya - first pictures. Refugees from Penang Stirring tales of heroism and of lucky escapes were told by refugees from Penang on arrival at Ipoh Station, Perak, on their way to Singapore. A British woman evacuee with baby on Ipoh Station. Library of Congress/NACO
War production board restrictions on civilian clothes. 1941(?). Tailor complying with WPB restrictions in making trousers without cuffs Library of Congress/NACO
War production drive. 1942(?). Slogan contest box to aid production at Oldsmobile plant Library of Congress/NACO
War service bulletins. Library of Congress/NACO
Wartime cooking recipes. Oct., 1942. Sugarless recipes for gingerbread and baked custard, in a step-by-step explanation Library of Congress/NACO
Washington, D.C. March, July, 1942, Jan., 1943. War wagon trailer, of non-critical materials, with "stand-sit" seats, for war industry traffic, sponsored by the Office of Defense Transportation Library of Congress/NACO
Washington, D.C. May, 1942. District of Columbia policemen testing, under actual wearing conditions, reclaimed rubber heels, at the request of the U.S. Office of Price Administration Library of Congress/NACO
Washington, D.C. Nov. 10, 1941. Defense Train exhibit Library of Congress/NACO
Washington, D.C. September, 1942. Conversion of the Shoreham Hotel furnace from oil to coal burning system Library of Congress/NACO
Waste paper salvage. Feb., 1942. Baling press compressing cardboard into small bundles Library of Congress/NACO
Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co., Sharon, Penna. Feb., 1942. Production and assembly of large transformers Library of Congress/NACO
Willys-Overland Motors, Inc., Toledo, O. Dec., 1941. Production of 55mm. a converted automobile plant Library of Congress/NACO
Winter-Weiss Co., Denver, Colo. June, 1941. Production of semi-trailers for general utility use by the U.S. Army Library of Congress/NACO
York Safe and Lock Co., York, Penna. Feb., 1942. Factory converted to production of 37mm guns and mounts Library of Congress/NACO

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